30 Reporting Tools for Marketing Teams & Agencies

No matter what aspect of marketing reporting you need, we have you covered. SEO, PPC, SEM, social media, you name it - these reporting tools are fit for the job. Just choose the type of report you need and we'll handle the rest.

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    Join marketing agencies and teams worldwide who use Whatagraph to work with marketing data!
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    30 Reporting Tools for All Your Agency Reporting Needs

    CallRail Analytics Reporting Tool

    Stay on top of your call tracking campaign performance with our CallRail Analytics Reporting Tool. Get all your KPIs in one place and transform them into actionable insights with Whatagraph. Easily visualize caller names, source, data and phone number and more.
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    Adroll Reporting Tool

    If you use Adroll for your marketing agency clients, this report will make it easy to delight your clients and cut down your reporting time to just minutes.
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    Simpli.fi Reporting Software

    Create live visual reports using Simpli.fi data with our Simpli.fi Reporting Software. Optimize your ad audiences based on local needs to provide customized content for different locations. Browse the list of pre-made Whatagraph templates and start building custom reports in seconds.
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    Basis (Formerly Centro) Reporting Tool

    Automatically generate visual & engaging Centro reports that will engage your clients and team. Whatagraph is the go-to Centro Reporting tool for agencies.
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    Google Search Ads 360 Reporting Tool

    Automatically generate visual & easy to read Google Search Ads 360 reports that will be loved by your clients or colleagues. Whatagraph helps agencies create awesome visual Google Search Ads 360 reports in mere minutes!
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    HubSpot Dashboard

    Whatagraph’s HubSpot analytics is the only solution any marketing agency will need. Track your customer’s behavior and attract new ones with the most comprehensive report. Start collecting valuable insights & key metrics and watch your conversions increase.
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    Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards

    Is your sales team using Salesforce to connect with potential clients and you are looking for a tool to leverage customer data? Whatagraph lets you manage sales reps and your customer relationship by optimizing your sales processes with our Salesforce reporting and dashboards.
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    Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads) Dashboard

    The only Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads) dashboard you’ll ever need. Whether you use just Bing ads or a combination of multiple PPC platforms, you can show all your campaign data in one dashboard. Include your conversions, conversion rate, CPC, and other Bing ads campaign data in one place.
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    Semrush Reporting Tool

    Send your clients automated SEO reports from SEMRush with one click. Whatagraph generates beautiful visual reports and dashboards that your clients understand.
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    Ahrefs Reports & Dashboards

    Analyze the effectiveness of your SEO and content strategy with our comprehensive SEO reporting tool. Build all-encompassing Ahrefs reports and dashboards with Whatagraph.
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    Campaign Monitor Reporting

    If your clients use Campaign Monitor for their email marketing campaigns, you can use Whatagraph to create intuitive, automated reports with ease. Our Campaign Monitor integration lets you report on key campaign results to your clients effortlessly.
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    Google My Business Reporting

    Whatagraph is a reporting tool that gathers and presents key GMB metrics and KPIs in one report. Find out how many customers directly searched for your business, and how many total views and actions you receive monthly. Capture valuable search traffic with the Google My Business report from Whatagraph.
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    Snapchat Reporting Tool

    Whatagraph now integrates with Snapchat. Report on your awesome Snapchat Ad campaign performance and turn mundane analytics into stunning visual reports.
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    Amazon Ads

    Running an eCommerce business and deciding to run Amazon ads on the pay-per-click model? Then you need a tool to track their performance! Whatagraph’s Amazon advertising report template will monitor your advertising cost of sales (ACOS) and allow you to optimize them according to the results. Generate more sales by utilizing this Amazon Ads dashboard tool.
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    Shopify Reporting Tool

    Shopify is a phenomenal platform for anyone looking to build an e-commerce business. However, managing and growing your online store is no easy feat. There's a lot of data to track to assess progress and forecast future business growth. Whatagraph is the go-to solution that simplifies the data tracking and analysis process for all.
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    Klaviyo Dashboard for Marketing Reporting

    Valuable e-commerce marketing metrics, revenue attribution, and customer journey insights. Get the latest updates on the email marketing KPIs that matter most for your online store - in real-time.
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    ActiveCampaign Reporting Tool

    Create visual & easy-to-understand Active Campaign reports that will engage with your clients and team.
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    Mailchimp Reporting Tool

    Analyze the performance of your email marketing campaigns with our Mailchimp reporting too. Collect all of the vital email KPIs in a single location and transform them into actionable insights. View email open rates, CTR, subscriber growth, and other metrics while ensuring this data tells a story.
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    Google Sheets Reporting Tool

    Spreadsheets play a huge role in many marketing agencies. Yet, it’s not an efficient tool to deal with huge volumes of data. Whatagraph is a better platform for all your reporting needs. Export and migrate your data with our Google Sheets reporting tool. No more manual data entry - Whatagraph does the heavy lifting for you!
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    TikTok Ads Dashboard

    Running TikTok paid ads and want to find out how they are performing and progressing?. Whatagraph’s reports and dashboards measure ad spend, analyze TikTok ad performance, and pull data about your target audience. Use our data analytics solutions to skyrocket conversions and optimize ad groups for your clients.
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    Twitter Ads Reporting Tool

    Automatically generate visual & engaging Twitter Ads analytics reports that will engage your clients and team. Whatagraph is the go-to Twitter Ads reporting tool for agencies.
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    Twitter Reporting Tool

    Do you need to find out how your Twitter account is performing? Grab yourself a Twitter report tool and start tracking real-time data. With Whatagraph you can pull any data from Twitter and get all vital KPIs and metrics. Analyze & boost your Twitter performance and watch your engagement rates increase.
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    LinkedIn Analytics Reporting Tool

    Stay on top of your LinkedIn strategy and analytics with our LinkedIn Analytics Reporting Software. Get all your KPIs in one place and transform them into actionable insights with Whatagraph. Easily visualize your LinkedIn audience growth, interactions, engagement metrics, and more.
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    YouTube Reporting Tool

    Create a master YouTube report and efficiently track KPIs and goals. Get channel and video performance data. Get timely information about your clients’ likes, comments, views and subscribers. Send customized and automated YouTube reports to your client.
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    Instagram dashboard

    All-in-one Instagram marketing reporting tool. Get all of your Instagram KPIs in a single report and stay on top of your clients’ business account performance. Automate your Instagram reports by creating them once - the data gets populated automatically later on. Connect all your other social media channels and easily compare audience behaviour metrics, different content trends and monitor the strategy’s effectiveness.
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    Search Query Reports

    Find new keyword opportunities with our Search Query Reports for Agencies. Get all your KPIs in one place and transform them into actionable insights with Whatagraph. Easily visualize your CTR, conversions and conversion rate, and more.
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    Google Analytics /GA4 Reporting Tool

    Stay on top of your website performance with our Google Analytics reporting tool. Get all your KPIs in one place and transform them into actionable insights with Whatagraph. Grab a report template and create your own GA report in minutes, without complex spreadsheets and graphs. Easily visualize your website performance, content quality, audience data, and more - make reporting Google Analytics simple!
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    Google Ads Reporting Tool

    Powerful Google Ads reporting tool for digital marketing agencies - Whatagraph. Design your Google ads reports according to your clients’ needs. Get access to accurate PPC metrics like CPC, click-through rate, conversion rate, quality score, impressions and more. Use our dashboard to get keyword-level analysis and present it to your clients. Set up a schedule so Whatagraph automatically sends your clients reports on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
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    Facebook Ads Reporting Tool

    Stay on top of your paid campaign performance with our Facebook Ads Reporting Tool. Get all your KPIs in one place and transform them into actionable insights. Easily track and analyze your conversion metrics based on campaign, ad set, and ad.
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    Facebook Reporting Tool

    Gather all your social media data with our automated Facebook reporting tool. Whatagraph’s comprehensive reports and dashboards measure your Facebook strategy success, collect all your critical KPIs and monitor your campaign performance. Track Facebook campaign performance over time and analyze all available Facebook ad metrics like amount spent, conversions, average CPC, and more.
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