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Now you can upload images to your reports

Adding any data to your reports just got easier. Welcome image upload!

We've just announced the grand whitelabel update, and today we've released a new feature - image upload

We don't have an integration you're looking for? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

This new feature will be a great workaround when you need to add own data to Whatagraph reports - simply add JPG, PNG or GIF content to your report using image upload widget.

Add a screenshot of other integration

excel sheet

Your boss still likes Excel sheets? No worries! Simply add a screenshot of the sheet and make your boss even happier!

Make it look like you

whatagraph report

Make sure your clients know you created their marketing performance report just for them by adding either your own brand’s logo, or your clients logo!

With flexible image resize you can also create cover pages for your reports - the possibilities are endless!

What now?

Wow your clients - start using Whatagraph today!

Written By Roberta
The grand whitelabel update: bring your brand to meet your reports
Hex colour picker, customizable headers and footers, and other features that are sure to elevate your whitelabel.
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We are proud to present Google Search Ads 360 integration with Whatagraph. With SA360, you will be able to manage your search marketing campaigns across multiple search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Learn more about this integration below.
2 weeks ago 3 min read
Now that we’ve launched this wonderful integration, you are able to quickly generate visual and engaging automated AdRoll reports for your display ads, social campaigns, behavioral email, and other actionable insights!
1 month ago 4 min read
Tracking the live performance of every source report now is available in Whatagraph! That means that you do not need to build a report every day or week. You just need to create it once, share it with your clients or colleagues and we will take care of renewing it!
1 month ago 2 min read