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Modern business settings deal with big data. The business environment is driven by dashboards, powerful algorithms, datasets, and statistics. We are in an age where analytics is now the key driver of performance. Large amounts of information have to be effectively analyzed to take out crucial ideas for any modern organization to function.
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    Online reporting tools

    The analytics deployed must be top-notch since most organizations deal with large amounts of details. Sound analytics depend primarily on precise reporting. For this reason, organizations must be able to select the right tool to function in an ever-evolving business environment adequately.

    What is an online report tool?

    They are tools used by organizations to create online reports and dashboards for their input requirements. These tools allow viewing, creating, and editing reports through a web interface such as a web browser.

    The shift from a traditional manual system to web-based reporting tools

    Most organizations have shifted from a traditional manual system such as using Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint to a more sophisticated approach to managing data. Before now, companies depend on their staff to create and update business reports. The process is both energy-sapping and time-consuming.

    With a shift to web reporting tools, KPI-driven companies can now boast of a seamless and automated process of managing their data. They provide a much more productive and creative strategy for best reporting by automating a large part of the process. The automation system enables companies to manage business information in new and more productive ways. Organizations depend on them to develop and implement a detailed business intelligence strategy.

    Web report tool can automatically drag inputs and create essential data reporting needed for its management decisions. Several companies have shifted from a traditional manual system to web-based platforms after noticing that their reporting has become too complex and robust for manual systems to handle.

    Unlike the traditional manual system report, online report tools store information and reports in the cloud, allowing you to access a vast collection of information at any time or day. The cloud-based approach to managing data or data room helps organizations to make important business decisions.

    Factors to consider before choosing a web-based report tool

    Every organization that seeks a management solution to its input needs would need a web portal to cater to their needs in the following areas.

    1. The structure of your organization

    An organization's structure plays a crucial role in determining how well the company is organized and scales its expectations. Depending on the organization's structure, your report program must track and report with precision. The chain of command, centralization, and span of control are the main components of how an organization is structured. You would need an online medium to handle the structure of your company effectively.

    2. Data integration

    One of the biggest challenges for most organizations and businesses is the integration of data. Gathering and analyzing data from multiple sources in quick time is tasking and time-consuming.

    A typical traditional manual setting organization entails workers having to collect and analyze it before sending them to a different unit that makes the report and modifications. An online report mechanism is needed to seamlessly integrate data from numerous systems and produce visually stimulating reports. The goal is to speed up the report tools process by incorporating valid information with the utmost ease.

    3. The reporting process

    A critical aspect of reporting tools is that they transform data into actionable insights, thereby improving the decision-making process. However, sharing information to the different levels in the organization could be quite challenging.

    Web report tools allow end-users to unlock subscription settings, enabling them to receive specific reports and the content they should carry. You can also define when and the frequency a report or dashboard is emailed to you, considering your schedule. The reporting tool can also embed reports in PDF or HTML layouts. The medium should also disable dashboard subscriptions once there is a data security breach.

    4. Customer Support

    Before selecting a mechanism to deploy, you must consider the vendor's customer support system. The vendor should have outstanding customer support service that is very responsive and easily accessible to customers.

    Similarly, the vendor's customer support should have an appreciable knowledge base to cater to your needs. Web reporting tools must have good customer support. They should have other resourceful services such as the DIY option, allowing users who prefer to troubleshoot themselves. More importantly, the online reporting portal vendors should seek customer feedback and commit to improving their products.


    You will need a web report program if you seek to report the way you choose to. It allows you to customize layouts, colors, tables, and other unique design concepts to suit your company's brand. The report instrument can conveniently develop custom fields such as staff IDs, order numbers, etc.

    Benefits of using Web reporting tools and Implementing web reporting tools as a management solution are very far-reaching. Let us look at some of them.

    1. It is very cost-effective

    The web-based program eliminates paper, stamps, and other stationery, thereby reducing running costs. It also helps to reduce the workforce needed to complete tasks.

    2. Easy access

    Most report platforms are cloud-based, making them easily accessible at any time or place.

    3. Instant delivery of reports

    Unlike a traditional manual system that could take days before reports are ready, web reporting tools deliver it instantly.

    4. Real-time feedback

    Web report tools can help create quick feedback for participants in an event or a seminar.

    5. Engagement

    Reporting tools in conjunction with social media platforms can help create an interaction with the organization's shareholders, investors, and the general public to promote transparency.

    6. Analytics Capabilities

    A significant benefit of web report tools is that it allows management access to key analytics relevant to measure the degree of public interest in your company. Their self-service analytics feature is also crucial. The or

    Best Online Reporting Tools

    Precise reporting helped businesses to make key and informed decisions. Aside from the visualization of complex data via sophisticated graphs and charts, these platforms help enhance businesses' performance and productivity. Based on in-depth research and client reviews, we have drawn out a list of the best report tools available in the market today.


    Datapine is a data visualization and business intelligence tool. It helps transform data into actionable insights and create data-driven outcomes in quick time. datapine delivers a user-friendly interface that handles even the most complex data analysis and generates reports. It also has some amazing features, such as an innovative BI 4.0 component that includes intelligent alarms and interactive dashboards designed for contemporary business. datapine is built to track multiple KPIs and manage numerous reports.

    With its artificial intelligence feature, datapine's data alerts uncover tendencies patterns and signals once there is an event of note. datapine offers you the option of displaying charts in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Furthermore, the innovative report outlet allows every staff member to have access to the professional progress report that is browser-based and generates information.

    Its automated reporting feature Is quite outstanding. Similarly, the dashboard can be shared across the organization and also to customers. Users of the software can explore the numerous dashboard templates categorized per industry per function to create your dashboard. Many organization considers datapine among the best report software today.


    • Intelligent alarms
    • Embedded and unlimited access.
    • Drag and drop interface
    • Perform ad-hoc queries
    • Analytics support
    • Friendly user interface
    • Automated reporting
    • 14 days of a free trial

    Zoho Analytics

    Zoho tool helps to transform your business with powerful insights. The BI and data analytics online reporting tool remain one of the best reporting platforms out there. You can create visually stunning visualizations and insights in a quick time.

    The software tool also helps transform data into actionable reports. It also tracks your core business metrics, discerns long-time trends, and uncovers hidden insights. It allows you to view your business growth by gathering inputs from multiple data sources, blend them to establish cross-functional dashboards and reports. It's an easy-to-use drag and drops feature that allows you to create reports.

    The program boasts artificial intelligence-driven analytics that features an intelligent assistant Zia that answers questions in natural language and delivers answers in reports. Users of the software can share and publish reports together in a secure environment.

    The portal enables you to set smart data alerts to notify you when something goes amiss. It gives you the opportunity of having embedded analytics and BI tools in your brand name, which can be accessed from your website or portal.


    • Collect and blend data from multiple sources
    • Visualize and analyze business data
    • Artificially intelligence-powered analytics
    • Share and publish information in a secure environment.
    • Perform ad-hoc queries.
    • 15 days of a free trial


    Digital marketing agencies and businesses widely use online data channels to save time and relate analytics data to comprehend their clients easily. And Whatagraph here is one of the best choices.

    Several marketing experts rely on Whatagraph to monitor their campaign results across various channels. You can also integrate data to your report from other sources Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, and others. The software also enables you to build customizable visual reports and let data reasoning take charge.

    agency report example

    Try free trial 

    Whatagraph online reporting tool is used in marketing data and helps eliminate the setback of constantly missing deadlines by automatically sending reports to your clients quickly. You can also customize your report using your client's brand logos, colors, and domain names.


    • Track marketer's campaign result across multiple channels
    • Delivers reports automatically
    • Customize your report to suit the client's brand colors and logos.
    • Integrate and connect data to social media platforms.
    • 7 days free trial

    Reveal by Omniconvert

    Reveal is a Customer Value Optimization Platform that helps eCommerce merchants understand and predict their customers' behavior to improve what matters most: Customer Lifetime Value.

    Data is made easy to understand and visualize, the platform revealing insights and helping merchants treat customer segments accordingly on every marketing channel.


    • Buying habits and automated RFM segmentation.
    • Automated pre and post-purchase NPS surveys.
    • Real-time product reports.
    • Ecommerce analytics KPIs, calculated automatically.


    The list of the best reporting programs is not complete without the mention of Tableau. The online reporting medium anchors its watchword on allowing people to see and understand data. Tableau delivers a unique strategy to business intelligence.

    You do not need any programming skills to enjoy some of its amazing features. Tableau enables you to connect, visualize and share information from your computer with other devices in a seamless manner. You can also develop and publish dashboards and share them with other staff members and customers.

    The reporting software prides itself as the world's leader in business analytics by helping people and organizations to become more data-driven. The reporting portal enables you to enjoy an endless visual data adventure without affecting the flow of analysis. Regardless of your current technological setup. Tableau deploys analytics that can connect to your inputs with ease. The program has an enterprise-grade security system that ensures every detail is secured.


    • Turns inputs into actionable insights with speed and ease
    • An integrated medium that is quite easy to handle.
    • Export reports to PDF, Excel
    • Powerful analytics feature
    • Intuitive user experience
    • 14 days software free trial

    Helical Insight

    Helical Insight is a based business intelligence framework that makes people better understand data, allowing them to make well-informed decisions. Helical Insight is the world's first open-source Bi reporting platform powered by analytics.

    The reporting software allows you to interact with their inputs in a language they understand even with little or no technical knowledge making it one of the best reporting tools available today. The online reporting software permits you to design your workflows. It also offers Bi reporting tools that allow you to drag and drop and build reports In minutes.

    Helical Insight is an API-driven tool that empowers us to build functionalities whenever require. The online reporting software offers you the option of exporting data from data sources and reports in various formats like pdf, excel, CSV, image, etc.

    Helical Insight is strictly browser-based, meaning you can connect with your database and analyze across any location and device. The online reporting software supports a traditional method that includes tabular reports, cross-tab reports, and modern data analysis procedures such as storyline, mashups, and infographic tools.


    • Schedule email reports and dashboard to your inbox.
    • Embed within other platforms.
    • White labeling options include customization to headers, footers, login page, logout page, navigation method, etc.
    • Data security and access by role and users.
    • 30 days of a free trial

    Google Data Studio

    The program is a free reporting tool that turns your data into informative, easy to read, and easy to share information and interactive dashboards. The reporting tool gives you the power to explore your data with interactive dashboards and creative reports that drives informed decision-making.

    The free data visualization reporting tool takes care of your business needs by allowing you to connect to your data and transform them into beautiful and exciting reports. The reporting platform has a wide range of easy-to-use features ranking it among the best reporting tools. There is no free trial for this medium.


    • It is free to use
    • Connects to social media platforms and other sources.
    • Real-time integration
    • Fully customizable.

    Published on Feb 25 2021

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