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Advertising Pitch for Agencies

Feb 14, 2020 3 min read

Clients are excited to meet an advertising partner who can bring business opportunities. However, finding a reliable advertising agency isn’t an obvious endeavor as it involves a lot of scrutinies. Therefore, an agency needs to have an advertising pitch that sounds successful.

But first and foremost what is the importance of an advertising pitch? While an agency offers its proposal to advertise, it should ensure the objectives are well let out. These objectives should exhibit the effectiveness such that a client can see the expected results.

A promising pitch should demonstrate that an agency can utilize the marketing budget effectively to deliver significant value to a brand. For an agency to ensure it maximizes its opportunity to casting right, here are things to consider.

1. What to Know Upfront

There are things an Agency should know before preparing for an advertising pitch.

  • The client:  There are things an agency should know ahead of time like the client’s contact, title, responsibilities among other important information. It’s also wise finding out who else might be in the room. Will there be decision-makers or other top-position personnel? Such information will help to lay a groundwork
  • The venue: There is the need to prepare for the pitching space beforehand. It requires to go the extra mile and impress the client. A good venue speaks volumes about your services.  It should be outside the agency’s office and quite conducive to propel the client to believe in you
  • Evaluation criteria: This is something not to overlook but rather get ready. Ask if you can get a copy ahead of the meeting time. It will help to tailor an advertising pitch that clearly addresses the criteria
  • The timeline: You should confirm the time limit. Whether it’s 60 minutes or 90 minutes. By knowing who will be present, you can predict if there will be time flexibility. Mostly, people’s roles will influence timing. Whatever the time limit may be, you should give allowance for open discussion.

2. Involving the People Who Will Work on the Pitch

Ensure that the actual people who will work on the project are the ones who will be present in the meeting room. Before the client makes such a request because most of them do, it’s advisable to take the initiative. This will demonstrate transparency and build more trust in the pitching agency.

Essentially, the client will get the information about the roles to work upon the project. Thus, it won’t look like there will be a silent role. This will sound compelling for the client to have more belief in the agency.

3. The Rehearsal

When is the best time to rehearse for the advertising pitch itself? According to my own experience, two days before the pitch day is the best time. The selected day should carry two to three rehearsals all meant to finetune the exercise. The first rehearsal should intend to grasp the initial feel of the flow between presenters.  

It may sound horrible at first, that’s okay. Now the second round should involve amending what didn’t work. It should be updated with timing and notes from the first trip over. It’s after this that the team will decide whether it requires the third rehearsal.

Some more things to address during rehearsal include:

  • Smooth speaker transitions: Oftentimes abrupt change of speakers doesn’t work so well. So that every speaker is well ready, planning it upfront can win agency scores. This is because they will appear confident and believable. Whenever there is a transition to the next speaker, the speaker should own content flow. 
  • Questions for the open discussion: There is a need to discuss the potential questions that the client might throw to the team. The team should suggest as many questions as possible which they should write down. Then, they should practice how to answer them clearly and concisely. 
  • Dressing-up: Before deciding how to dress up, the team should consider the kind of audience. Are they bankers or manufacturing millennials? The agency should go the extra mile and enquire about the client’s dress code. It will help to dress appropriately.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pitch Commercial Ideas?

If you have an incredible commercial idea which you want to sell, look for mid-sized to big companies as such are open to ideas. The mistake you can make is trying to pitch to Ad agencies. Such are closed-minded to outsiders ideas. Prepare for pitching and ensure to present it yourself. Make it top quality and as creative as possible.

What Is a Creative Pitch?

This is a presentation that expresses the concepts that an agency plans to use to make an Ad.

Mike Bennet
Written by Mike Bennet

Tracking KPIs for advertising goals gives you up-to-date and accurate information that will help you make better decisions. Knowing the current data about your current ad campaign’s performance allows you to shift more efforts and ad budget into the most successful tactics and avoid context that’s underperforming.
Mike Bennet
Feb 12, 2020 5 min read