Target Email Marketing for Beginners

Sending one message to your entire subscribers consistently is an act that has the potentials of diminishing your brand reputation. Apart from that, it depletes an email list of your subscribers as well as halt conversions.

Gintaras Baltusevičius

May 26 2020 3 min read

Table of Contents

    Table of Contents

    Typically, customers have different preferences when it comes to online shopping. So, if you want to keep an engaged and responsive audience, the one-email-fits-all approach won’t work.

    Some statistics reveal that 53% of subscribers simply hit the unsubscribe button as a result of getting several irrelevant offers from brands and businesses. This is why smart targeted email marketing remains the surefire way to escape the same fate and gets you a high return on investment.

    email marketing stats 

    What is Targeted Email Marketing?

    Targeted email marketing simply means the practice of creating and sending out highly personalized emails to a specific segment of your email list. This is usually done with the sole aim of getting the most desired response from the list of subscribers and generating the desired result to grow your business.

    As a small business, leveraging targeted email marketing services the right way has the potential of increasing the chances of generating leads and increases your sales over email. Just make sure you use email verification to confirm the validity of the emails within your mailing list.

    To reap the benefits of targeted email marketing, you need to segment your audience when sending your email campaigns. Here are the most common categories to segment your audience:

    • Demographic which involves the gender segmentation;
    • Geographic which involves segmentation in terms of country of residence;
    • Psychographic which typically focuses on the area of interest of your audience;
    • Behavioral segmentation focuses on the intent.

    By segmenting your audience as a reputable brand or business, you’ll have an insight into creating marketing personas that help you understand their individual preferences. When compared to generic messages, targeted emails is much more powerful as it boasts of contextual relevance. 

    Why do you need to create a personalized email marketing campaign? Let’s dive into the benefits of targeted email marketing.

    Top Real Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing


    Why do you need to keep sending emails that don’t make your audience interact with your content? Your intent for sending emails might compel your prospects to simply hit the “buy now” button or simply filling out a survey form.

    The kind of response you’re expecting doesn’t matter in your email marketing. What matters most is the fact that your recipients find enough value in the content of your emails. Your audience must also respond happily to them.

    No doubt, targeted or personalized email marketing fetches you a real response from your subscriber list, especially when you pay attention to DMARC setup to avoid getting into spam. Whenever your email subscribers find your messages interesting and relevant to their problems, chances are that they are more driven towards engaging with your content.

    Targeted email marketing doesn’t only get you a high open-rate but it also helps you get a higher click-through-rate. Remember, once a subscriber opens and clicks your email, you have a better chance of converting them to become your customers.


    One of the reasons why businesses fail to get their desired results with email marketing is nothing but an irrelevancy. Their messages are only generic but not personalized. Using targeted email marketing to reach the specific segment of your email subscribers implies that you are in a better position to create highly relevant content.

    Truth is, your audience wants to see contents that simplify quality and provides them the needed help, knowledge, and value. Redefining your email marketing strategy to send emails that resonate with your target audience has the potential to increase your profitability.

    Once you feed your audience with relevant content, you make them glued to your brand. They tend to remember your content and spread the word about it. Ultimately, this increases the relevance and reputation of your brand.

    Boosts Revenue

    To increase your sales and generate more leads, email marketing is one of the most effective tools. Crafting your targeted email marketing campaign carefully is tantamount to converting your email audience to customers. It would be a good idea to add a tailored email signature to your email campaigns. That makes them look more personal and demonstrates to the recipients that these emails are written by real people whom they can contact if any questions arise.

    There are several ways to generate higher revenue from your email marketing efforts. These include targeting a specific group of email subscribers in terms of their demography, area of interests, and so forth.


    Once you can develop a relationship with your customers, you’ll be able to drive them to come back for more. Retention involves leveraging the existing relationship with your customers, improving on it, and keeping them engaged regularly.

    Final Note

    Targeted email marketing might seem complicated at first, and this is one of the reasons why small businesses often ignore it. However, if you throw away the thought of it being complicated, you’ll move towards achieving your business goals. Try to use Whatagraph for a better understanding of how your email campaign is going on. With an email report template which will present all related data at one place:

    email template metrics

    Remember, the more relevant your email marketing efforts determine how you get the best results. This translates to a larger return on investment and more business in the future.

    Published on May 26 2020

    Gintaras is an experienced marketing professional who is always eager to explore the most up-to-date issues in data marketing. He is always in search of new and unexplored angles to share with his readers.

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