With Whatagraph I am able to quickly generate infographics using analytics data. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to simplify and automate their analytics reports.

Farky Rafiq

Digital marketing director @ Liquid Silver

Cut your marketing time to a minimum with automated social media reports, loved by clients and teams all over the world.


One tool to rule them all.

Add data from all your social media channels to one comprehensive report, and compare their performance.


Save 4 hours per report.

Set up automated reports for weekly or monthly performance - or as frequently as you need.


Effortlessly monitor all social media performance.

Review best performing ads across channels to find what content works best for your audience.


Know what’s working.

Track engagement and interaction driven by your social content.


Start a dialogue.

Use comments in the reports to share your assumptions and recommendations.


Get your team in.

Add your teammates to the reporting process by inviting them to your team and assign clients.

Join agencies and brands who save hours in reporting time

Whatagraph offers powerful features to help you simplify your day-to-day reporting tasks

Multiple user access and different user roles
Downloadable report PDFs and instant sharing
Customisable multi-source reports
Client list management
Custom report templates for different use cases
Custom colour themes, logo upload and emails
Editable text and metrics - add your insights and comments
Flexible drag-and-drop report builder

Actionable marketing tips
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