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Google Ads
Report Template

Use this free Google Ads report template to keep essential KPIs in a single place and get an in-depth analysis of your ad performance.

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Use a pre-built Google Ads report template

Build a performance report in minutes without having to collect the data manually. Our ready-to-go template contains the essential Google Ads metrics, including clicks, impressions, conversions, and others.

Stay up-to-date with vital performance metrics

Keep vital KPIs in a single place and view the numbers live. Compare your results to set goals: view spend and conversion numbers together, and see how well your efforts are paying off over time.


Analyze reach and traffic insights

See how impression share is impacting the performance, get insights into how it can be improved. Find out how much traffic you would have received by increasing the budget.


Track and compare individual campaign performance

Chances are you’re running multiple ads at once. See the performance metrics of each campaign individually and compare them together.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Google Ads report?

Start by signing in to your Google Ads account. Navigate to the upper-right corner of your account, click the reports icon, then select Reports.

Then, click the +custom option and choose the chart type: Table, Line, Column, Bar, Scatter, or Pie. Afterwards, drag and drop a dimension: for example, drag Campaigns from the right-side section into the “Row,” “X-Axis,” “Series,” or “Segment” section. This section’s name depends on the type of chart you’re creating.

In the next step, drag and drop metrics you want to see in your report. For example, drag Clicks or Conversions into Columns,” “Y-Axis,” or “Value.” Again, This section’s name depends on the type of chart you’re creating.

Now, your report will display values for each dimension, depending on the metrics you included.

Finally, click Save or Save as.

To create a visually appealing and easy-to-understand Google Ads report, you use a data reporting platform. With Whatagraph, you can use pre-made templates and widgets to build a live Google Ads performance report. Connect your account, and we’ll gather and visualize the data for you.

How do I report abuse on Google Ads?

To report abuse on Google Ads, go to Google Ads help. Then, find the Google Ads questions, complaints, and feedback section. Under Complaints, click Ads on Google to expand the menu. Select Report an ad and follow the instructions you’ll find inside the form.

How do I turn on call reports in Google Ads?

To turn on call reporting for your campaigns on Google Ads, sign in to your account and tap All campaigns in the navigation bar on the left. Then, select Settings and Account settings.

How do I contact Google Ads?

To get in touch with Google Ads support, fill out the Contact us for Help form. You can also browse Google Ads FAQ and see if you can see an answer there.