10 Best Tools For Multiple Channel Marketing

Marketing agencies have an increasing demand for specialized online marketing services. Here you will find a list of the best channel marketing tools and software to help you become a leader in the industry and overcome the biggest pain points of 2021.

Dominyka Vaičiūnaitė

Jul 28 2021 8 min read

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    Problems marketing agencies face:

    We identified these :

    1. Dealing with the increasing complexity of various channels and campaigns;
    2. Struggling to create reports from many different social media platforms;
    3. Meeting higher customer expectations;
    4. Not having enough time to gather data from various sources;
    5. Monitoring and analyzing huge volumes of data steals precious time;
    6. Building channel marketing strategy;
    7. Figuring out how else to stand out from the crowd and create the best impression.

    Meanwhile, Forbes listed these pain points:

    1. Driving engagement across more channels;
    2. People tiring of digital advertising;
    3. Evolving privacy regulations;
    4. Bad or tone-deaf messaging;
    5. Clients reducing marketing spend;
    6. A lack of creative discipline.

    How to overcome them?

    The vast majority of issues are directly related to data and its management. One and the most efficient way to address this is to invest in a tool that automates your work and provides instant answers & results.

    We've compiled a list of only the best tools on the market that support over 30 channels, visualize data, help to create marketing strategies based on actual data, provide insights for learning & planning future campaigns and address pain points mentioned above.

    How to find the best data analytics tool to meet your needs?

    1. Decide if you want visualization to be one of your priorities.

    Easy-to-understand reports, where you can look at them and immediately see how your marketing channels are performing, are one of the things we normalized in 2021.

    Graphs, project charts, maps are hot topics these days, and for a reason. Clients want quick and short answers. Like the ones you get from your doctor. You don't need and definitely won't understand anything more complex than 'You are healthy but don't forget to take your vitamins', which is equivalent to the 'Your engagement increased 2.1%, but don’t stop posting regularly' in the marketing industry.

    Clients will appreciate visually appealing reports that are simplistic in their nature.

      2. User Interface (UI): Is it easy for you to navigate and understand the project management software from the get-go or do you need millions of tutorials & extra calls with the help center?

    Don't waste time on something that's supposed to save it.

      3. For more creative agencies, good tech support should be one of the priorities as they might not be very familiar with the technical aspects of the software.

      4. The number of channels the management software supports.

    How many pre-built channels do you need? Are they the popular ones? Do you need to pay extra to use them? Is it easy to set them up?

    10 Best tools for multiple channel marketing

    Marketing agencies require analytics tools to efficiently create visually appealing reports for their clients. These tools must also assist in the channel marketing strategy planning and the management of multiple client accounts at the same time; customization, campaign performance, automated reports, and all of the most important metrics and KPIs for all marketing channels must also be provided for the best workflows.

    1. Whatagraph- a leading marketing cross-channel reporting tool that helps businesses to track, measure, and analyze channel marketing performance with clients and teams. Users can automatically pull data from all of their marketing channels, create visual, engaging reports, cross channel dashboards and share them easily.

    Top features: 

    Cross-channel reporting, custom branding, automated report delivery, customization, pre-made templates and widgets, more than 30 channels, monitoring and reporting opportunities, expenses tracking, provides an overview of all channels with detailed insights. 

    What’s special about this tool:

    Interactive data visualization. 

    Professionally and visually appealing reports not only allow for real-time monitoring of progress but also provide the best-looking data analysis.

    Pricing: from €99 per user/month for individual marketers to €609/ month for large organizations with precise needs for marketing data monitoring and reporting.

    Get a 7-day free trial here.

    40 data sources

    1. Supermetrics - a reporting automation tool that helps digital marketers pull all their PPC, Off-page, and on-page SEO, social and web analytics data into one place including spreadsheets and data visualization platforms for reporting and analysis.

    Top features: 

    Business intelligence, data presentation, report scheduling and automation, AdWords, search engine marketing, and data mining are all areas of expertise.

    What’s special about this tool:

    User-friendly interface.

    Pricing: depends on what kind of source you'll connect Supermetrics to. Varies from $11.99/month to $49$/month.

    Get a 14-day free trial here.

    1. Sprout Social - It’s a useful tool when creating a marketing channel strategy as Sprout Social offers deep social media listening and analytics, social management, customer care and advocacy solutions. 

    Top features: 

    Analytics, engagement, publishing and CRM monitoring. Content scheduling across social channels, brand customization & channel data reporting.

    What’s special about this management software:

    Provides Sprout Social's Smart inbox, which collects all messages sent to social accounts in one place for easier customer service management.

    Pricing: from $89 user/month for a standard plan to $249 per user/month for an advanced package.

    Get a 30-day free trial here.

    1. Hootsuite - a social media management platform for web and mobile that allows you to see content from multiple networks at the same time, schedule posts, manage teams, and view analytics to improve your content strategy and channel marketing. 

    Top features: 

    Social analytics, report customization, post performance, social measurement, traffic monitoring, audience engagement analysis, brand monitoring, and follower analysis.

    What’s special about this project management tool:

    Team members can schedule posts and manage accounts without requiring the account owner to share social media access.

    Pricing: from $49 user/month you'd get a professional plan, for $129 a month - team plan and for $599 a month business package.

    40+ data

    1. NinjaCat - an all-in-one reporting, call tracking and call monitoring solution for tracking pay-per-click campaigns, SEO, AdWords, and more for digital marketing agencies. The platform provides tools for PPC reporting, budget monitoring, call tracking, campaign monitoring, SEO reporting, and more.

    Top features include: 

    The platform provides tools for PPC reporting, budget monitoring, call tracking, campaign monitoring, SEO reporting.

    What’s special about this online project management tool:

    Marketing management tools rarely include a budget management monitoring feature, but NinjaCat is unique in that it does.

    Pricing:  available upon request.

    1. Adverity - a flexible end-to-end marketing analytics platform specialized in enabling data-driven marketing teams to make better decisions faster and improve performance across all campaigns and develop a better marketing strategy. 

    Top features: 

    Customizable reports, data visualization, performance metrics, third-party integrations, API and data management.

    What’s special about this tool:

    It allows you to manage work and schedule tasks.

    Pricing:  available upon request.

    1. Tableau software - an interactive, self-service reporting and analytics tool that enables faculty and staff to integrate and combine data from multiple sources into visualizations.

    Top features: 

    Maps, mobile view, live & in-memory data, visualization, data and server management.

    What’s special about this tool:

    Its focus is on security. Tableau equips you with enterprise-grade security and governance models that ensure data is always in the right hands, even as your organization scales analytics.

    Pricing: depends on the number of licenses you need. Varies from $40 to $840.

    Get a 14-day free trial here.

    1. Datorama - a marketing intelligence platform that transforms the way marketers optimize their marketing performance, business impact, and customer loyalty. This tool also helps to track website traffic and gives insights into what content reached the target audience. 

    Top features: 

    Quickly available insights, visualization, cross-channel visibility, data management, reporting and monitoring, API, KPI customization.

    What’s special about this tool:

    SmartLenses' AI-powered one-click dashboards automate KPI setup and data modeling from key channels.

    Pricing:  available upon request.

    cross-cahnnel reports

    1. TapClicks - provides end-to-end business intelligence capabilities that include SEO, social and PPC reporting, automated order entry, set up and approval workflows, marketing performance analysis and the creation of interactive visual reports and presentations.

    Top features: 

    Marketing performance analysis and management, creation of interactive visual reports and presentations.

    What’s special about this tool:

    TapClicks provides predictive analytics to assist marketers in forecasting campaign outcomes.

    Pricing:  available upon request.

    1. Looker -  tool that helps you explore, share, and visualize your company's data so that you can make better business decisions.

    Top features: 

    Work management, collaboration, project and task management, visualization, fully customizable, browser-based interface.

    What’s special about this tool:

    A modern integrated development environment (IDE) for agile development.

    Pricing: available upon request.


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    These 10 marketing project management tools can assist creative teams with daily workflow management. Choose your software carefully and make use of the demo tours that the majority of these brands offer! 

    Published on Jul 28 2021

    Dominyka is a copywriter who uses simple words to explain tough ideas. Her content is inspired by the good old brand “For Dummies.” Anyone can read and learn all things marketing with her.

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