Connect any source with native integrations, custom API, Google Sheets, and BigQuery

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Connect Your Scattered Marketing Data With Stable Integrations to Visualize, Transform, or Move to a Data Warehouse

Reliable data flow

Tired of third-party marketing data connectors slowing down your reports or breaking off at the worst possible time? Whatagraph has you covered with native marketing data integrations for the most popular marketing data sources. 


Cross-channel insights

Connect all the marketing data integrations you need and start building reports with accurate and fast cross-channel data insights. Effortlessly bring more reporting integrations to any dashboard you create. 


Connect a new source in seconds

Add your marketing data accounts once, and you’re all set. Just plug in the dashboard integrations you need, and the data flows right in. 


Tell us what to build next

Already a Whatagraph user? Tell us which new marketing integrations you’d like us to build. 

An integration missing?

We have Google Sheets, BigQuery, and Custom APIs to help. Also, we are constantly working on new source integrations. Let us show how we can help.