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How to Add Interests on Linkedin

Sep 27, 2019 6 min read

Believe it or not, the Interest area of your LinkedIn profile is more important than you can imagine. It’s how you connect with your reader or recruiter at a more personal level, giving them another reason to want to meet you. But, how to add interests on LinkedIn, and more importantly, how to choose the right interests?

Why Are LinkedIn Interests Important? 

The truth is, people like to work with friendly people who have life outside work. Although the interests you choose should be real, they should also be related to your target audience and be professional. 

For example, you may love hiking, listening to music, or horse riding, but when it comes to LinkedIn interests you should choose those which are relevant to your job role or education. They should reflect how you want to be seen by your target readers.

Example of how looks interests on Linkedin

Let’s say you want your audience to know you are tech-savvy. In that case, mention that you enjoy building computers, the latest gadgets, or coding websites for nonprofit organizations. 

Or if your target readers are animal lovers, make sure you leave out your love of dog fights. When it comes to social media platforms like LinkedIn, you must be smart with the information you share. Avoid mentioning an interest that might require a discussion to explain or has the potential to spark worry. Do not risk having your target reader moving on to the next profile because of an inappropriate interest. 

On the other hand, the right interest can be an excellent conversation starter and a reason plus for the reader or recruiter to contact you and discuss further opportunities for you. 

The thing is, even though making decisions based only on your LinkedIn interests isn’t legal, it’s real. Being relatable draws hiring managers and recruiters to you and makes them more likely to want to contact you.

Another reason why adding interest to your LinkedIn profile is important is because advertisers can select the target audience for their ads. With the right, Linkedin integration report tools may show a wider view. They have the option to make their ads visible only to LinkedIn profiles with specific interests. 

For example, they can choose their LinkedIn ad to appear only to those interested in, let’s say, Apple Inc. So, if you have Apple Inc as one of your LinkedIn interests, then the sponsored ad will appear on your newsfeed. That’s another great benefit of adding interests on LinkedIn.

How to Add Interests on Linkedin

  • Go to your personal Linkedin profile;
  • Find and click on the additional information section;
  • Scroll down till you see add interests;
  • Find additional information part and click the pencil icon - it will give you an option to enter edit mode.
  • At the text field type your interests.


How to change Interests on LinkedIn

The Additional Information section on LinkedIn profiles introduced the Interest area at the beginning of 2017. 

To add interests on LinkedIn, search for a specific one in the search box, such as Microsoft, and once their official page opens, click the Follow button. By following their page, Microsoft becomes one of your LinkedIn interests. It’s as simple as that. You follow or unfollow LinkedIn groups or pages to add interests or remove interests.

So, if you wonder how to change your interests on LinkedIn, just go to the Interest section on your profile where you can see all of them, and decide which interest you want to keep and which to remove. To remove any of them, just unfollow the page or group and it will no longer be listed in your Interest section. In that way you can change your interests on LinkedIn.

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How Do You Add Accomplishments on LinkedIn?

Adding more of your interests and professional accomplishments can help to improve your LinkedIn profile. This, in turn, will increase the number of times people and possible recruiters view your profile, thus building your network and connecting to new opportunities. 

To add accomplishments on your LinkedIn profile, go to “View Profile” by clicking the “Me” icon at the top right angle. Then, go to “Add profile section” and select “Accomplishments.” You’ll see a list of projects, so click the “+Add” icon found to the right of each project. After filling out the fields, save the changes.

If you want to change an existing project, click the “Edit” icon on the “Accomplishments” section. After making the desired changes, click Save. 


How Do You Add Causes You Care About in LinkedIn?

Adding volunteer experiences to your profile shows that you also care about other things than work. It reflects the causes you care about after work hours. Sharing your humanitarian and philanthropic interests shows your well-rounded character that your target audience may find relatable and interesting. 

Feel free to add the organizations you support and the individual volunteer experiences within the Volunteer section. You can add the name of the organization, the cause it supports, your role, description, and dates of your tenure. You don’t necessarily have to work one on one with the organization to list it in this section – it’s ok if you just support it.

To add volunteer experience and causes you care about, open your LinkedIn profile and add the Volunteer section. Click “Add Volunteer Experience” in the “Volunteering Experience” section and write the name of the organization you support. Then, write the type of volunteer work you do or your role, such as supporter, angel, contributor, backer, patron, giver, grantor, subscriber, or sponsor.

To add causes, go to the “Cause” field and pick the right cause from the drop-down list. Then, add the date in the “Date Range Fields” and information about the experience in the “description” field. Save the changes. 


To Sum Up

If you want to contact with working professionals and search for new job opportunities, then having a LinkedIn profile is a must. Your profile acts as your online CV that’s public for people on LinkedIn, including potential recruiters. 

Therefore, creating an appealing profile will increase your chances of being noticed and contacted by recruiters and companies who are searching for candidates like you. 

Adding interests and volunteer experience on your LinkedIn profile is an integral factor that will make your online resume even stronger and more relatable. So, don’t ignore these sections and make your LinkedIn profile more professional.

Written by Wendy

Wendy is a data-oriented marketing geek who loves to read detective fiction or try new baking recipes. She writes articles on the latest industry updates or trends.

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