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Why Has Facebook Become Slow and Sluggish?

The big leap was when videos became popular on the platform. Not a lot of hardware could handle it, let alone browsers. The YouTube era started, and everyone was sharing videos, and Facebook needed to be on top of that. However, now it’s 2019, almost 2020, and Facebook has over 360 million active users on its platform. That’s more than the population of Spain, France and Italy combined. So, it begs the question, why is Facebook so slow?

How Do I Fix Facebook Running Slow?

It’s important to remember how big of an empire Facebook actually is. Sometimes it could just be running slow because of the sheer amount of code, some of which is decades old at this point, that’s at work to bring you your updates. 

Coming up, we're going to talk about some different ways you can try and solve Facebook running slow. Most of them aren't complicated, and you'll be able to do them with little time and effort. So, you can get back to writing posts and sharing memes in no time. 

  • Clear out your cookies:
    Cookies on your browser are basically little chunks of active data that tell your browser a lot about you. When you’ve accumulated a lot, it can slow down how that browser works for you. Clear them out and see how that works for you.
  • Check your internet connection:
    Is your internet slow, or is the problem with your connection? If there is, try restarting your router or fixing your connection first. If you still have to use Facebook, try using your phone. Facebook can be heavy on your internet connection, and if yours is slow, this could be the problem, and why Facebook is running slow. 
  • Disable your browser plugins:
    Facebook can use a lot of your browser's energy, so it's best not to have it dispersed. Try deactivating your adblocker or antivirus plugins you have installed on your browser when accessing Facebook.
  • Try a different browser:
    If you're trying to run Facebook on Chrome or Internet Explorer, try switching to Firefox. It might be a temporary problem with your browser, and switching to a different one can help you here. 
  • Check if Facebook is down:
    The sites can sometimes be on maintenance and be down for a little while. The best way to check this is by visiting their social media sites or their help websites and seeing what they say about their status.
  • Deactivate Facebook Messenger:
    The problem could be the messenger app in the browser. Sometimes I can take a heavy toll on how your Facebook runs and deactivating could help. You can always use Messenger Lite versions on your phone.
  • Use your phone:
    If all this fails, and you can't seem to get around it, it could just be a temporary problem that may pass if you leave it enough time. Try disconnecting and going outside to see the world. There's 4G out there, and you can look at Facebook on your phone. The smartphone apps seem to work pretty flawlessly and stop you from having to worry about Facebook running slowly.


Written By Wendy
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