Tips to Increase Your Facebook Ads Conversion Rate

People on Facebook interact in various ways with different industries and businesses. As a result, some businesses find it difficult to increase their organic reach and begin implementing Facebook Ads. They try to identify which content is relevant to their specific target audience and what motivates them to engage with it. Learn about the most common Facebook Ads conversion rate boosters and see if you can implement any of them.

Dominyka Vaičiūnaitė

Nov 22 2021 8 min read

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    High or low conversion rates signify how well advertisers' Facebook ads are performing. However, keep in mind that companies naturally receive varying degrees of attention, engagement, and sales depending on their industry. It then impacts the overall Facebook Ad conversion rates. A study from Wordstream found that:

    • Animals and pets (average conversion rate of 19.19%), physicians and surgeons (19.15%), automotive repair, service, and parts (15.23%), and the fitness industry (14.29%) have the highest ad conversions;
    • Furniture (average conversion rate 3.25%), apparel/fashion, and jewelry (3.6%), and real estate (3.93%) have one of the lowest average conversion rates.


    Before we go on to talk about conversion rate, it is important to understand why people click on ads in the first place. If you get a click, only then can you think about converting a client. The top reason indicated by the research shows that if your ad answers a search query, you have a 33% greater chance of getting a click.

    Advice? Implement SEO tools to help you identify the most popular keywords and searches. WordStream found that advertising on Facebook led to a 34% increase in brand searches on Google.

    Boost your conversion rates


    Following the trend of 'Squid Game' companies rushed to incorporate the show into ad campaigns, weaving brand logos into Dalgona treats and the game’s symbols. Not only does viral marketing achieve one of the top social media goals of marketers—raising brand awareness—but it is also extremely effective at generating leads.


    • Heineken's post received 20k more likes than any other post and 400 comments, while other posts have less than 50;
    • Semrush received 1k more likes than other posts and 50 comments, while other posts have less than 5;
    • Dominos received 1k more likes than other posts and 60 comments while other posts have less than 2;
    • Pepsi received 37k more likes than other posts and almost 600 comments while other posts have less than 200.


    In 2020, U.S. consumers broke holiday shopping records during Cyber 5, with online sales increasing 20.6 % year over year. Even though we are approaching the holiday season of 2021 and in-store shopping has begun, online shopping is here to stay and will continue to grow. More consumers are shopping on mobile devices, and the digital realm is infiltrating traditional storefronts. Retail's future is both online and offline.

    The impact of Covid-19 on holiday shopping in 2020 compared to 2019.

    Louis Vuitton Facebook ads were created to attract customers to one of their boutiques. Using Facebook's store traffic advertising objective, these ads were successful in driving 13,000 store visits and reaching 742,000 people.


    • Nail your creative and implement holiday-themed marketing into your online advertising strategy;
    • Benefit from highly visual platforms and display your products in a unique way;
    • Begin planning your holiday PPC campaign and boost website traffic and sales.


    CTAs are one of the things advertisers pay a lot of attention to when creating an ad. It's a difficult task because they must direct users to take specific actions in one or two words. So what are we looking for? Direct, easy and simple words.

    Take a look at the screenshot of the Facebook Ad that an app Babbel launched:

    • Their CTA is strong and clear: Get Offer;
    • They offer an attractive deal: Get up to 60% off!;
    • And they immediately offer a trust factor 'over 500,000 5-star reviews'.

    Facebook that an app Babbel launched

    Examples of other clear CTAs:


    Install the Facebook tracking pixel on your website. Begin tracking how visitors interact with your website to collect valuable data that will help Facebook determine who your true target audience is.

    The pixel can be used to:

    • Find new customers, learn if your ads are seen by the appropriate people and if they are performing a needed action on your website;
    • Boost your sales. Facebook pixel allows to set up automatic bidding to reach people who are more likely to take the desired action.
    • Analyze the effectiveness of your advertisements. Improve your understanding of the impact of your advertisements by tracking what happens when people see them.

    Landing page

    A landing page (LP) is inextricably linked to a Facebook Ad. This is the very first page your target Facebook user sees after clicking on an ad. So, you've got to make a very good first impression. To create a high-converting landing page, you'll need a couple of things:

    • Make sure your landing page is mobile-optimized. This way, you'll have 86% more chances to increase your average conversion rate;
    • You should not have too many offers for your LP. If you put multiple deals, you can reduce conversions by 266%;
    • Use Google's PageSpeed Insights and find out what the page-load time is. Google's recommended page load time is under two seconds. Aim it. Every additional second of page load time reduces conversions by 4.42%;
    • Create a sign-up form on your LP. It'll increase the conversion rate by 23%;
    • Land your visitors on product-detail pages. They generate half the revenue of those landing on other pages.

    Bottom line

    Facebook conversion rate is affected by a variety of factors. Each of these factors has its own set of metrics and KPIs to monitor. To improve conversions, you would need to manage a large amount of data. These days, automation, and reports on your ad campaigns that are generated in seconds, are here to make marketers' lives easier. Use this Facebook Ads report template to get a detailed breakdown of each campaign you're running. You can track and monitor how far your efforts have progressed.

    Published on Nov 22 2021

    Dominyka is a copywriter who uses simple words to explain tough ideas. Her content is inspired by the good old brand “For Dummies.” Anyone can read and learn all things marketing with her.

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