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Schedule automated marketing reports

Set up daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly automated reports to reach your clients email at the time you select.

Always know how your automated reports are performing with report delivery summaries.

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Create multi-source reports

Build a single report to see the performance of all your marketing channels. Compare different landing pages and marketing campaigns. Monitor how different landing pages are performing in terms of visitors.

Easily compare same metric for different data sources to see how different landing pages are performing in terms of visitors, registrations, sales and goal completion.

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"We love how simple and clean the reports are that can be generated, and we use them to better explain to our clients how their digital transformation is aiding their business growth "

Ethan Martin

Company Director | Lab Rat Creative

Use your own branding

Customize your reports with your own logo, custom colour schemes and send them from your own domain. With all Whatagraph branding removed, you can take all the credit to yourself.

Whitelabel your reports

Assign team members

Invite your team members, assign different roles and access to individual clients and their reporting.

Administrator has access to all features, including ability to add new users and access payment options.

Manager has access to account settings, is able to add and delete clients as well as manage team members. Managers cannot access payment options.

Reporter has only access to assigned client and is able to manage and fully customise specific client’s reporting.

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“Last week, all of the reports went out perfectly while I was actually sitting on a beach. It was awesome.

Kiwi Callahan

Creative Manager | Digitalimit

Include offline information with custom data widgets

With Whatagraph, you can easily insert your own custom data and visualise it using our infographic reports. Build a single report to visualise your business performance from customer acquisition to their activation, retention and revenue.

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Filter your campaigns

Reporting periods as flexible as never before. Your single report will hold the data for several campaigns within different date ranges - for extremely flexible marketing campaign reporting. After all, it's not always about monthly reports, right?

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"The most complete and comprehensive reporting suite available. We use Whatagraph at our Digital marketing agency for all of our client campaign reporting, and the results have been remarkable!"

Matthew Callahan

Founder & CEO | Digitalimit

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