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Setting up automated report delivery

You can automate your Whatagraph reports in 2 ways.

  1. Setup global automation within your client settings.
  2. Setup individual report automation within report automation settings.

Client automation

When you set up report automation at client levelall the reports that you have under that particular client will have its automation settings, unless you choose differently. 

To access client automation settings, simply click on the gear icon in your client's folder and select automation tab

Under client automation you can select what type of reports need to be automatically sent (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly), whether you want the data to be compared to previous period, who will be receiving the reports.

You can also change date format shown in the reports and select time of the day for the report to be delivered. 

Note. Automated reports are generated every Tuesday and the 2nd day of each month.

Individual report automation

You can automate individual reports by keeping global client settings, or changing it for any report individually. 

There are 2 ways to automate an individual report:

  1. When you start creating any new report, you can choose whether to create an automated report or an instant report. Choose automated to set automation at report level, and select the relevant settings when prompted. 
  2. Automate any report from your drafts. Simply select which report you would like to automate from your drafts, hover over it and click on the 3 dots to open report menu. From the menu, select Automate.

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