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Hitlist of Popular Posts to Make 2018 a Remarkable Year

Get a bunch of tips and tricks for your marketing strategy in one place. Don't forget to bookmark it!

End of the year is always super exciting, isn't it?

But before New Year's resolutions have started, let's see what we've brought to you in 2017.

We’ve published over 40 articles this year about everything from how to be more productive, tips and tricks for your marketing strategy, key marketing metrics, and more!

Didn’t get a chance to read everything this year? No problem.

If you only have time to read a few posts this year, here’s our top 10 hitlist of popular posts to make 2018 your most productive year yet.

#1 A Click-By-Click Guide to Using Filters in Google Analytics

Applied correctly, Google Analytics filters can create better reports and help you make better business decisions. And they're easier to use than you think.

#2 Top 5 Facebook performance metrics that actually matter

Marketer’s guide to defined Facebook Insights metrics and what matters most when evaluating social media performance.

#3 How To Make Your Marketing Analytics Work For You

A crash course in how to tame the marketing analytics beast - end up with the tidy, actionable analytics reports every marketer craves.

#4 The 25 Most Important Social Media Marketing Metrics You Need to Succeed

Get out of the weeds and into the ROI with your social media marketing metrics. Read to see which metrics really matter so you can work smarter.

#5 Key Google Analytics metrics to track your SEO success

The ultimate list of SEO metrics you should be measuring regularly.

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#6 How to run LinkedIn Ads that grab attention

A short guide about how to make LinkedIn advertisements a little easier.

#7 Smart ways to use Instagram for business

A photo heavy social media platform that can help your business grow? Yes, please!

#8 This Is What Clients Actually Want From Their Ad Agencies

Got a rocky relationship with a client? It probably comes down to communication. And to communicate better, you need to know what clients really want.

#9 Top digital marketing agencies in Chicago

Save your time with this TOP list of the best digital marketing agencies in Chicago.

#10 These 8 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Waste Millions of Dollars Every Year

Want to reach your audience on Facebook, but your page's organic reach is in the single digits? It's time to learn how to advertise, even with a tiny budget.

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Written By Roberta
5 Easy Ways to Increase Website Traffic in 2019
Marketers crave website traffic like Homer craves donuts. By increasing website traffic you can also increase the number of leads your business gets and how many sales your website generates. To put it simply, more traffic means more business.
How to Expand Your Social Media Reach With Instagram Stories
Good engagement rates are hard to find on social media. Most marketers understand that Facebook’s organic reach is all but gone. Twitter isn’t as effective as it was a few years ago. LinkedIn is still viable, but due to the changes LinkedIn made to Groups, it’s not as useful for driving engagement as it once was. Pinterest still works, but it’s not for everyone.
This is the Best Way to Get More Results from Your Content
The average piece of content gets only four social media shares. See how to easily do 100x better than that in just a couple of hours.
Instagram was released in October 2010 and was a completely revolutionary piece of software. It was sort of like Facebook, but without any complications to it. A person could upload and view photos from their phone without worrying about the other functionalities, which could sometimes get in the way with Facebook. But we were all so young, and nine years down the road, a lot of us are googling: "How to change Instagram name." Currently, it's a massive search term, so I know I'm not alone here.
1 day ago 5 min read
Search results have always been competitive. Now they’re even more so. With Google Ads taking up more and more inventory on SERPs, search engine optimization experts are scrambling for new ideas on how to drive organic traffic from Google. Here we share 5 ways to keep your SEO strong in the years to come.
Pam Neely
2 days ago 6 min read
A Google ad extension is an additional piece of information that makes your ad more useful to readers. It provides information like seller reviews, other links from your website, and telephone numbers, thus expanding your advertisement. But, what’s one of the main benefits of using ad extensions?
3 days ago 5 min read