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Use cases

Whatagraph simplifies reporting tasks for social media managers

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See how Whatagraph can help your business grow
with automated multi-source reports

Social media manager

Social media manager

Cut your marketing time to a minimum with automated social media reports, loved by clients and teams all over the world.

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Marketing executive

Multi-channel marketing reports visualizing the performance of all your channels in one place? Yes, you’ve come to the right place.

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Marketing manager

Online shop owner

Get a complete overview of your e-shop performance - from most popular products to channels where your sales are coming from.

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Get a complete overview of your business performance: from SEO and social media to PPC and sales analytics.

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Cut your blog performance analysis time to a minimum with automated website reports, loved by bloggers and content creators all over the world.

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Account manager

Account manager

Keep your clients happy with visual and engaging multi-source reports delivered to them automatically every month.

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Join agencies and brands who save hours in reporting time:

fairfax media
stellar search
media brands

Whatagraph offers powerful features to help you simplify your day-to-day reporting tasks

multiple users
Multiple user access and different team roles
multiple users
Downloadable report PDFs and instant sharing
flexible reports
Flexible multi-source reports
Client list management
custom report
Custom report types for different users
custom logo
Your logo, name and colour
custom logo
Add comments to the reports to share your insights and recommendations with the clients
custom logo
Flexible and customisable drag and drop templates