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The most visual marketing reports in one place

All the key analytics integrations and pre-made report templates to simplify your daily marketing reporting tasks.

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Connect all your data sources

Whatagraph reports support all key digital marketing tools and has ready made report templates to simplify your daily reporting tasks. Starting from key marketing analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics, AdWords or Google Search Console, add other major analytics data sources too.

With Whatagraph, social media analytics reporting is an example when ‘set it and forget it’ simply works. It’s easy to connect social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook and Facebook Ads.

You can also create a report for your AuthorityLabs search console metrics, MailChimp email campaigns or Google My Business insights.

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Automated data visualisation

Maximise the impact of your reports with powerful visuals from Whatagraph. All you need to do is to connect your data sources and build the report - we'll do the rest for you. Instantly! We are proud to offer the most visual infographic reports on the market, proven to boost client engagement and communication within departments.

Automate your reports

Fully customizable multi-source reports

Add every analytics source you need to build one comprehensive report in minutes. Use 200+ pre-made widgets, custom data fields and comments for building visual, multi-source marketing reports. Add your assumptions, summary and recommendations and help client understand performance results better.

Filter your reports by campaigns & segments

Sometimes it’s not the overall performance that matters, but specific campaigns you run. Filter your AdWords or Facebook Ads data by campaign, ad set or even ad level. Build Google Analytics reports for specific segments and compare to the overall performance.

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