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Built by marketers for marketers. Connect your sources, easily build reports or dashboards, and share. Get a strategic overview of all your accounts at once or zoom in on individual clients.


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Connect sources

Automatically pull data from 40+ native integrations. Log in to connect a source and get live data in your reports right away with swift automated updates.

Easily create reports

Use our template gallery or the "Smart builder" that creates a custom report based on chosen sources. Start with a blank page if needed with extensive customization.

Automate sharing

Schedule the report send out to be right on time every time. Share a link to a live report with your clients when necessary, letting them explore the data at any given moment.

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Connect your Data Sources

All your marketing data in one place with 40+ integrations and custom API

Seamlessly connect multiple data sources and channels across your reports picking up from 40+ ready-made integrations. GoogleSheets integration and custom API available for sources not listed.
marketing report

Seamless cross-channel reporting and data blending with custom formulas

Guide your clients through cross-channel metrics in one report or dashboard. Combine insights from multiple sources in one widget using custom formula (e.g. number of visitors across social media channels).
whatagraph cross-channel report

Create reports in minutes

Effortless report creation, ready-made templates and smart builder. Boundless customization

Use ready-made templates for different use cases, or let our built-in smart tool create a custom template based on picked sources. Want to build reports from the ground up? Start with a blank page and simple widget drag-and-drop
whatagraph pre-made templates

Pre-made, custom, unique widgets as building blocks for your perfect reports

Highlight insights, structure your reports, blend data, and more. Pre-made widgets drawer for each integration as well as make-your own tables, charts, funnels, media, and lists if the customization needed.
social media report

Time-saving team templates and additional tools for smooth management across accounts

Save your custom widgets, formulas or reports as templates for the whole team to use. Link multiple reports to a single template to save hours on changing all of them. Structure your clients' reports by account managers, regions or in any other way with folders.
template gallery

Automate when and how your reports are delivered

Report delivery automation and live links for your clients to perform real-time monitoring

Forget about reminders, hand-crafted emails and missed deadlines. Just schedule your reports at any frequency. Or share a live link to a report for your clients to see updates at any moment. Include the possibility to pick date ranges in live reports.
marketing report automation

Custom branding that includes color schemes, logos and your personal domain

Eliminate all mentions of the reporting tool you are using and make the reports comply with any color scheme and branding. Set up a custom domain for shared reports and email send out
whatagraph report

Get a bird’s eye view across clients, campaigns and more

Create a high-level overview by accounts, teams, regions with a few clicks. Monitor necessary metrics and never loose sight of valuable insights.

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