Welcome Google Ads reports!

New integration and revamped web traffic reports

A few weeks ago we introduced new social integrations and reports for Twitter and Instagram. Today we are happy to welcome Google Ads and make some changes to Google Analytics reports.

Google Ads joined the integration list

For a while, Google Ads and PPC data have been one of the most requested integrations. And we are happy to oblige.

With the new report, you will be able to get regular updates on how your Google PPC campaigns are performing:

  • Key performance metrics like clicks, click through rates and conversion data
  • Keyword performance
  • Impressions and average position
  • Funnel activity
  • Top performing campaigns, Ad Groups, text ads, and banner ads

Discover in detail what data is included in new Google Ads reports in our blog!

One report for your website traffic data

Previously, we had two types of reports for Google Analytics traffic data:

  • The basic report covered key data like visits, bounce rate, and traffic sources
  • PRO report got into data with more detail and included extra metrics like trending and descending pages, channels and pages with changes in bounce rates and top completed goals

So we bid farewell to Basic reports and made the more in-depth data of PRO reports available to everybody under the title of Website Traffic. Check out the report sample!

If you have Basic reports set in your dashboard previously, you will still have the access to them.

What now? Sharing!

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Until next time!

Written By Giedre
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