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4 Reasons Marketing Agencies Need Professional Tools

Jun 29, 2021 4 min read

If you're creating social media content, developing marketing strategies, or leading a marketing team, you must master analytics tracking and social media reporting!


Are you still wasting your time gathering data from all your social platforms?

Have you noticed that data volumes are increasing and your spreadsheets are becoming increasingly cluttered?

How many different tabs & excel documents do you need to create before you realize there is a more efficient way to accurately track performance metrics?

When will you prioritize professional tools & technology to help you and provide insights that would otherwise take hours to obtain?

Data hygiene 

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn… and many other social platforms have their own insight buttons.

And we get it. That little social media feature provides insightful and useful data. 

However, as a marketing agency or a business, you are most likely not working with a SINGLE client for whom you must create social media reports.

So, how do you prevent your desktop from becoming clogged with documents containing thousands of different numbers and data?

Find a tool that would:

  1. Connect all your data (it’s time to say astalavista baby to spreadsheets and costly data errors)
  2. Keep track of key performance indicators for your marketing funnel, ROI, advertising budget, and social media performance.
  3. Display real-time data 24/7 which you & your client would automatically receive (it’s time for you to sit back and look at the overview of your progress and campaign trends)
  4. Offer insights into audience behaviors and activities on the website, app, social media accounts and so on.

You got your priorities wrong

Yes, it is EASY to collect this data on your own & draw conclusions about the target audience, social campaigns and etc… but it’s pointless, ineffective and wastes time.

Would you rather invest in a tool that saves you HOURS of time & allows you to spend that time looking for new clients and investors, or would you rather spend those hours manually collecting data & not be able to build a rapport with your current clients?

A proper marketing tool will:

-   Save you hours of times

-   Access data and maneuver across platforms  

-   Accurately track performance metrics

-   Keep a record of all leads’ activity on your site

-   Lead you towards success

Dress for success

There is nothing more satisfying and ego touching than seeing your name or your company's logo in the email or on a letter. Admit it.

Even when writing a cover letter for a company, it is best to personalize it and use all the relevant information about them.

Why not try to achieve it through reports?

‘Dress for success’ basically means that if your reports are nicely dressed up with your client's branding colors, fonts, and logos, you'll be one step closer to a Michelin star and beating your competitors.

Be better than other marketing agencies

We don't have to be scientists to notice that people's attention spans have shrunk. So, why should you bore your clients with 'dry' information?

Your goal with your reports should be to excite and intrigue them, especially as they carry such valuable data.

Do that with visuals

Every marketing team should have marketing automation and visualization tool in their toolbox, and it should be prominently displayed on the desktop rather than hidden in the garage.

Other benefits of getting a marketing tool? Here:

  1. Be better and win over your competitors

Graphical representations & interactive reports get the whole picture of how your social platforms and campaigns are performing.

Social media dashboard reports are especially easy to read & understand what’s trending within the audience and predict possible future performance.

Automation tools that create sexy and visually appealing reports for you, increase your as a company efficiency by surfacing key trends and metrics. Use these tools to provide better service to your clients and attract NEW ones.

  1. Fast, easy & reliable marketing automation software leads businesses to success

 And there is that. Data-driven decision-making will always win over gut feeling in the digital world.

But even that isn’t enough.

Trends change and you need to analyze the reasons why, when and for whom.

The only way to do it is to have a REPORTING and MONITORING tool that will not only show you in seconds which ad campaign or content performed the best for a specific age group in a specific location but will also show you where that same content did not perform at all. Draw conclusions based on this analysis.

But please do not spend hours manually gathering information only to realize hours later that you need to change your action plan.


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