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This is a list of the best digital marketing agencies in Berlin

Looking for a top digital marketing agencies list in Berlin? Look no further!

We acknowledge that finding a digital marketing partner is becoming more and more difficult.

Most of the people you encounter after a Google search claim to be the best of the best. So how can you distinguish who is the best one?

I have spent a considerable time analyzing and collecting the best agencies to partner up in Berlin.

Therefore after carefully analyzing and evaluating I have put up a list of the best digital folks in Berlin.

They can help you build up your brand and gain a better reputation using various strategies and following the right campaigns.

Here we go!

1. Trust Agents

The company was founded in 2012.

The company has evolved from a team of only three people to a company that has nearly 70 employees and 180 customers.

It has been one of the fastest growing companies in term of sales growth.  

Company’s Mission

They are optimizing the online marketing channels by KPIs and data-driven performance marketing.


They are applying Online Marketing with a focus on Search

Trust Agents in few words

Experts in SEO & Content Marketing

Awards Won

  • Deloitte Fast 50 Award 2017 (16. place)
  • „1000 Europe’s fastest-growing companies“ 2017, by Financial Times (144. place)
  • Wachstumschampions 2018, by Focus Business(138. place)


  • Expedia
  • Axa
  • Allianz
  • DFB
  • Douglas
  • Tchibo
  • 1&1
  • Zalando


Wolfgang Gestrich, SEO manager at Douglas:

 'In our cooperation with Trust Agents, we especially value their great technical expertise.

Optimization potential is rapidly identified, proactively discussed and subsequently realized.'

Why people choose Trust Agents?

One of their strengths is their conceptual approach: Instead of randomly stringing measures together, they have developed an individual and holistic concept that exceeded all the expectations.

Quality control and result monitoring are both self-evident in this context, and they are always pleasant to deal with.

What did we find interesting about this guys?

These guys have been able to grow their company very rapidly.

They have even managed to publish their online marketing book with a focus on practicality.

I found this particularly amazing! In addition to that, they have an interactive story-line of their company's history uploaded in their website.

2. Ease-Agency

Malte Schröder founded ease over 7 years ago and they've been growing sustainably since then.

Their aim is to grow with more clients but not blow up exponentially or artificially so they make sure to always offer a personal and trustworthy relationship with their clients. 

Company mission

The company exists to bring bands and brands together to help them reach new audiences and make new fans. They translate international brands into the German market, keeping every bit of their DNA intact while ensuring the campaign makes as much cultural sense as it does in the original territory.


They use relevant, well-targeted online marketing campaigns and strong, strategic social media management to make artists and brands feel just as real in the digital world as they do IRL. 

Ease-Agency  in few words

 The digital entertainment agency 

Some of their clients

  • Rammstein
  • BMG
  • FKP Scorpio (Check their website for more!)


 "Our online marketing campaigns for festivals like Hurricane and Southside are in safe hands at ease – big agency services with a casual and personal vibe" - Dario Dumancic / Coordinator Online Marketing and Social Media / FKP Scorpio

Why should people choose Ease- Agency?

There is no better agency in Germany for clients from the entertainment sector – 80% of their clients are from the music industry – and their mix of professionalism with a laid-back, personal approach makes their work priceless.

What did we find interesting about this guys?

I got astonished by the pictures on their website. it feels like they make music themselves rather than provide digital solutions.

This is a good approach because they have managed to connect and adapt to their client's cultural values.

3. Mimosa Agency

Mimosa Agency was started in September 2016 in an effort to help companies communicate more efficiently.

One of the main founders, Camille has a solid record collaborating with agencies and companies in Paris, Brussels, and Berlin.

Danilo, the other founder of the company has a strong operations background.

His expertise allowed them to start a company that has an effective impact on their client’s metrics while keeping a very straightforward relationship and process.

Company's mission

Mimosa Agency aims to help people and brands communicate effectively with their audience, all while keeping a close eye on metrics and numbers.


They are your on-demand marketing department. Hassle, nonsense, and bureaucracy-free.

Mimosa Agency in few words

Affordable, hands-on marketing services


The love and respect of their clients


Paco Rabanne, Jean Paul Gaultier, Bellerose, Audible, Zalando


 “Danilo & Camille have helped with many of my business and personal projects and always deliver outstanding work.

They're both super friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and I will continue to work with them in the future.

I highly recommend working with their agency.“ Kat Young - Founder of the Event Series Salt + 

Why should you choose Mimosa Agency?

They are good at turning complex problems into simple actionable goals, thus letting clients focus on their core business activities like sales, processes and product improvements.

They are also a flexible and reliable agency that avoids unnecessary complexity at all costs.

What did we find interesting about this guys?

They have an interesting portfolio of their favorite project! Some of them are really amazing!

4. Mashup Communications

Mashup-communications was founded in 2009, the agency’s CEOs Miriam Rupp and Nora Feist have been part of more than 200 campaigns within the past nine years. Nowadays the team consists of 20 PR and brand storytelling experts.

Company’s Mission

With the power of storytelling, the interdisciplinary team of text talents, TV professionals, and strategists is supporting companies to discover new ways to find, shape and develop a brand identity built to last.


 "They love to tell new stories" – this is the philosophy of the Berlin-based agency for PR and Brand Storytelling Mashup Communications. As such, they elevate target groups to heroes and corporates being their mentor on their very own brand journeys.

Mashup in few words

Holistic brands powered by storytelling


  • Wire
  • ECONYL® by Aquafil
  • Vattenfall Solutions
  • good healthcare group

Business Case

Since January 2016, we position ECONYL® yarn in the target group (producers of carpets and textiles, architects, and designers) as a qualitative and aesthetically high-quality alternative to conventional nylon 6. 

Through the innovative ECONYL® regeneration system, the yarn is produced in a sustainable and fair manner, environmentally-friendly, with an infinite life cycle.

As a result of co-operation with well-known textile and carpet manufacturers, ECONYL® yarn will also be able to strengthen its position in the B2B sector, thus becoming more attractive for future partners. To date, we have generated over 440 clippings in relevant print and online media, like WirtschaftsWoche Online, Handelsblatt Online, Stern, FAZ or Welt Online.

Why people choose Mashup Communications?

A brand is like a character in a story: Daredevil and fearless as Han Solo; enchanting, mysterious and caring as Mary Poppins; or wise and protective as Dumbledore.

With its characteristics, values, and goals an individual character is formed, including its personal history, attitude, appearance, and language.

For effective marketing and impactful PR, every organization needs a face and a brand story to tell that serves for identification inside and outside.

With exciting stories on the founding, vision and important milestones, our PR consultants make sure your company gets attention from your audience and the media alike.

In addition to that, the power of stories can also help brands in the field of recruiting, in order to address the right applicants and keep the best employees motivated.

The crucial factor is to develop content that can continually be told on all communication channels.

We help to identify strategic platforms, topics, and formats and develops holistic storytelling concepts.

In this way, brands can entertain, inform and involve their audiences chapter by chapter.

What we found interesting about this guys?

They have utilized the power of storytelling to bring brands to life. It can clearly be witnessed on their front page. Worth exploring it!

5. Battalion

Battalion was launched in Berlin in 2012.

The agency specializes in supporting Berlin's booming technology and start-up industry.

After developing a reputation for quality work and fair prices Battalion has worked with well known and established brands like Soundcloud and eonline.

They now have offices both in Berlin and Manchester.

Company’s Mission

Thinking big isn’t just for big brands.

For them, a brand is not just a logo, but a promise of an experience.

They invest the best of their skill set in giving life to brands that grow over time.

They are passionate about the challenges of the innovation ecosystem.

There are less time, less money and more certainty and their job is to help technology businesses convert.

When you work with them, they become part of your team and you part of theirs.

They are not always ”Yes men” though and transparency helps them achieving results for you, even if it sometimes means saying “no”.

Their core team is an international group of experts from the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands because they know that diversity is fundamental to creativity.

They are the next generation digital agency. They are Battalion.


  • They are brand builders
  • They know startups
  • They believe in thinking big
  • They are your partner
  • They are the next generation digital agency
  • They are not always ”Yes men”
  • They master the creative process. They revitalize brands and make them market ready.

Battalion in few words

Flexibility, Challenge, Entrepreneurship, Nerve, Curiosity, Creativity

Some of Battalion's clients

  • Soundcloud
  • Lab1886
  • Swisscom
  • Hello Fresh

Why should people choose Battalion?

For the founders of technology companies who are seeking business expansion and branding excellence, Battalion is the go-to digital agency. They are an interdisciplinary creative team within the technology field who build brands from launch to growth, driving your business forward and guiding you through the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

What did we find interesting about this guys?

Their website design is absolutely astonishing. It clearly portrays their high tech environment within which they are operating.

6. Exozet

Exozet was founded by Frank Zahn in Berlin in 1996, originally as a multimedia agency. In its early years, the music industry was the driving force behind the young company. Exozet has built websites, produced CD-ROMs – but also commercials and everything that can be digitally generated with a computer. So their DNA is digital.

In their history of more than 20 years, they have more and more become experts for a digital change. Today, they offer their clients a wide portfolio of strategic consulting and service design, user experience and interface design as well as agile technical implementation. Their current focus is mainly, but not exclusively, on mobile apps, virtual and augmented reality applications as well as on NewTV and video management solutions.

Exozet is one of Germany’s leading digital agencies in the media and entertainment segment and furthermore works for clients in the areas of automotive, finance & insurance, and corporate.

Exozet currently has about 150 employees working in offices in Berlin, Hamburg, and Vienna. Headquarters are in Berlin – since 2014 in the former Tempelhof Airport building.

Company's mission

They offer to their clients' orientation, flexibility, and future security in a digital world that is constantly changing.

They recognize trends and develop successful solutions which focus on user experience.

Thus, they make their clients into winners of the digital change.


Smart ideas. Successful products.

For their clients, they are their partner for the digital transformation. For they love to find potentials, develop ideas, build prototypes, and implement the best solutions. That way, they develop inspiring digital products and services – now and in the future. 

Awards Won

  • German Design Award 2018
  • iF Design Award 2018
  • Next Reality Contest 2017
  • Deutscher Designer Club 2017
  • UX Design Award 2017
  • Digital Emmy 2015
  • Interactive Media Awards 2015
  • Telly Awards 2015
  • Red Dot Design Award 2015   

Some of their clients

  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • ZDF
  • BBC
  • Gothaer Versicherung
  • Jochen Schweizer
  • Red Bull


Michael Adolf, Head of Digital Content and VR at Audi: “The Exozet VMS is a success story at Audi.” 

Why should people choose Exozet?

Passionate consultants and developers: They love and live the digital change. Since 1996. And that is what still defines them today: The passion for innovative technologies and digital solutions. They are burning for what they do.

Cooperative partnership: Clients are true partners for them. Not just a motto, but a method because they bring experts together: Their own, their clients’, and those around which everything revolves – the users. That way, they develop solutions that inspire.

Sustainable concepts and products: The Next Generation: It’s important to them! That’s why they look to the future and develop products and services which will still go down well tomorrow – with everyone, also with the next generation of users.

Distinguished solutions:  They don’t want to meet expectations, we want to exceed them. That’s why we work with agile methods and love to questions things and make them even better. Again and again, until they reach the perfect product. That they succeed in this endeavor, not only their clients attest to, but also a number of awards they have won.

What did we find interesting about this guys?

Their section of selected works where you can witness the value that their services have offered to other organizations.


Uhura is a marketing and technology agency that enables brand conversation through content strategies, platforms and story-driven campaigns that reach and involve your audience. Uhura is founding partner of the independent international digital agency network Affinita with over 150 digital Experts all over EU.


They combine the strategic excellence of consulting company with the agility of a creative agency.

Uhura in few words:

Creation. Technology. Content.

Awards Won

  • Over 20 national and international Awards:
  • ECON Award 2017 – Best Video Production
  • International Digital Communication Award Gold –Social media
  • FOX Awards
  • German Design Award
  • Lead Awards
  • Best of Corporate Publishing Award
  • Deutscher Preisfür Online kommunikation
  • Internationaler deutscher PR-AWARD
  • Annual Multimedia Award

Some of their clients

  • Total Deutschland
  • Berlin Fashion Week
  • Warner Brother
  • Bankenverband
  • Lekkerland
  • Sirona Dental
  • Cvent
  • City of Berlin


"Uhura manages to combine the excellence of a business consultancy and the flexibility and responsiveness of a start-up for our social media work"

Alice Schumann Marketingleitung (Total Tankstellen)

Why should people choose Uhura?

Because they get a combination out of the strategic excellence of consulting company with the agility of a creative agency.Uhura stands for long-term partnerships within an ever-changing market landscape.

What did we find interesting about this guys?

They have a long collection of awards and achievement they have reached throughout their history. All this is posted on their webpage.

8. Crispy Content

Crispy Content was founded in 2010 as a content agency. They stepped into Content Marketing in 2012 and approached B2B Market in 2013. Since then they have been Germany’s leading agency for ROI driven Content Marketing. They provide premium content marketing services for your complete marketing and sales conversion funnel to create a long-lasting ROI for your business.







Crispy Content  in few words

Creativity, Performance, Marketing Intelligence,

Some of their clients

  • Viacom International Media Network
  • Red Bull Media House
  • TremcoIllbruck
  • Allplan


“Berliner GerritGrunert is a force. Creative from head to his toe with extensive experience, he delivers the content marketing ingredients to his clients that add up to a recipe for their success. Throughout, he always finds the appropriate tone and focuses on measurable results. He is in demand internationally as a speaker on this topic, but always remains authentic.” AnsgarWollnik, Oracle Marketing Cloud

Why should people choose your Crispy Content?

People should choose Crispy Content if they want to achieve their business goals through creative content – predictable, reliable, scalable.

What did we find interesting about this guys?

The presentation made by Gerrit Grunert at summit 2017. It is insightful and absolutely inspiring!

9. Studios studios were founded in July 2016 by Mischa Bitten and Oliver Bronner, two product designers who met while they were working together in senior roles at a Berlin start-up.

Together, they founded studios with the goal of supporting start-ups and brands with their product and brand development. studios have grown rapidly and is proud to have worked with a number of highly exciting clients such as Nike, Bumble, and Casper. studios offer services in the areas of strategy, design, branding, marketing, social media, and e-commerce.


As they say "Be bold, get sh*t done!".

Their clients play a crucial role in the brand/product development process. From the first meeting to the final product, they take an active role in their team.

Any project of theirs begins by looking at the needs and wants of their client’s customers and how they can deliver value for them.

Once they establish the client and customer objectives, they go into a deep-diving research phase where they uncover insights and explore ideas that guide their design process.

Afterwards, they diverge and explore potential ideas that they eventually validate in-house through agile methodologies with potential customers.

Based on the insights that they gain, they start building the brand or product. Studios in few Words

Bold, ambitious, on-point, detail-oriented, future-thinking

Awards Won

Top 25 Apple App Store App (with the Home24 iOS App)

Some of their clients

  • Nike
  • Casper,
  • Bumble
  • Home24
  • Grover
  • Lufthansa
  • Rocket Internet
  • Telekom


“One of the best players in Berlin profoundly trusted and always on top of their design game.”

- Theo Poursanidis, Founder Casa Home & Living

Why should people choose your studios?

With more than 10+ years of experience working in and running their own successful start-ups and e-commerce businesses, their team understands the challenges and needs on how to build successful brands and products in constantly changing market environments.

What did we find interesting about this guys?

They offer a variety of services such as branding, Ux/UI Design, E-commerce, marketing and social media. Basically, most of the things you need to succeed in a digital world.

10. PANORAMA3000

PANORAMA3000 started in 2002 and quickly became a social media agency before the term “social media” was even a thing.

They worked for the music industry and helped artists connect with their fans online.

The digital transformation of the music business taught them about the fundamental change happening in all industries worldwide.

Today, they help national and international brands with digital marketing and business strategy, education, and qualification, content and community management, performance and campaigns.


Make the best out of digitalization and shape it. For the people: customers, employees, citizens. That's their mission!

Give people a stage!Try to involve as many as possible and find new structures for this fundamental change in communication. Look for trends, not for hypes. Stay curious and excited, try out new things every day, fail and learn.

Panorama3000 in few Words

Eye for the essential (In German: “Weitblick für das Wesentliche”)

Awards Won

  • German Brand Award
  • German Design Award
  • several Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation

Some of their clients

STIHL, Subway, Thalia, SIEMENS, Amazon, Burlington, Emmi, Red Bull, O2, Casio, arte, Visit Sweden, ProSieben Sat.1, Postbank


“Working with P3000 is a pleasure, they are fast and reliable, honest and straightforward, creative and dedicated.” (Anna-Lena Bocz,

Why should people choose PANORAMA 3000?

It’s fun to work with them! They are very organized which gives them space for creativity.

What did we find interesting about this guys?

Their website is fine-tuned to the German consumer tastes. Great job guys!


Delasocial is a digital marketing agency based in Berlin. They specialize in community management, content creation, influencer marketing and designing a customer experience that rocks.



Delasocial’s motto is "Innovate fast or die slowly". Today differentiation in the competitive environment means understanding the customer journey and human behavior in a digital space. Together with clients they take advantage of individual interactions with customers at every touchpoint to craft strategies that outperform your business objectives and KPIs.

Delasocial in few words

Fearless, Fearless, Fearless, Fearless, Fearless

Some of their clients

Volkswagen, Bosch Power Tools, Miele, Electronic Arts, Signal Iduna, Rotkäppchen-Mumm

Why should people choose Delasocial?

Around 50 experts from account management, strategy, design, production, media, and development will come knocking on your door if they don’t hear from you first.

What did we find interesting about this guys?

Their website has a creative, glamorous and modern appeal! It certainly deserves a medal for creativity!

Written By Elvisi
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