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The most visual automated reports in one place

Use visual analytics reports to help you track and understand the data behind your website, social media or marketing campaigns performance

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Whatagraph has over 200 pre-made widgets, as well as custom data fields and comments
for building visual, multi-source marketing reports

Join agencies and brands who save hours in reporting time:

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Connect all your data sources

Whatagraph reports support all key analytics integrations and have ready-made report templates to simplify your daily reporting tasks. Starting from key analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics, AdWords or Search Console, add other key integrations too. With Whatagraph it's easy to connect social media channels, such as Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Facebook Ads.

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Automated data

Maximise the impact of your reports with powerful visuals from Whatagraph. All you need to do is to connect your data sources and build the report - we'll do the rest for you. Instantly!

We are proud to offer the most visual infographic reports on the market, proven to boost client engagement and communication within departments.

Custom data
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Can’t find the metrics that you need? No worries! Create your own graphs and charts with custom data widgets. Mix pre-made widgets with your own data to impress your clients with unique insights and metrics.

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Add your own comments

Data with your professional insights is more valuable and engaging to your clients. That’s why Whatagraph enables limitless communication with your clients through custom comments and report review and commenting mode

  • Help your clients understand the data by inserting your professional take on data changes.
  • Avoid miscommunication.
  • Automate the process of reporting, but still have the space for personal touch.

A platform built around your team and clients

Whatagraph is tailored to fit agency workflow and makes your reporting easier. Instantly accessible client folders and customised reports, automated data acquisition, report generation, review and delivery - all in one simple process. Invite your team members, assign different roles and access to individual clients and their reporting! Want to know more ? Get in touch!

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Join us today and start saving hours in report building

Digital marketing agencies and businesses worldwide have chosen Whatagraph for visual automated marketing reports and are saving up to 4 hours of manual tasks per client. The best part? Now their reports are much more understandable, which helps to spark conversations, strengthen relationships and increase marketing budgets.

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