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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Post?

Oct 08, 2019 4 min read

In short: Instagram does not notify users when they take screenshots. Educational and interesting content has been shared on Instagram every day, so it’s natural that we want to take screenshots of what we see.

Instagram Notification

A few years ago, Instagram used to notify creators of stories who was taking screenshots of their content. However, this feature was retired in 2018 due to the platform’s most significant principle – privacy. Although taking a screenshot of someone else’s story is related to that person’s privacy, it’s still your decision and your behavior which belongs to your privacy. 

That’s why Instagram no longer sends notifications about screenshots taken from users’ stories. 

However, there’s one instance where Instagram does notify people after this activity, and it has to do with direct messages.

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Message?

Well, the answer is yes, and no. 

No is when it comes to screenshots of direct messages with non-disappearing content such as text, posts from feeds, or hashtags. So, you can take screenshots of text messages without worrying the creator will ever find out about it. 

However, Instagram does send notifications when you take a screenshot of a disappearing photo or video. These are the ones you take with the Instagram app’s camera and send them as a direct message. 

So, other than that, you can screenshot pretty much everything on Instagram. However, have in mind that Instagram’s screenshot notification procedures are changed from time to time, so this may not apply in the future. Therefore, it’s best to check on the Instagram screenshot notification policy now and then. 

Other Options Than Taking Screenshots

Although you can take screenshots of everything on Instagram except for disappearing photos and videos in direct messages, there are other ways to save the content you like.

Using these methods will save you from the anxiety of not knowing if Instagram has made a change about its notification policy. 


You can save the Instagram posts or images you like by tapping the bookmark icon and saving them in your archive. No one can see your bookmarked content but you. In that way, you can see or delete the bookmarked images whenever you like, and no one will get a notification about it.

Direct Messaging

You can send your favorite post via direct messaging by tapping the plane-like symbol that’s right under the image. Choose the recipient, and the post will be forwarded to that person. You can even send it to yourself. In that way, you’ll be able to open the post and see it whenever you want.

Copying Link or Sharing 

Tap the three-dot symbol on the right side of the image or post you want to save and choose “Copy Link” or “Share.” These options will allow you to send or share the link to another Instagram user via direct messaging, or even to other social media platforms.

To Sum Up

For all of you who wonder if Instagram sends notifications when you screenshot a post, know that it only notifies the Instagram user when you take a screenshot of a disappearing photo or video they send in a direct message chat. Other than that, you can screenshot whatever you want, and no one will find out, at least for now.

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Written by Wendy

Wendy is a data-oriented marketing geek who loves to read detective fiction or try new baking recipes. She writes articles on the latest industry updates or trends.

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