The 4 Best Supermetrics Templates to Grab for Marketers

Reporting is an essential part of business data analysis. Now more than ever, marketing teams and agencies have excellent data visualization tools to help them bring actionable insights to life. However, not everyone has the time or skills to create a dashing marketing report with multiple-sourced data. 

This is why reporting tools often include professionally designed templates, pre-loaded with essential metrics for the given purpose.

Let’s take a look at Supermetrics templates and see if there’s a better alternative. 

Nikola Gemes

Mar 08 2023 6 min read


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    What are Supermetrics templates?

    Supermetrics templates are pre-designed dashboards that you can use to create your own marketing reports.

    Report templates are a great way for you to beat the blank-page syndrome and get inspiration for customized reports that work for you. 



    Since different reports require different visualizations, you can’t just copy and paste the same charts and tables over and over. For example, a social media report will include different metrics and KPIs compared to a PPC report. Depending on what insights you want to highlight, you should choose a suitable visualization, for example:

    • Scorecards for key metrics
    • Bullet charts or gauges to measure targets
    • Bar charts for comparisons
    • Time series or time plot for development over time
    • Pie charts to show a percentage of a whole
    • Scatterplot charts to display distribution or relationship

    white-label report

    What is the main problem with Supermetrics templates?

    Supermetrics offers many reporting templates, over 100 at the moment of writing.

    The only problem is that, Supermetrics doesn’t offer any templates of its own.

    Yes, you read it right.

    Supermetrics can’t offer templates because Supermetrics doesn’t have a data visualization feature.

    You can use Supermetrics data transfer functionality to extract data from diverse marketing sources.

    However, to visualize this data, you need to use another tool, such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Looker Studio (until recently, Google Data Studio), Tableau, or others.

    Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 08.26.56.png


    This can be a problem for several reasons:

    • You need to become proficient in 2 tools — data transfer and reporting
    • The 2 platforms should be compatible and updated at all times
    • If you use Supermetrics to store marketing data in BigQuery or S3, you need to pay for the Looker integration as well. That’s two pricing plans.

    Whatagraph, on the other hand, has over 100 beautifully designed native templates you can use to create your report in just minutes.


    In our template gallery, we have dashboard templates for use cases like SEO, PPC eCommerce, social media, and ad campaigns that can automate your reporting even if you don’t have any reporting knowledge.

    Every report at Whatagraph comes with all the key metrics you need to create an accurate performance marketing report for stakeholders: click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate, conversion rate, number of leads, etc.

    As Supermetrics doesn’t own any of its templates, they don’t have any control over those dashboards. As their customer, you’re forced to work with whatever templates Looker Studio provides. Or use the inferior Excel or Google Sheets templates that have much fewer options.

    4 best Supermetrics templates

    Now let’s evaluate the most used Supermetric templates that are available with Supermetrics Looker Studio pricing plan.

    1. Supermetrics marketing report template

    Let’s start with the universal marketing report template. Supermetrics offers a HubSpot Marketing Performance Template by Looker Studio.

    Basically, you connect your HubSpot account and visualize metrics like the number of subscribers, leads, and opportunities.

    The report further sections contacts by date, location, and source and gives a glimpse into an email campaign.

    As branding is concerned, this 3-page report is dominated by the Supermetrics logo in one corner and a large HubSpot logo in another.



    However, the main issue is that this report only allows you to import and visualize HubSpot data. If you want to report that would include both web analytics, paid ads, and social media, you need to use another tool.

    You can use the separate Google Ads or Facebook Ads templates, but not combine them. 

    Whatagraph offers a true cross-channel overview template that includes not only your web analytics, and paid media but also differentiates the audience by desktop or mobile devices.

    Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 14.04.30.png

    Sample of Whatagraph's cross-channel report

    Our cross-channel report also has a handy blank widget at the heading over every section where users can type their own insights and actions as related to the results.

    Finally, at Whatagraph, users can white-label every report by removing the Whatagraph logo and making the dashboard look more professional.

    2. Supermetrics social media template

    Supermetrics also offers a Social Media Mix Summary that combines KPIs from Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and uses Looker Studio as a visualization platform.

    The template has a summary page, a page for each of the connectors, and instructions.

    The Facebook page contains KPIs trends by date, total likes by age, gender, and country, as well as post analytics.



    Moving on to the Instagram Insights tab, we encounter an error on every widget — Data Set Configuration Error / Looker Studio cannot connect to your data set.

    This means you can’t see what the actual widgets look like and what they contain.

    Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 14.39.58.png


    I wish they did what Whatagraph does — every template at Whatagraph is populated with sample data so potential users can see what metrics each table, graph, or chart contains, and what it looks like.


    Instagram insights on Whatagraph's social media report

    The Twitter Engagement tab contains the summary of tweet counts, impressions, retweets, and replies, and a rather unimpressive campaign performance sheet that looks like it was pasted from an Excel document.


    Not very engaging and attractive.

    Supermetrics did a much better job in the LinkedIn Page Performance tab. You get quick summary widgets followed by the follower stats by country, industry, company size, and job function.

    However, the post performance table still has an unimaginative .xls-like appearance.

    Perhaps this shouldn’t be surprising if we know that more than half of Supermetrics templates are based on Excel or Google Sheets.

    Whatagraph social media template, on the other hand, supports more integrations, including TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, and YouTube.


    Whatagraph social media template

    Apart from engaging charts and widgets, Whatagraph’s social media report allows you to visualize top-performing posts for all data sources.

    3. Supermetrics SEO report

    Moving on to the SEO report, we can see that Supermetrics offers a MOZ SEO reporting template. To use this template, you need to:

    • Make a copy
    • For the New Data Source, select Create new data source    
    • Under Community Connectors, go to Explore connectors
    • Find MOZ By Supermetrics and add the connector.
    • Select query type: url metrics
    • Add multiple domains for comparison

    You get a chart for normalized MOZ rank, page authority, and domain authority for your connected pages.

    There’s a pie chart for external equity links by domain, as well as a competitor’s details widget with time last crawled, page authority, domain authority, and external equity links.

    Screenshot 2023-03-08 at 08.46.34.png


    And that’s pretty much it. To make any point, you’d need to go into those graphs and compare values.

    Whatagraph’s SEO dashboard template is dominated by the essential KPIs widgets, so you can tell at a glance what is going on. 

    Unlike Supermetrics, that connects to just one SEO tool, with Whatagraph you can pull data and report on you Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google my Business, SEMrush, and Ahrefs. 


    Whatagraph SEO template

    Below is an extensive sessions % vs. new sessions line chart that encompasses an entire month, followed by page and keyword performance lists.

    Once you copy a Whatagraph template, you can further modify it and remove, add, or rearrange existing elements to your liking.

    4. Supermetrics Facebook Ads Template

    Supermetrics offers a dashboard template that follows the same concept and visuals as provided in every Supermetrics template by Looker Studio.

    However, there are two designs — an older and an updated one which is available only as a gallery template.

    The working template has three graphs on top:

    • Costs & impressions
    • Links
    • Actions

    Each with widgets for the key KPIs.

    The overview page also features a demographics map for country breakdown by conversions.



    However, it seems it’s hard for Supermetrics to drop the Excel-looking tables from their templates. Unfortunately, the amount spent, cost/actions, and action rate for top campaigns are visualized in a standard .xls table.

    Whatagraph’s Facebook Ads report template is definitely more visual, as it displays the cover image of every top-ranking ad in a given category.

    Both Supermetrics and Whatagraph templates include the breakdown by age and gender charts. However, Supermetrics is missing the engagement (comments, reactions, shares, saves, and reactions (like, love, sad, haha, or angry) widgets that are readily included in every Whatagraph Facebook insights template.

    And as with every Whatagraph template, there’s a blank widget for personal comments that allows you to personalize every report with your own ideas and insights.


    Is there a better option?

    On paper, Supermetrics has a rich library of over 130 report templates. However, more than half are simple Excel or Google Sheets dashboards with few customization options. Trying to move or create another element might soon turn into a formatting nightmare.

    The rest are templates made in Looker Studio.

    While these templates cover the most popular report types, such as Google Analytics and LinkedIn Ads performance reports, Supermetrics lacks a thoroughbred channel mix reporting template that would allow you to connect data sources other than HubSpot.

    Most templates created for Supermetrics in Looker Studio look a bit outdated, especially when compared to interactive and fully customizable Whatagraph templates.

    Whatagraph templates allow you to rearrange, add, or remove each element with ease, but also change the color of the designs to match it to your or your client’s branding.


    Whatagraph Cross-Channel Report

    Thanks to advanced visualization, your reports can become more engaging and appealing to the clients, as you can display cover images of the top-performing campaigns or paid ads.

    Every Whatagraph template includes blank widgets where you can enter your personal thoughts and insights about the actual report. This goes a long way toward making each report personal and unique.

    And if you want to go the extra mile, Whatagraph allows you to white-label each report you create and remove the Whatagraph logo altogether.

    If you want a data visualization tool that will streamline your reporting and make it your favorite task, head over to our templates gallery and choose the ones you need.

    Published on Mar 08 2023


    Nikola Gemes

    Nikola is a content marketer at Whatagraph with extensive writing experience in SaaS, tech, and sustainability niches. He takes his coffee as he takes his pizza: hot and without pineapples in it.

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