The 8 Best Looker Studio (Google Data Studio) Dashboards You Can Grab Today

Looker Studio (formerly known as Google Data Studio) is a popular marketing reporting tool among digital marketing agencies and in-house marketers. To create reports, marketers can connect to over 600 data sources and generate dashboards with the provided pre-made templates.

Dominyka Vaičiūnaitė

Oct 05 2022 7 min read

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    Today, we chose eight of the very best Looker Studio dashboards that come with the tool. That way, you can see what Looker Studio (now called Looker Studio) is all about and perhaps choose your first dashboard. Also, we’ll show you some alternatives if this tool is not something that would work for you.

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    What Are Looker Studio Dashboards?

    Looker Studio dashboards are documents created in Looker Studio that marketing professionals use to gather marketing analytics data and turn them into visual representations. 

    Looker Studio dashboards are pretty popular among in-house marketers and marketing agencies. That’s because Looker Studio offers:

    • A tool that seamlessly connects to all Google products (such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console);
    • A free version with key features to create an insightful dashboard;
    • Some level of customization. You can add scorecards, tables and charts to the performance dashboard;
    • Integrates and pulls accurate data from 3rd party connectors (such as Spreadsheets, Supermetrics, and BigQuery, or social media channels LinkedIn and Facebook Ads ).

    Note: Looker Studio is limited when it comes to free connectors. They don’t have any pricing plans, apparently. However, we learned that to take full advantage of the tool, you need to purchase some third-party connectors.

    What exact marketing dashboards can you create with Looker Studio? Here are 8 examples:

    Looker Studio Templates

    The following template examples are directly taken from Looker Studio. This means creating these dashboards is free and doesn't require extra resources. We need to highlight this information because 600 of 620 Looker Studio connectors are not free. 

    For each dashboard we list, you can find its respective key metrics and the benefits of using that specific dashboard for marketing reporting.

    1. Display & Video 360 Performance Dashboard

    The first analytics dashboard aims to manage and monitor your digital media ad campaign performance. 

    It allows you to learn how well you are reading specific audiences. You can find out what your display & video 360 campaign performance is so you can optimize both for better results. It also provides access to various data sources such as YouTube, VOD (Video on Demand) platforms, and advertising websites.

    Moreover, many marketing agencies purchase and optimize online media using the Google Display & Video 360 dashboard for real-time bidding.

    By generating this dashboard, you can better understand what your client’s audience prefers, their interests and what type of content receives the most engagement.  

    Display & Video 360 Performance Dashboard

    Key metrics:

    • Clicks;
    • Impressions;
    • CTR;
    • Conversion;
    • Revenue;
    • Post-click conversions.

    2. Google Analytics Audience Overview Dashboard

    If you need an overview of your client’s audience habits, find out what actions they take on the website, and find some patterns - the Google Analytics audience overview dashboard might be right for you.

    This dashboard is a high-level overview, highlighting website users' engagement, demographics, and the devices they use to land on your client’s site. 

    Some of the questions this dashboard answers are:

    • What user demographics visit your client's site? 
    • Where are your website visitors coming from? 
    • What are your client's visitors' preferred mobile devices? 
    • How long do your client's site visitors stay?

    Key metrics that Google include in their Google Analytics audience overview include:

    • Users;
    • Number of sessions per user;
    • Pageviews;
    • The average session duration;
    • Bounce rate;
    • New vs. returning users.

    Google Analytics Audience Overview Dashboard


    If you’re looking for a better Looker Studio Alternative for your Google Analytics audience report, give Whatagraph a try.

    You may be wondering, why do we suggest an alternative to a completely free tool?

    Because Whatagraph’s GA audience overview dashboard has the following features:

    • It is fully customizable (Looker Studio has some limitations); 
    • You can white-label it to fully match your or your client’s branding; 
    • You can automate the dashboard to be sent out on required frequencies, reporting needed date ranges; 
    • The dashboard looks cleaner, more professional, and eye-pleasing;
    • It allows you to compare different metrics in one graph to understand the performance better - making it easy for complete beginners in marketing to understand what is happening.

    GA audience overview dashboard

    3. Google Analytics Acquisitions Overview Dashboard

    Google Analytics Acquisition overview dashboard is a template Google created for marketers to learn more about user behavior, the traffic sources and find out what things impact revenue the most. 

    This is what it looks like:


    Google Analytics Acquisitions Overview Dashboard

    This dashboard is especially useful for understanding where people find your client’s website. This means:

    • Search engines;
    • Social platforms;
    • Website referrals;
    • Ad campaigns, etc.

    The Google Analytics Acquisition overview dashboard tells marketers where visitors come from and allows them to examine which experiments, campaigns, or initiatives bring in the most traffic. 

    Key questions for this dashboard include:

    • Which channels drive the most traffic?
    • How many new users are visiting your client’s site?
    • How many unique users started sessions on your client’s site?
    • Where do your client’s users come from?
    • How much revenue was generated?

    Key metrics:

    • Sessions;
    • Users;
    • New users;
    • Top acquisition channels.

    cross-channel reports

    4. Google Analytics Behavior Overview Dashboard

    Another dashboard template Google provides is called ‘Google Analytics behavior overview’.

    This dashboard is particularly focused on client’s visits and user actions:

    • Buttons they click on;
    • Pages they visit;
    • Avg. duration spent on the website;
    • Pages they read;
    • Page with the highest exit rate;
    • Avg. duration spent reading top pages, etc.

    Google Analytics behavior overview dashboard tracks:

    • Bounce rate;
    • Average time on a page;
    • Unique page views;
    • Pageviews;
    • Exit.

    This dashboard allows marketers and SEO specialists to see which landing pages perform the best compared to the ones that perform the worst. Having this data available allows optimizing the website and specific pages to get the needed outcome. 

    Moreover, if traffic, the average time on page, and pageview numbers are low - this indicates that the content on your website is not resonating with the client’s audience. Not all is lost as you have this dashboard with valuable data allowing marketers to perform A/B testing. 

    Google Analytics Behavior Overview Dashboard


    5. YouTube Channel Dashboard

    Many marketers are creating and publishing content on YouTube for their clients. This channel has 2.1 billion monthly active users from all over the world.

    So tracking and monitoring channel performance is quite crucial if you want your client’s business to be seen on YouTube.

    First of all, let’s cover the questions this dashboard answers:

    • Which video performed the best?
    • What’s the average percentage of views a video received last week?
    • Which video received the most likes, dislikes, and comments?
    • Which countries have the most views?
    • How many subscribers do we generate every month?

    Key metrics:

    • Subscribers gained;
    • Video views;
    • Avg. view duration;
    • Total views;
    • Dislikes.

    YouTube Channel Dashboard

    Second, benefits:

    Simply put, the more data you have on the videos you publish, the more accurate and relevant ones you’ll create in the future. 

    The questions above provide insights into what sort of content users are most interested in now and what content you could stop producing ASAP.

    If you want an even more insightful, accurate, and powerful YouTube dashboard, try Whatagraph. 

    Whatagraph YouTube dashboard

    Our dashboard provides high-quality, easy-to-understand visuals that you can drag and drop to have the desired data flow. 

    You can also mix and match metrics from different channels to easily compare them in one widget. 

    6. E-commerce Store Dashboard

    An e-commerce dashboard is another report template provided by Looker Studio that is highly useful. 

    It is designed to highlight all the trends, patterns, and datasets related to your client’s online store. 

    Some of the questions this dashboard answers include:

    • Which products sell the best?
    • Which products receive the highest repurchase rate?
    • Which products are usually bought together?
    • How many checkouts did the store generate today?
    • What’s the average order value?
    • How many products does one customer tend to purchase?

    E-commerce Store Dashboard

    This information and your specific answers can help you:

    • Identify which products are the most popular. Use this product in your PPC ads;
    • Identify which products aren’t likable. Include this product in your upsell strategy;
    • Prevent harmful and undesirable results. Bad numbers in sales or revenue generated can help you uncover underlying, significant issues. Those issues could slow rendering times, user-unfriendly experience, lack of payment methods, etc. 

    If you’d like access to a more diverse e-commerce dashboard, try interactive dashboards developed by Whatagraph.

    You’d benefit from integrations such as Shopify, BigCommerce, HubSpot, Google Analytics, and WooCommerce. 

    You can also benefit from features such as:

    • 40+ data sources;
    • Pre-made, custom, unique widgets;
    • 95+ marketing templates;
    • Time-saving report creation process.


    Whatagraph Shopify dashboard

    Shopify dashboard

    7. Google Ads Search Performance Dashboard

    7th on the list - Google Ads search performance dashboard. 

    This performance report is crucial when your strategy’s goal is to target the client’s audience with relevant keywords. 

    This means that the search performance dashboard will show:

    • The number of clicks your ad generated;
    • The ad/keyword costs;
    • Conversions of that search term.

    Google Search Performance Dashboard

    If you aren’t satisfied with the results you see in the report, consider:

    • Adding negative keywords;
    • Identifying new keywords to target;
    • Viewing and analyzing data for your search terms.

    By learning more about these areas and examining what’s working and what’s not, you are going towards a more successful campaign. 

    This means lower CPC costs, higher conversions, and more revenue.

    40 data sources

    8. Google Ads Campaign Performance Dashboard

    Next, we got the Google Ads campaign performance dashboard.

    This dashboard is one of the most important because it summarizes the KPIs of search engine advertising campaigns. 

    It provides valuable insights such as:

    • Which ad groups received the most clicks and generated the highest number of conversions;
    • The average CTR;
    • How much you are spending on ad clicks.

    Google Campaign Performance Dashboard
    Key metrics:

    • Quality score;
    • Cost-per-click;
    • Ad positions;
    • Conversion rate;
    • Cost per conversion;
    • Click-through-rate;
    • The number of clicks.

    By creating a Google Ads dashboard with Whatagraph, you can also benefit from:

    • Creating optimized Adwords dashboards to obtain performance metrics and develop data-driven strategies and Adwords campaigns.
    • Learning about the demographics and preferences of your client’s target audience. Examine the most effective advertisements and contrast them with the worst-performing ones.
    • Because there are no minimum spending requirements and you can start and stop any campaign whenever you want, there is little chance of wasting ad revenue. You can select several bidding strategies based on your company's objectives. This is not to say that you should not keep track of your money and where it goes. Keep track of your spending to avoid serious consequences.

    Google Dashboard WhatagraphGoogle Ads Dashboard

    Bottom Line

    Looker Studio is a legendary data visualization tool. It provides around 20 templates and we covered the 8 most important ones today.

    Yet, even though it’s a visualization tool, it lacks the most important features like white-label, full customization capabilities, easy access to different data sources, and automation. 

    If you feel the need for these features and want to improve client reporting and marketing strategy, try Whatagraph. We got a 7-day free trial for you to feel the benefit of these high-quality functionalities. We’ll create your Looker Studio reports in a way that impresses your clients and saves time for you. So, what are you waiting for?

    40+ data

    Published on Oct 05 2022

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