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All your questions answered. And if you can’t find it here, chat to our friendly team.

What is a data source?

Data sources are your analytics data connection points. For example, one data source can be either one Google Analytics website view, one Facebook page, or one Twitter page, etc. For example, 3 Google Analytics views, 1 Facebook Ads account and 1 Instagram page would count as 5 data sources in total.

What does the user mean?

The user is your team member which will actively work on the platform while building the reports/dashboards and sharing them with your clients/internal teams.

What happens when I reach the limit of data sources or users?

No worries, you can purchase them any time as an add-on. If you reach 25 data sources or 5 users on your Professional level subscription it doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to upgrade to the Premium package right away, just contact your account manager or our live support team and they will help you out to purchase additional sources and users.

How does onboarding work?

Depending on the package you will be able to book an onboarding session for your team where everyone will be introduced to how to work with Whatagraph and what are the best practices based on your current needs.

Do I need to sign a 12-month agreement with you?

Yes, we are always signing a 12-month agreement on our Professional and Premium plans, however, we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee so you can opt-out within 30 days' if there is a change in your business or you’re not happy with something. We offer quarterly billing option on our custom plans.

Can we pay monthly?

Currently, we do not support the monthly payment option.

Can we sign a 24/36-month agreement for a longer partnership?

Absolutely, we will even give you a discount according to a subscription and term.