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We all know that Google is constantly improving itself so that it can stay relevant and bring users the best search results possible, and for that we applaud it. We are here to tell you about one of its latest features called Google Brand Account.

Sep 27 2019 6 min read

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    What is a Google Brand Account?

    A Google brand account is not the same as Google My Business or Google+ pages. It is a different account that’s specifically designed for brands and businesses. You can use it to publish posts to Google My Business, which are then presented right under your Google listing at the bottom-right corner.

    One of the reasons why Google Brand Account is a great, SEO-building tool is because you can use it with YouTube, Google My Business, Google+, and other Google services.

    Google services can help your brand or business contact, communicate, and share useful information with fans and customers. It also helps you promote brand specials.

    But, how is it different from a regular Google Account?

    Differences Between a Google Brand Account and Regular Google Account

    A regular Google Account represents a person, just like a Facebook profile does. A Google Brand Account, on the other hand, is a special type of account designed for brands or businesses. It allows multiple owners and managers to use and manage it together through their own Google Account. They won’t need a separate username or password for the Brand Account.

    Nevertheless, it’s important to adjust the settings of each service in order to manage who can see and interact with your content.

    You can use your Google Brand Account to create and manage accounts for YouTube, Google Photos, Google My Business, and Google+. With Google My Business Reporting Tool, you can easily track and measure critical KPIs. However, a brand account can’t be linked to a Google Analytics or Tag Manager Account.cross-channel reports

    How Do I Create a Google Brand Account?

    You can create an account for your brand or business on Google+, Google My Business, or YouTube.

    Nowadays, having a YouTube channel is a significant asset to any business or brand. The benefits of creating video content for your clients or brand is invaluable, considering the fact that it takes up around 90% of all content shared online.

    The YouTube Brand Account is a separate account from your personal YouTube account that uses the name of your brand or company. You can still access it through your personal account. But, this connection is private, so viewers won’t know about it. The account can be managed by one or more people if you decide you need help with account management.

    One of the best features of brand accounts is that it allows channel management, which is very important for your company as it grows. What’s more, you won’t even have to share your Google password to add managers to the account.

    Having multiple team members managing your YouTube Brand channel allows you to divide responsibilities, upload content more often, and ensure it keeps going strong even when someone is ill or busy. You can also consider using Google My Business Dashboard

    How to Set Up a Brand Account on YouTube

    1. Log in to YouTube using your YouTube or Google Account (if you don’t have one, sign up for a new Google account.)
    2. Then, click on your avatar or image and go to “Settings.”
    3. Once the setting screen opens, go to “Create a new channel” and write the name of your new business account.
    4. Finally, click “Create” and you’ll start using YouTube under your brand or company name.

    Don’t forget that this account is going to represent your business or brand, so make sure you use a short and memorable name that does just that.

    How Do I Access My Brand Account?

    Go to your Google Account and select “Brand Accounts” from “Your Google Services” on the Google Dashboard. A list of all your Brand Accounts will show up, so select any of them to see details and options. You can manage your account from here.

    You can make changes to your brand accounts at any time, such as adding, removing, or changing basic information about your brand or business. The changes you make here will affect other Google services as well.

    1. Go to your Google Account and select “Brand Accounts.”
    2. Choose the one you want to change by clicking “Edit account info.” The first thing to see will be the About Me page of the account, so select “Edit” in the section you want to change.
    3. If you want to add more information to your account, click “Add” on the bottom right. That’s how you can change, remove, or add information.

    How Do I Change Who Manages the Account?

    Those who own a Brand Account can add others to aid the management of the account. Owners can also choose a specific role for each person, thus giving them more or less control over the account. To learn how to do this, go to your Google Account and click “Brand Accounts.”

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    How Do I Delete a Google Brand Account?

    Only owners of Google Brand Accounts can delete them. With this action, you’ll also delete all the content of the account across Google services. Be careful when you do this as you may not be able to restore the content later.

    So, to delete a Google brand account, choose one from your “Brand Accounts” page and select “Delete account.” Once you agree to the terms, you’ll once again have to click the “Delete account.”

    There’s the option to restore a recently deleted account, provided that it’s not deleted longer than three weeks. To do this, select “Restore” next to a specific account on your “Brand Accounts” page found in your Google Account.

    Published on Sep 27 2019



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