Move Google Ad Manager data to Google BigQuery in a few clicks

Get Google Ad Manager data in a fully managed data warehouse to own it on your terms. No code required.

    Effortlessly move any amounts of Google Analytics 4 data to Google BigQuery warehouse

    Managed integration

    Ready-made connection with Analytics Data API. Pick your source and enjoy the data flow with no maintenance or coding.


    Google Analytics 4 data moves to Google BigQuery automatically according to a schedule set by you.

    Data normalization

    Whatagraph does all the heavy lifting, delivering Google Analytics 4 data to BigQuery in a normalized state. Meaning, instantly available.

    Granular data

    Move the metrics you need for marketing analytics, reporting and decision-making. 

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    Set up the Google Ad Manager to BigQuery data flow in a few simple steps

    Connect destination and pick Google Ad Manager source

    Get up-to-date, necessary data moved via constantly monitored and updated connection with Google API.

    Name the transfer and pick frequency for automation

    Securely and reliably move all the necessary data from Google Ad Manager to Google BigQuery according to a set schedule. No coding or developers required.

    Monitor multiple Google Ad Manager data flows in one place

    Get an overview of running data flows from Google Ad Manager to BigQuery. See the scheduled frequency, scheduler information, and when the last transfers occurred.

    Built for data-driven marketing professionals

    Easy to use

    User-friendly and intuitive. Connect your destination and source in a few clicks and get the data flowing.

    Managed integrations

    Up-to-date, and accurate data transfers through reliable connections with popular marketing sources.


    Schedule and automate your data transfers. Full control over the process with no extra friction.


    Transparent pricing with no hidden costs. You know exactly how much you pay.

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    You will never be left solving challenges on your own

    You will never be left solving challenges on your own