Instagram Reporting Tool

Monitor and report your clients’ business account performance with our Instagram reporting tool. Get all Instagram KPIs in a single report and transform them into actionable insights. Easily track and analyze the conversion metrics to see which content type or campaign drives the most traffic to your website. Connect all your other social media channels and easily turn comparable metrics into actionable insights to help you reach goals, drive growth, and retain your clients. Build engaging visual Instagram reports in minutes and automate sharing through scheduled emails or live links.

Instagram Reporting Tool for Agencies & Marketers
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Analyze and share your Instagram marketing performance with our Instagram reporting tool

Automatically collect Instagram Insights data for all KPIs

Connect your Instagram account directly to Whatagraph and automatically pull real-time data to your report. Break down your Instagram data into more manageable pieces. View individual campaigns, ad groups, specific ads, and demographic metrics to get a clear view of how your social marketing strategy is performing. Use our media widgets to understand how followers interact with your Instagram stories and reels. No more sheets, slides, or manual copy-pasting are needed. With our Instagram report generator, you can create amazing client or in-house reports in minutes.

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Automatically collect Instagram Insights data for all KPIs

Easily combine Instagram performance with data from other sources

In a few clicks, add more sources to any Instagram report and easily build a cross-channel report that delivers a comprehensive advertising campaign analysis for Instagram and other social media marketing platforms, too! Unify metrics names between different social platforms or group insights by campaigns or regions. Learn all about your target audience’s demographics, and segment your revenue by device or currency.

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Easily combine Instagram performance with data from other sources

Save time with report automation and live links

Schedule your reports to be delivered whenever it suits your clients - daily, weekly, or monthly. Keep everyone in the loop with their Instagram performance by sending them timely client reports on autopilot. This way, you can focus on driving revenue and value to your clients while they can focus on timely and accurate decision-making. Share a link to a live Instagram report so clients and stakeholders can check their data whenever they want, even change the date range to see how metrics have changed.

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Save time with report automation and live links

All reporting features your agency needs

Cross-channel reports

Combining cross-channel data is intuitive and takes a few clicks. Create a single client report for all channels instead of one report for each.

Full report automation

Schedule your reports at desired intervals or share a live link to a report so your clients can check for updates at any moment.

White-label reports

Customize colors and logos in each report to align it with your agency’s or clients’ branding and style.

50+ sources to report

Create a true cross-channel digital marketing report in Whatagraph. Over 50 integrations for your cross-channel marketing campaigns.

Instagram reporting — where to start?

Any marketing reporting aims to provide hindsight of particular activities and identify both positive and negative trends that have emerged during your campaign. When it comes to Instagram business reporting, your goal is to understand the effect of the money spent on your advertising campaign.

But that’s just the beginning. When you dive deeper into data, you’ll discover more insights provided by our Instagram report tool.

The data generated by your Instagram business profile is stored in Instagram Insights. But how do you turn data into reports? You may export this data to spreadsheets and build your reports there.

This way is very manual, prone to errors, and difficult to scale.

Another way is to build your reports using different analytics tools built specifically for Instagram. The problem with these tools is that they usually don’t allow cross-channel insights, and in case you need to report & monitor a number of marketing channels, you may have to use multiple reporting tools that aren’t compatible with each other — which loops back into manual reporting.

Other marketers may use an all-in-one Instagram reporting tool like Whatagraph.

Whatagraph — more than a reporting tool

If you shop around for the best reporting tool for Instagram, you will quickly realize that Whatagraph outruns the competition by a length!

Whatagraph is an all-in-one marketing data monitoring and reporting platform that allows you to connect data from your IG business account and present it alongside data from any marketing platform or software you use for cross-channel insights.

What does that mean?

If you’re posting content on Instagram and three more social media platforms, you can easily aggregate and summarize key metrics and KPIs from all channels and compare their performance.

This might sound complicated, but it’s actually pretty easy and straightforward. Whatagraph has native integrations with 50+ popular marketing platforms, allowing you to connect different channels to your reports in just a few clicks.

Instagram Reporting Tool

You can then organize this data by applying different rules and formulas, blending similar metrics for total value, or displaying them in multi-source tables. Through simple data transformations, you can ensure that the data is displayed in a way that is easy for your clients to understand.

Visualization is a huge part of Whatagraph’s user-friendly reporting environment. While some Instagram reporting tools require you to manually push data to the visualization layer every time you transform or connect a new source, in Whatagraph, everything happens automatically and instantly. Any change in your Instagram data takes effect immediately in the graph or table, so you can quickly isolate the data points you need.

Finally, Whatagraph enables you to automate the whole reporting process so that your clients and stakeholders get monthly, weekly, or daily reports without your intervention. Once the process is set up, the data is extracted automatically, and the software sends scheduled emails to pre-set addresses at precisely selected times and the chosen frequency.

Build a custom Instagram analytics report in minutes

Pick from over 70 Instagram metrics and create custom reports with Instagram data, or easily combine marketing data from different social media platforms and build cross-channel reports in Whatagraph. 


All your questions answered. And if you can’t find it here, chat to our friendly team.

What is an Instagram reporting tool?

An Instagram reporting tool is a marketing reporting solution that allows marketers to track the performance of their Instagram profile by tracking engagement, demographics, and conversion metrics. This tool should make the whole data collection, visualization, and report-sharing process seamless while also offering user-friendly cross-channel and advanced analytics capabilities.  

What other marketing channels can I connect with Whatagraph?

Apart from Instagram, you can connect all popular social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok, PPCs like Facebook Ads and Google Ads, e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, SEO tools like Ahrefs and Semrush, email marketing tools like Klaviyo and Mailchimp, Google Analytics 4, and CRMs like HubSpot and Salesforce.


If you can’t find the integration for your data source, connect it via a Custom API or export it to Google Sheets docs or BigQuery data warehouse and add it as a source.

What key metrics should I monitor on Instagram?

When managing an Instagram Business account, it's crucial to monitor a range of key metrics to gauge performance, understand audience engagement, and refine your marketing strategy. Here are the key metrics you should focus on:



- Likes: The total number of likes on your posts. Indicates how well your content resonates with your audience.

- Comments: The number of comments on your posts. Reflects the level of interaction and engagement from your followers.

- Shares: The number of times your posts are shared. Shows how much your content is valued and spread by your audience.

- Saves: The number of times users save your posts. Indicates content that users find valuable enough to revisit.

Engagement rate: Ratio of user interactions with your Instagram posts relative and the number of impressions they receive.


Reach and Impressions

- Reach: The total number of unique accounts that have seen your posts. Measures how far your content is spreading.

- Impressions: The total number of times your posts have been viewed over a time period. Can indicate the effectiveness of your content in attracting repeated views.

Audience Growth

- Follower Growth: The number of new followers gained over a specific period. Helps you understand your account's growth rate.

- Follower Demographics: Insights into the age, gender, location, and interests of your Instagram followers. Helps tailor your content to your audience.


Content Performance

- Top Performing Posts: Identify which posts have the highest engagement, reach, and impressions. Helps determine what type of content works best.

- Post Frequency: The number of posts published within a specific period. Helps in understanding how post frequency affects engagement.


Story Metrics

- Story Views: The total number of views for your stories. Indicates the reach of your short-term content.

- Story Engagement: Interactions on stories, such as replies and swipe-ups. Shows how engaging your stories are.

- Story Completion Rate: The percentage of viewers who watch your entire story sequence. Indicates the effectiveness of your story content.


Instagram Ad Performance (if applicable)

- Ad Spend and ROI: The total spend on Instagram ads and the return on investment. Measures the cost-effectiveness of your ad campaigns.

- Ad Engagement: Metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), conversions, and overall engagement from ads. Indicates the success of your advertising efforts.


Hashtag Performance

- Hashtag Reach: The performance of hashtags used in your posts. Helps in identifying the most effective hashtags for increasing reach.

- Top Hashtags: The hashtags that generate the most engagement. Aids in optimizing hashtag strategy.

By regularly monitoring these key metrics, you can gain valuable insights into your Instagram Business account's performance, refine your content strategy, and drive better engagement and growth.

It’s good to be loved! Our clients are not shy about expressing it.

I made a switch from GDS and Sheets for reporting to Whatagraph, and I am saving literal hours each week on performance report creation. Our small firm actually managed to onboard 2 new clients as a result of all the time we saved on managing data and reporting. The customer service is also really helpful and easy to reach.

Mindaugas S., Marketing Consultant Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Mindaugas S., Marketing Consultant

Having active customer support to help fix any issues was a big contributor, but we also really liked the ability to save templates and connect sources to multiple charts/widgets at once without having to edit them individually. And having the grid layout is much easier to stay consistent with than the free form setup that Data Studio has.

Nico T., Media Planner Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Nico T., Media Planner

The system has standard templates that are easy and fast to use. Also you can build your own report with lightning speed. It is very easy to use, has a lot of integration, and let get started very fast.

Rasmus Bernt K., External Senior Management Consultant Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Rasmus Bernt K., External Senior Management Consultant

We love Whatagraph - we would definitely recommend and our account manager is great! I love how easy this tool is to use, everyone on the team finds it much more user-friendly than other dashboards. Integration was easy, we sent some example reports to the team who duplicated these for us. We literally had to log in and send it to our clients!

Stephanie S., Digital Director Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Stephanie S., Digital Director

We are showing our clients the work that we're doing for them and this is incredibly important for our clients ROI. They want to see results and having a tool like Whatagraph that can show data from virtually every source we use is hugely important.

John S., SEO Strategist Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

John S., SEO Strategist

The tool is easy to use; you do not need to have development resources. Even my junior project managers are capable of making campaign reports in minutes. There are a lot of pre-made templates you can use as well as many pre-made widgets.

Erman E., Marketing Specialist Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Erman E., Marketing Specialist

Really easy to connect data sources within the tool. The library of report templates has been helpful. The customer support team has been responsive to all of our needs. Our team enjoys the simplicity of setting up the reports and how the data is presented.

Brent N., Director of Operations Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Brent N., Director of Operations

Easy to create really beautiful graphs and reports which can help other team members to understand the most important takeaways. I especially like the automated report function, so I don't have to check on the same thing repeatedly.

Orsolya S., Online Marketing Manager Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

Capterra verified review by

Orsolya S., Online Marketing Manager

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