It's time for Business Intelligence Awards 2017

And the winner is...

May has already been one exhilarating month for Whatagraph with the release of brand new Facebook Ads reports and exciting improvements in the dashboard.

(But oh wait till you hear the big news coming in the next month!)

Something big in analytics reporting is coming in July 2017

As if this wasn't enough, we were super excited to learn about 2 prestigious awards that were recently presented to Whatagraph.

That's right, folks. Awards.

FinancesOnlineone of the most popular software expertise providers in the industry, has given Whatagraph two of their best known productivity awards!

A team of experts prepared a detailed review, noting that 'infographic style of Whatagraph reporting gives modern businesses a unique way to collect and process their data, and to pull off a variety of valuable stats with zero effort.' 

Whatagraph got awarded with the 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award, both reserved for reliable and intuitive products. The Rising Star award, in particular, targets software that develops fast, and delights users with a variety of advanced and ahead-of-their-time features.

Key Whatagraph reporting features that were considered for the awards:

  • The capacity to automatically collect data from leading analytics sources.
  • Ability to analyze it on a specific date range requested by the user.
  • Dashboard tools to make data analysis less time-consuming, such as automated email delivery and facilitated sharing, all enabling immediate data-backed decision making.

Can the month get any better?

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Written By Giedre
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