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Twitter Analytics
Report Template

Use this free Twitter Analytics report template to keep essential KPIs in a single place and get an in-depth analysis of your profile performance.

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Use a pre-built Twitter Analytics report template

Build a Twitter performance report and get a general overview of your profile. Automatically transfer data from your account and turn it into a visual presentation.

Stay up-to-date with vital performance metrics

Keep track of essential Twitter performance KPIs: this pre-made template contains the total number of followers, retweets, and other vital metrics.


View individual tweet performance

Compare how individual tweets performed based on retweets, favorites, and engagement metrics. Analyze what made particular tweets stand out and follow the pattern.


Track your follower growth

Measure how your follower base is growing over a selected period of time. Find out what are the best days of the week to post tweets.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my Twitter Analytics report?

To create a Twitter Analytics report, start by logging in to your Twitter account at If you’re using the mobile Twitter application, tap the analytics icon visible in your Tweets.

On desktops, click on an individual tweet to see its data. On mobiles, tap the Tweet to see the Tweet detail page, and then click View Tweet activity: here, you’ll see all the necessary numbers.

Once you’ve collected the information, start working on the report. You can build the report with a pre-made Google Sheets template, create it from scratch or use a data reporting platform. With Whatagraph, you can create automated, visually appealing Twitter performance reports. Connect your Twitter account to our platform, and we’ll pull and visualize the data for you.

How do you write a media report?

To create a social media analytics report, start by defining your exact business goals and KPIs. Based on your target audience, pick the social media channels you’re going to be analyzing data of.

Afterwards, decide on the period your report is going to cover. Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports are the most common time frames. Then, narrow down what metrics you’ll be adding to your report. Here are a few recommended:

  • Volume of content
  • Reach rate
  • Engagement
  • Audience
  • Clicks and traffic

And finally, visualize the data you’ve collected. There are many ways to do it: you can build the report from scratch on Google Sheets or use a pre-made template. Alternatively, you can build your social media report using an automation service. Whatagraph allows you to add multiple social media integrations and widgets: this way, you can see how your channels are performing in real-time.

Can you export Twitter analytics?

Yes, you can export data from Twitter API as a CSV file. Select the time frame you’d like to import, then click the Export Data button in the upper-right corner of your Twitter Analytics dashboard.

Does Twitter Analytics count your own visits?

No, Twitter Analytics doesn’t count your visits to your own profile.