Say hello to the new dashboard

Today we released a brand new dashboard. Learn what's new.

What an exciting time for changes! Today we released a brand new dashboard and we hope you will enjoy using it as much as we did creating it. So, what’s new?

Facebook Integration

Whatagraph Pro and Agency users, and lucky devils who signed up for Facebook Insights reports are now able to receive automated Facebook page analytics - as fun and visual as our website reports.

Connect your Facebook page through a single button in dashboard:

Reports come with all the usual benefits:

  • Instant sharing with clients and colleagues
  • PDF downloads
  • Automatic delivery every Tuesday
  • Custom date selection
  • Full screen preview

Custom date selection for your reports

  • Use a calendar in the dashboard to select a specific day/week/month/year for your report
  • Access reports from months and years ago, generating data from the past, even before you were signed up with Whatagraph

New options in report preview window

  • Instantly share your report
  • Download PDF
  • Enjoy the full screen view

Improved Dashboard navigation

  • Two tabs for easier navigation

Dashboard - for report viewing, downloading and sharing

Settings - for account/ subscription management, whitelabel and report customisation.

  • Quick site search function

A more intuitive Settings panel

Managing your accounts has become much easier!

  • Add Google or Facebook account with one click
  • Choose which websites/pages to activate or deactivate at any time
  • Choose report type - Basic, Pro or Custom - for each of your sites from a drop down menu
  • Set up a list of receivers with whom you want to share your reports
  • Quick site search

An updated subscription page!

  • Check your current plan and upgrade easily
  • Change your payment method and card details
  • View order history and status

Manage and track custom reports in your dashboard easier!

Great things happen when people are working together, so thank you for working with us and making this happen!

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