Email Report Template For Agencies and In-house Marketers to Keep Track of Their KPIs

Grab our email report template and have all your Email KPIs in one place, whether you work for clients as an agency or you simply report to your manager. You can also use cross-channel reporting to compare email campaign performance with other platforms such as PPC or social media. Try our tool yourself, build trust with your clients and easily keep track of your email marketing strategy.

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    Create an Email Marketing Report in Minutes and Track Your Email Marketing KPIs in Real-Time

    Email Marketing Metrics Your Clients and Managers Want to See

    From bounce rate to conversion rate, from click rate to open rate, our email reporting template dives deep into your marketing performance metrics. Write better emails, optimize CTAs and experiment with different subject lines. Try Whatagaraph and enjoy the data visualization that shows your email results in a way that you can understand. Gain extra favor points by providing email reports your clients will want to see.
    Beautiful email marketing metrics report

    Use Automation and Integrate Your Favourite Email Marketing Tools With Whatagraph

    MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Google Analytics, HubSpot, Salesforce, Klaviyo, and Campaign Monitor are all the email marketing integrations in Whatagraph. Connect your favorite email marketing tool and watch as results come alive in Whatagraph with attractive charts, tables and graphs. Easily analyze the open rate, email list growth or CTR each email gets. Provide an email report to your clients no matter the tool they use to connect with the customers.
    Beautiful email marketing metrics report

    White-label Email Reports For Your Agency Clients

    The most flexible email report out there! Customize every part you want. Create new formulas for widgets. Create new key metrics. Remove Whatagraph’s branding from your email reports and add your agency’s instead. Use your or your client’s domains, logos, colours and even fonts. Change the overall theme of the report. Send email reports that match your or your client’s branding. 

    All reporting features your agency needs

    40+ integrations
    We integrate with more than 40 marketing platforms, such as Google Analytics, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Facebook, MailChimp, Klaviyo, and many others.
    Cross-channel reports
    SEO, SEM, social media, performance marketing, email marketing - create a singular client report for all channels instead of one report for each.
    Full report automation
    Start from a report template, add your sources and you can create a report in under 10 minutes. You can automate the delivery too - and send reports automatically at your desired intervals.
    White-label reports
    Make your reports align with your agency branding and style. Customize each report with your agency logo, colors and branding and every detail you need to make your report truly your own.
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    All your questions answered. And if you can’t find it here, chat to our friendly team.

    What metrics should I include in my email report template?
    To measure your email effectiveness, track metrics such as:

    • Clickthrough Rate;
    • Conversion Rate;
    • Bounce Rate;
    • List Growth Rate;
    • Email Sharing/Forwarding Rate;
    • Overall ROI;
    • Open Rate;
    • Unsubscribe rate.
    What email software does Whatagraph integrate with?
    Whatagraph integrates with:

    • MailChimp;
    • ActiveCampaign;
    • Google Analytics;
    • HubSpot;
    • Salesforce;
    • Klaviyo;
    • Campaign Monitor.
    How can I create an email report in Whatagraph?
    It’s super easy to get started with Whatagraph. Follow these 3 steps and create your first email report:

    1. Create your Whatagraph account. 

    You’ll need an email address and a password.

    2. Choose how you want to create a report.

    Start from a blank page; Select the Email marketing report template, Use our smart builder. 

    3. Connect your data sources. 

    Whether it’s your Mailchimp or Salesforce account, link up your email marketing channels.

    That’s it. You are ready to analyze your Email performance data!

    It’s good to be loved! Our clients are not shy about expressing it.

    This is exactly what I was looking for when I set out to find a better way of collating and sharing our social media analytics with internal stakeholders. Goodbye spreadsheets and the tedious task of copying + pasting analytics from each social media account!

    Ashley S, Social Media & Content Co-ordinator verified review by

    Ashley S, Social Media & Content Co-ordinator

    We have found it provides our clients quick reports that they can analyze and ingest easily. It cuts down on our explanations and walkthroughs with clients. Overall, it has been a tremendous time-saver, along with exceeding our clients’ expectations with reporting.

    Kyle R, Digital Marketing Specialist verified review by

    Kyle R, Digital Marketing Specialist

    The SUPPORT. Whatagraph has THE BEST support team, ultra-responsive, ultra-helpful. They clear your roadblocks, update their platform to suit your needs, implement awesome new features (on user suggestion and on the back of their own ambition). AWESOME.

    Jasper C, Social Ads Specialist verified review by

    Jasper C, Social Ads Specialist

    Whatagraph is exactly what we were looking for in order to collect and organize data from multiple accounts (clients) with multiple data sources. It is the perfect tool to analyse data, to change the strategy, and also to create reports clients will understand.

    Thiago A, Digital Marketer verified review by

    Thiago A, Digital Marketer

    Whatagraph does not require someone to be “techy” to use the software. The learning curve is so minute, and when you do have issues- the support team will help you in a kind and efficient manner.

    Liam R, Digital Marketing Campaign Manager verified review by

    Liam R, Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

    You just need a few hours of clicking and trying things to understand it. I like the interface, the way you makeup formulas and edit them, I like that you can build your own widgets.

    Mich C, Digital Leader verified review by

    Mich C, Digital Leader

    What really makes Whatagraph shine is the way it breakdown data to your clients. Most of our clients want to see their metrics, but they don't really want to take the time to learn all about understanding them.

    Daniel W, General Manager verified review by

    Daniel W, General Manager

    We're able to streamline our social media marketing into a report that has proper metrics that clients can understand. We're literally able to select from social media platforms to ads, to stories etc. You name it.

    Andrea R, Marketing Executive verified review by

    Andrea R, Marketing Executive

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