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Data modeling is the process that makes the handling of long data easier. The method of creating a descriptive diagram and represent the association between various data types within store data in a database is called data modeling.
Mike Bennet
Jan 13, 2020 7 min read
Statistics has a lot of power. So much so that people and organizations based some of their most important decision on statistics. People say numbers do not lie, that might be true. However, sometimes, statistics can be misleading, and the same kind of data can show the opposite trend depending on how it is used.
Wendy Gooseberry
Dec 03, 2019 9 min read
Data reporting is a very important factor in the day to day activities of life. From business to finance and commercial activities. Data reporting goes hand in hand with data analysis and is essential in every work of life.
Wendy Gooseberry
Nov 26, 2019 6 min read
A crash course in how to tame the marketing analytics beast - end up with the tidy, actionable analytics reports every marketer craves.
Pam Neely
Aug 08, 2017 10 min read