Multi-channel marketing data monitoring in

Marketers use Whatagraph to track progress and make result-based decisions. Set up KPIs for each marketing channel, track expenses, and see how well you're achieving your marketing objectives.


Cross-channel reporting

A single report for all your marketing metrics, together. Blend data from multiple channels, accounts, or campaigns and present a clear performance overview to your client.

Automated report delivery

Deliver reports to your clients at a selected frequency. Before sending it, we'll give you a quick summary to review the contents. Your client can access the report at any time without having to ask repeatedly.

Add custom data

Complete your report by connecting custom data to it: with Google Sheets and Public API integrations, you'll be able to import data from any source at all.

Fully custom branding

Show your client you put extra effort into building their report. With our Custom branding feature, you can build tailored reports: change colors, add logos, and use custom domains.


Pre-made templates and widgets

Create a marketing performance report in minutes: use our ready-to-go templates, and you won't have to do any work from scratch. Add, edit, or remove pre-made widgets to build a report your client will actually read.

Top integrations to connect your data with

Google Analytics
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Google My Business
Google Search Console
LinkedIn Ads
Google Sheets
Public API
Pinterest Ads
Coming soon:
TikTok Ads
Google Analytics 4
Amazon Ads
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