30 Reporting Tools for Marketing Teams & Agencies

No matter what aspect of marketing reporting you need, we have you covered. SEO, PPC, SEM, social media, you name it - these reporting tools are fit for the job. Just choose the type of report you need and we'll handle the rest.

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    30 Reporting Tools for All Your Agency Reporting Needs

    CallRail Analytics Reporting Tool icon

    CallRail Analytics Reporting Tool

    Stay on top of your call-tracking campaign performance with our CallRail analytics reporting tool. Get all your KPIs in one place and transform them into actionable insights with Whatagraph. Easily visualize caller names, phone numbers, and more.
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    Adroll Reporting Tool icon

    Adroll Reporting Tool

    Our Adroll reporting tool lets you capture your clients’ conversions, ad group performance, click-through rate, cost per acquisition, (ROAS), view-through, and many other engagement metrics that show the performance of your Adroll campaigns.
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    Simpli.fi Reporting Tool icon

    Simpli.fi Reporting Tool

    Create live visual reports using Simpli.fi data with our Simpli.fi reporting tool. Optimize your ad audiences based on local needs to provide customized content for different locations. Share custom reports as automated emails in seconds.
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    Basis (Formerly Centro) Reporting Tool icon

    Basis (Formerly Centro) Reporting Tool

    Automatically generate engaging Centro reports that clients find easy to understand. Monitor changes over time for custom date range analytics and compare line items’ impressions and clicks. Try the go-to Centro reporting tool for agencies.
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    Google Search Ads 360 Reporting Tool icon

    Google Search Ads 360 Reporting Tool

    Whatagraph helps agencies create awesome visual Google Search Ads 360 reports in mere minutes. Drag and drop pre-made widgets to visualize Google Search Ads 360 performance across different campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads.
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    Semrush Reporting Tool icon

    Semrush Reporting Tool

    Send your clients automated SEO reports with accurate Semrush data insights with one click. Use an intuitive Semrush Reporting Tool to create an easy overview of your most important backlinks, keywords, top pages, and more.
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    Ahrefs Reporting Tool icon

    Ahrefs Reporting Tool

    Analyze the effectiveness of your SEO and content strategy with our comprehensive Ahrefs reporting tool. Get an in-depth look at the backlink profile and search traffic of any website or URL and compare your keyword research results.
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    Campaign Monitor Reporting Tool icon

    Campaign Monitor Reporting Tool

    If your clients use Campaign Monitor, you can use Whatagraph to create intuitive, automated reports with ease. Effortlessly share Campaign Monitor insights pre-loaded with the KPIs that clients want to see in their email campaign reports.
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    Google My Business Reporting Tool icon

    Google My Business Reporting Tool

    Capture valuable search traffic with the Google My Business report from Whatagraph. Find out how many customers directly searched for your business, and how many total views and actions you receive monthly.
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    Snapchat Reporting Tool icon

    Snapchat Reporting Tool

    Break your Snapchat data down into subscribes, conversions, purchases, or demographic sections to get a better view of how your Snapchat campaigns are performing. Turn your client’s Snapchat data into stunning visual reports.
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    Shopify Reporting Tool icon

    Shopify Reporting Tool

    Shopify is a phenomenal platform for anyone looking to build an ecommerce business. However, managing and growing your online store is no easy feat. Whatagraph is the go-to solution that simplifies the data tracking and analysis process.
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    ActiveCampaign Reporting Tool  icon

    ActiveCampaign Reporting Tool

    Replace slides and pixelated screenshots with stunning ActiveCampaign reports that will impress your clients. Save billable hours by using professional pre-made reports to quickly visualize and share your email marketing strategy metrics.
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    Google Sheets Reporting Tool icon

    Google Sheets Reporting Tool

    Spreadsheets play a huge role in many agencies. Yet, it’s not an efficient tool to deal with huge volumes of data. Visualize your data with our Google Sheets reporting tool. No more manual data entry - Whatagraph does the heavy lifting!
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    Twitter Reporting Tool icon

    Twitter Reporting Tool

    Do you need to find out how your Twitter account is performing? Grab yourself a Twitter report tool and start tracking real-time data. With Whatagraph, you can pull any data from Twitter and get all vital KPIs and metrics.
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    LinkedIn Analytics Reporting Tool icon

    LinkedIn Analytics Reporting Tool

    Get all your KPIs in one place and transform them into actionable insights with Whatagraph Analytics reporting software. Easily visualize your LinkedIn audience growth, interactions, engagement metrics, and more.
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    YouTube Reporting Tool icon

    YouTube Reporting Tool

    Create a master YouTube report and efficiently track KPIs and goals. Get timely channel and video performance data about your clients’ likes, comments, views, and subscribers. Send customized and automated YouTube reports to your client.
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    Search Query Reports icon

    Search Query Reports

    Find new keyword opportunities with our Search Query Reports for agencies. Get all your KPIs in one place and transform them into actionable insights with Whatagraph. Easily visualize your CTR, conversions, conversion rate, and more.
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    Google Analytics 4 Reporting Tool icon

    Google Analytics Reporting Tool

    Stay on top of your website performance with our Google Analytics reporting tool. Get all your KPIs in one place and transform them into actionable insights. Create your own GA report in minutes, without complex spreadsheets and graphs.
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    Google Ads Reporting Tool icon

    Google Ads Reporting Tool

    Powerful Google Ads reporting tool for digital marketing agencies. Design your Google Ads reports according to your clients’ needs. Get access to accurate PPC metrics like CPC, click-through rate, conversion rate, impressions, and more.
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    Facebook Ads Reporting Tool icon

    Facebook Ads Reporting Tool

    Stay on top of your paid campaign performance with our Facebook Ads reporting tool. Get all your KPIs in one place and transform them into actionable insights. Easily track and analyze your conversion metrics based on campaign, ad set, and ad.
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    Facebook Reporting Tool icon

    Facebook Reporting Tool

    Gather all your social media data with our automated Facebook reporting tool. Whatagraph’s comprehensive reports measure your Facebook strategy success, collect all your critical KPIs, and monitor your campaign performance.
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    Instagram Reporting Tool icon

    Instagram Reporting Tool

    Keep your clients updated on their business account performance at any time. Track audience behavior, content trends, and the effectiveness of the whole strategy. Set up the email cadence once and automate your Instagram reporting.
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    TikTok icon

    TikTok Reporting Tool

    Connect, visualize, and share TikTok data with your clients in a few clicks. Add essential TikTok page metrics to any cross-channel report. Keep your client informed with minimal manual inputs from your side.
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    Google Analytics 4 Reporting Tool icon

    Google Analytics 4 Reporting Tool

    Report on essential Google Analytics 4 metrics for a 360-degree view. Connect, organize, visualize, and share Google Analytics 4 data with your clients in a few clicks. Engaging GA4 reports only a few clicks away.
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    White Label Reporting Tool

    Change your report's whole theme, structure, and logos with our White Label reporting tool. Easily replicate and show off your brand colors or impress clients with a custom report domain that matches theirs.
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    Marketing Reporting Software icon

    Marketing Reporting Software

    Quickly generate reports to summarize key marketing metrics such as website traffic, leads generated, and conversion rate. Automatically pull data from connected marketing channels to measure success and make data-driven decisions.
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    Keyword Ranking Reporting Tool icon

    Keyword Ranking Reporting Tool

    Pull accurate SEO data and report on the performance of your optimization efforts. Use graphs, tables, and charts to show the progress of your SEO campaigns to your clients and update them automatically with scheduled emails or live links.
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    Social Media Reporting Tool icon

    Social Media Reporting Tool

    Keep your clients informed on their social media performance with a powerful social media reporting tool. Pull data from multiple social media platforms and present cross-channel insights. All your social media campaigns’ results in one clear report.
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    Web Analytics Reporting Tool icon

    Web Analytics Reporting Tool

    Create and send a web analytics report for your client’s website using cross-channel insights from 45+ marketing data integrations. Pick among professionally-built widgets preloaded with optimal dimensions and metrics for every marketing channel.
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    Drag and Drop Report Builder icon

    Drag and Drop Report Builder

    Start from a clean slate and create any kind of marketing report using our intuitive drag-and-drop builder. Arrange the widgets any way you like, change the pre-set dimensions and metrics, or create new custom widgets and save them as templates.
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    SEM Reporting Tool icon

    SEM Reporting Tool

    Report on the results of your clients paid marketing and organic search campaigns with Whatagraph’s SEM reporting tool. Connect their Google Ads, GA4, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, Semrush, or Ahrefs to report on both paid and organic efforts.
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    Google Analytics PDF Reporting Tool icon

    Google Analytics PDF Reporting Tool

    Whether you use the tool for just Google Analytics or cross-channel reporting, sometimes the most convenient way to keep the stakeholders informed is by sending a weekly or monthly PFD report they can download, print, or share.
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    KPI Reporting Tool icon

    KPI Reporting Tool

    Deliver top-level KPIs to your clients in a few clicks with our marketing KPI reporting tool. Replace Excel and manual reporting with stunning visualizations and automated data refresh rates. Customize every graph and table to your reporting needs.
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    Custom Reporting Software icon

    Custom Reporting Software

    Present your marketing results in a clear and understandable way with our custom reporting software. Create customized report templates for specific departments or clients using data from a variety of marketing sources.
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    White-label SEO Reporting Tool icon

    White-label SEO Reporting Tool

    Create white-label SEO reports that look like they are hosted on your website. Customize the whole look and feel of your SEO report. Apply custom branding to use your company logo and colors. Send each report using a custom email domain.
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    PPC Reporting Tool icon

    PPC Reporting Tool

    Automatically pull data from all your PPC platforms to track impressions, click-through rate, ROAS, and overall campaign costs for different paid advertising campaigns. Keep an eye on vital PPC KPIs and present them in one detailed report.
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    Advertising Reporting Tool icon

    Advertising Reporting Tool

    Report on the results of all your digital advertising campaigns in one place. Connect your advertising channels, and the widgets will come to life with fresh KPIs. Organize the source data to visualize only the points that make the most impact.
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    SEO Rank Reporting Tool icon

    SEO Rank Reporting Tool

    Visualize the impact of your SEO strategy on clients’ keyword and page ranking with Whatagraph’s SEO rank report. Integrate data from Ahrefs, Semrush, and Google Search Console to show how individual page positions have improved over time.
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    Call Monitoring Reporting Tool

    Call Monitoring Reporting Tool

    Give call center managers an easy way to monitor actionable insights about their call agents’ performance in near real-time. Connect your CallRail and Call Tracking Metrics accounts for easy access to the most important call center KPIs.
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    E-commerce Reporting Software icon

    E-commerce Reporting Software

    Create seamless e-commerce reports for your clients using accurate data from their e-commerce platforms. Connect each account and create stunning reports using data from Shopify, BigCommerce, and 45+ other integrations.
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    Local SEO Reporting Tool icon

    Local SEO Reporting Tool

    Gather your local SEO performance data into one local SEO report with stunning visuals and automated sharing options. Present your clients’ search rankings, mobile searches, and keyword performance, along with the conversion rate of individual pages.
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    Sales Reporting Software icon

    Sales Reporting Software

    Report on all your sales channels' performance in one location. Show which marketing channels drive the most sales opportunities. Compare the performance of each channel on your bottom line – PPC, social media, organic, and cold calls.
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    Agency Analytics Reporting Tool icon

    Agency Analytics Reporting Tool

    Our time-saving reporting tool has everything a marketing agency needs: No-code marketing data integrations, a user-friendly report builder, cross-channel data, pre-made templates, white-labelling, report sharing automation, and more.
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    Advanced Reporting Software icon

    Advanced Reporting Software

    Transform the stream of marketing data into actionable insights with Whatagraph’s advanced reporting software. Blend metrics from multiple sources, group data points from different campaigns, or create custom calculations to visualize deep data.
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    Automated SEO Reporting Tool icon

    Automated SEO Reporting Tool

    Connect the relevant SEO platform accounts and create an engaging SEO report that has all the essential backlinks, keywords, page ranking, and organic sessions in one place. Automate the report sharing via live links or scheduled emails.
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    SEO Reporting Tool

    The easiest way to create an SEO report for your clients. Organic traffic, new keywords, top-ranking pages and keywords, backlinks, and much more. Aggregate data from different SEO sources and present it in a way your clients understand.
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