6 Best Agency Project Management Software you need ASAP

As we live in a time when people can work from anywhere, project managers have to find a way to bring together teams, reports and sales. One of the ways to do it is to implement a tool that helps to do just that. We will be looking at the top 6 all-around project management tools you need to know about and try.

Dominyka Vaičiūnaitė

Jul 30 2021 7 min read

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    Quick note

    All these tools have more or less general yet necessary features that you'd expect in project management software, which means you don't have to be a specialist to use them.

    What is agency project management software?

    It's a digital project management solution for agencies to collaborate more effectively with remote and in-office team members. Not only does it help track budgets, plan sprints, adhere to deadlines and improve workflow, but AI’s data-interpretation solution also provides real-time analysis of project metrics, which allows managers to make data-driven decisions based on the past experience.

    Benefits of project management tools


    As agile sprint planning is now considered an acceptable method of working and managing tasks, management tools can assist in increasing team transparency.  Managers can quickly identify and track the work and progress of team members, as well as report and resolve issues. Additionally, project management software allows them to determine whether or not everyone is on the same page.

    Resource management 

    Each team has a budget set aside for specific projects. And yet, resource management presents its own set of challenges, as resources are constantly changing, making planning difficult. What makes project management tools so beneficial is their ability to store previous projects. Having access to this data enables more efficient resource allocation and risk prediction for ongoing projects.

    Data-based decision making

    Planning, monitoring and analyzing. Three words project managers have to always think about. To successfully manage projects, they require high volumes of data to drive their decisions. They have to consider project complexity, risks, training requirements, and predict time delays, to name a few. 

    While management software has a wide range of useful features, the one that managers should prioritize is AI prediction. It's clear that using AI saves time, but did you know that it can also define your objectives, assess your readiness, technology, data, people, define scope, analyze and create algorithms?

    Secure and easier file sharing

    Project management software is a useful tool that enables users to make changes, give comments, and take notes easily. Many tools allow syncing files across multiple devices while maintaining the file's security.


    In 2019, US organizations saw a 65% increase in on-time project completion, a 58% increase in team collaboration, and a 54% increase in their ability to manage client expectations.

    6 best and easy to use tools

    We're going to surprise you with the first one, as you're unlikely to have heard of it, despite their rapid growth and the addition of new features.

    1. Click up

    This management platform offers a free plan, which includes everything you need to get started! It includes unlimited project and task creation, reminders, inboxes, calendars, and expense tracking.

    Just an observation, but the developers and designers of the Click up project management tool did an excellent job with their visuals, especially their Gantt charts. You definitely want to look into it and start working efficiently!

    The next one is unlikely to surprise you, as their advertisements are constantly popping up... well, they are quite aggressive about it, but they do make an excellent all-around project management system.

    2. Monday.com

    It includes a variety of views and templates. It's highly customizable, allowing you to have any metrics and dimensions you want.

    Additionally, time tracking, customer relationship management, reporting, and valuable insights into your campaigns are included.

    If you want to get a free trial - catch it here.

    Next on the podium...

    3. Wrike

    We must give credit to Wrike, as this project management software contains everything a marketer or salesperson could possibly need! Despite the fact that it is still a hidden gem, Wrike has to be the most user-friendly app.

    They have commonly used integrations with platforms like Cloud, Jira and GitHub, which enables them to manage projects and collaborate effectively.

    Wrike makes project management easier by providing reporting, customizations, and a real-time workspace for resolving issues as they arise.

    Start your free trial and smoothly manage your projects.

    4. Asana

    'Teams don't lose track of work with Asana'. Their slogan pretty much concludes what they do and how they help others.

    This project management software, developed by one of Facebook's co-founders Dustin Moskovitz and ex-Google, ex-Facebook engineer Justin Rosenstein provides fairly insightful reports and overviews.

    Among the most popular features that this management software appears to have are activity tracking, drag&drop functionality, content management, mobile access, and an API. Not to mention it's a fantastic little hub for you and your team to collaborate on projects, leave comments, and share and insert files via email. Even if you want to connect Asana to Zoom in order to share your workspace in real-time with your team members, you can! If not, try some popular Zoom alternatives.

    Grab your free trial.

    5. Basecamp

    Designers and creative industry may I have your attention. This one is for you.

    Basecamp project management software is highly customizable, allowing you to experiment with different colors, add images and comments, and select from a variety of templates without having to study and learn how to navigate the website.

    Other features that you need to know about are: tracking, project management and planning, scheduling, task progress tracking & scheduling and third-party integrations.

    This tool simplifies project management by doing exactly what you want it to do. Put aside your daily management responsibilities and give Basecamp a try.

    They offer a complimentary 30-day personal account to allow you to test the waters.

    6. Teamwork

    Everything you need to manage your team, projects, and clients in one place. Teamwork is a project management tool that allows you to break work and projects into tasks and layers of subtasks, so nothing slips through the cracks.

    Communicate with colleagues and clients in real time without having to switch platforms. Get a bird’s eye view of everything from overall project health to team capacity, helping you deliver projects that grow the bottom line.

    Start your free trial and expedite your project’s success.

    To finish off

    As you might imagine, there is an abundance of agency project management software available. We will cover them in the future, so subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates and don't miss any other Whatagrah team recommendations!

    Oh! Before you go. We also released another tool list you should know about. We discussed the challenges that marketing agencies face, made recommendations on how to overcome them, and compiled a list of data analytics tools for the business to implement. Take a quick look and tell us what you think.

    Published on Jul 30 2021

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