What Is One of the Main Benefits of Using Ad Extensions?

A Google ad extension is an additional piece of information that makes your ad more useful to readers. It provides information like seller reviews, other links from your website, and telephone numbers, thus expanding your advertisement. But, what’s one of the main benefits of using ad extensions?


Oct 15 2019 5 min read

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    What's One of The Main Benefits of Using Ad Extensions?

    Standing out from competitors in today’s crowded online marketplace is not an easy task. Luckily, including ad extensions can add an edge to your ad campaign, helping it to better meet your business goals.

    • Using the ad extension option won’t cost you anything as they are completely free. Some of them are automated, and others are manual. So, you can choose whether you want to customize your ad or let AdWords do that for you. 
    • Adding more information about your business via ad extensions can make your ad more visible, leading to more clicks and higher ROI
    • Ad extensions can include a link to a specific page on your website, your phone number, or any other additional and useful information about your business. 

    Therefore, advertisers should start paying more attention to implementing ad extensions, as they can improve their CTR. They add value to prospects by giving additional relevant information. And, more information is always a good thing. That’s why ads who have more than one extensions have shown to have a better performance than those with only one. 

    It’s important to test and see which extensions work best for your business and include them in your ads. 


    Ad Rank and Extensions

    Ad Rank includes ad extensions and your bids, the Ad Rank thresholds, your ad and landing page’s quality, and the context of the user’s search. Using ad extensions can help you get the same number of clicks for a lower amount of money. They are designed to improve your performance. 

    The ad extensions for your ads and the amount you pay per click are determined by Ad Rank. When it comes to auctions, you shouldn’t pay less than the Ad Rank threshold so that you can beat your closest competitor’s Ad Rank. For instance, if according to your Ad Rank, you’re in the top position with site links and location extensions, you should pay the minimum price necessary to show with those extensions. 

    As long as your Ad Rank is high enough, you shouldn’t worry if your ad extensions will show. Sometimes, you’ll need to increase your bid or ad quality to make sure the extensions are shown.

    How to Make Your Ad Extensions as High Quality and Relevant as Possible

    Google AdWords auto-optimizes your ad extensions to show in the best combination on each auction. They tend to show the most useful and highest performing combination of formats from the ones acceptable in the available space. Enable whatever extension makes sense for your prospects and let Google Ads do the rest of the job. They will choose the best option according to the available space on the page, user context, and previous performance.


    Even though there are many benefits of implementing ad extensions, the most important one is that they make your ads more relevant to users, providing additional, useful information. As a result, you’ll get more clicks, calls, and other valuable user interactions.

    Published on Oct 15 2019



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