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Forget all manual work and human mistakes! Whatagraph’s reports are easy to use and even enjoyable, now you can be calm that even your junior teammates will be capable of understanding and creating multi-source reports fast!

Make data easy to understand

Amount of digital marketing data you gather is increasing rapidly! Stay up to date with latest performance in an engaging way. Whatagraph presents data in a way that your clients and teams can easily understand marketing performance and act on it when and where it counts.

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Schedule automated reports

Set up daily, weekly or monthly automated reports to reach your client's email at the time you select.

Use your own branding - white label reports

Customize reports with your own logo, custom colour schemes and send them from your own domain.

Filter your campaigns

Report the data for several campaigns within different date ranges and sources.

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Include offline information with custom data widgets

Insert your own custom data sets and create visuals using our infographic reports.

Add data from sources not yet supported by our API

Import CSV/ Excel file from any source you need.

What makes Whatagraph stand out?

"The most complete, easy-to-use, and comprehensive reporting suite available. We use Whatagraph at our digital marketing agency for all of our client campaign reporting, and the results have been remarkable!"

Matthew Callahan, Founder & CEO


“I like the automation I can do with Whatagraph. I can deliver weekly updates to my clients and the reports look splendid. They commend me for making such clean reports when, in fact, Whatagraph helps me automate most of this workflow!”

Ricky So, Marketing manager


"Whatagraph helped us a bunch with creating visually-appealing reports. Quickly. Also, it's easy to use and get people within our agency to get on board and use it or learn how to generate a quick report."

Boris Shurp, CTO

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