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Google Analytics report card icon

Google Analytics 4 report

Use our Google Analytics 4 Report Template to build intuitive and detailed GA4 reports for your clients. Aggregate traffic, demographics, time on site, and other conversion funnel data.

Marketing campaign report card icon

Cross-channel analytics report

Send out detailed, engaging and visual reports to your clients regularly and automatically. Include all relevant marketing channels.

PPC report card icon

PPC report template

Get an instant report on your paid advertising KPIs and achievements. Set a time for your goals and your key performance indicators to measure your success.

Google Analytics SEO report card icon

SEO report

Track the organic search performance of your page. Keep an eye on keywords. See the organic search funnel, compare your results against set goals.

Google Ads report card icon

Google Ads report

Use this free Google Ads report template to keep essential KPIs in a single place and get an in-depth analysis of your ad performance.

Social media report card icon

Social media report

Consolidate all your social media channels into a single report. Track your goal completion constantly and keep your clients up to date.

Facebook Page report card icon

Facebook Page report

Get instant access to Facebook Page performance. From high-level metrics, to individual post performance - track the progress in a single report.

Facebook Ads Report card icon

Facebook Ads report

Keep track of your ads spend for each Facebook campaign. Show off the performance of the entire campaign, or individual ads and report the results to your clients.

Instagram dashboard and report card icon

Instagram report

Measure the success of the Instagram page through visual reporting. Use the template to report on vital metrics and keep your clients informed.

LinkedIn Analytics dashboard and report card icon

LinkedIn Analytics report

Use this pre-made LinkedIn performance report and get a general overview of your profile.

LinkedIn Ads dashboard and report card icon

LinkedIn Ads report

Report on the success of your ad campaigns to your clients with visual data display. Track the performance of your campaigns and view the lead funnel.

X card for templates

Twitter report

Build a Twitter performance report and get a general overview of your profile. Automatically transfer data from your account and turn it into a visual presentation.

YouTube report card icon

YouTube report

Automatically pull your performance data and turn it into a visual presentation on YouTube channel's performance. Keep your clients up to date with the latest analytics.

Mailchimp report card icon

Mailchimp report

Keep track of your email marketing campaign progress. View your successful deliveries, unsubscribe rate and other KPIs in a single report and share it with your clients.

Adroll report card icon

Adroll report

Use this pre-made Adroll report to track your ad campaign reach and website traffic generated by your advertising. Keep all important metrics in a single report.

PPC dashboard card icon

PPC dashboard

Keep track of your ad spend on multiple channels. Take full control of your budget and ad success with live data monitoring in a single dashboard.

Marketing campaign dashboard card icon

Multi-channel marketing dashboard

Consolidate the data from all your accounts into a single dashboard. Analyze your marketing performance by accurately measuring KPIs.

Google Analytics dashboard card icon

Google Analytics dashboard

Quickly and accurately track website performance by vital metrics. Get to know your audience, acquisition channels and more info in real time.

SEO dashboard card icon

SEO dashboard

Get your SEO performance overview instantly with the ready-to-go template. It contains all essential SEO metrics and provides insights on organic traffic channels.

Google Ads dashboard card icon

Google Ads dashboard

Keep a close eye on your advertising KPIs in a single dashboard. Track your spend and returns, as well as campaign success.

Social media dashboard card icon

Social media dashboard

This consolidated dashboard lets everyone on your team see the impact their social media actions have on overall mamrketing goals.

Facebook Page dashboard card icon

Facebook Page dashboard

The report template delivers vital metrics in one place. Get top-level insights on your page performance. Instantly evaluate the success of your pages in a single dashboard.

Facebook Ads Dashboard card icon

Facebook Ads dashboard

Make sure to keep close track of your KPIs. Facebook ad campaign template presents critical metrics at a glance and helps you keep track of your budget.

Instagram dashboard and report card icon

Instagram dashboard

Quickly and effectively track Instagram page performance. Get instant access to insightful analytics and adjust your strategy accordingly.

LinkedIn Analytics dashboard and report card icon

LinkedIn Analytics dashboard

Provide yourself and your team with a quick and visual data analysis of your LinkedIn profile performance with real-time data.

LinkedIn Ads dashboard and report card icon

LinkedIn Ads dashboard

Get an instant overview of your ads' success. Provide your clients a visual presentation on the success of your ad campaigns. Control your budget and track results in real-time.

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Twitter dashboard

Connect your Twitter account and get a visual performance overview. Focus on vital indicators to measure your account's success.

YouTube dashboard card icon

YouTube dashboard

Automatically pull your YouTube channel's performance data and turn it into a visual dashboard. Share it with your team and your clients for instant reporting.

Mailchimp dashboard card icon

Mailchimp dashboard

Automatically aggregate performance data and turn it into a compelling visual presentation. Immediately track KPIs of all your email marketing campaigns.

Adroll Dashboard card icon

Adroll dashboard

Gather essential metrics in a single location and track their performance over time. Gauge the effectiveness of budget allocation and its impact on lead generation.

Semrush dashboard card icon

Semrush dashboard

Build your organic keywords dashboard instantly, using metrics straight from your Semrush account. Use prepared widgets to track your landing page rankings.

StackAdapt Dashboard card icon

StackAdapt Dashboard

Keep track of essential advertising KPIs and get a cross-channel analysis of your ad performance with our StackAdapt dashboard. Blend multiple data sources and track each channel’s performance in one report.

Google my business report card

Google My Business report

Keep track of your clients' local search performance, website visitor activity, Google rankings, phone calls, and more. Pre-built report with all essential GMB metrics.

Microsoft ads report card

Bing Ads report

The fastest and the easiest way to get started with Bing Ads reporting. Filter the results for specific campaigns and monitor impressions, clicks, conversions, and costs at granular level.

Email report card

Email report

Integrate your favorite email marketing tools and consolidate all your email KPIs in one place. Use cross-channel insights to compare your email campaign performance with PPC or social media.

Google my business dashboard card

Google My Business dashboard

Aggregate the key GMB metrics like number of clicks, total views, and branded search in one dashboard. Find out how accessible your client's business is to Google users.

Google search console dashboard card

Google Search Console dashboard

Look at your client's website through Google's eyes. In just a few clicks, visualize top ranking keywords, page traffic performance, Google Ads performance, and more.

Analytics report card

Marketing report

Your bread-and-butter marketing report to track the performance of social media, PPC, SEO, email marketing, and many other channels in one place. Cross-channel insights at your grasp.

X Ads card for templates

Twitter Ads report

Get instant access to your Twitter Ads performance metrics without even logging into your ads manager. See how Twitter users react to your ads and compare the ROI with other paid ads channels.

Email marketing dashboard card

Email Marketing dashboard

Visualize all your email KPIs in a single cross-channel email marketing dashboard. Analyze and compare the open rate, bounce rate, and conversions, and share the live dashboard link with your clients.

YouTube ads report card

YouTube Ads report

Grab this template to create actionable YouTube Ads reports for your clients. Discover the best-performing videos and present them with our stunning media widgets.

Sales calls report card

Sales calls report

Build a sales calls report in minutes and start automatically collecting data from call tracking software such as CallRail. Transform number of calls made, call duration, generated sales, and other data points into actionable insights.

Analytics report card

Performance report

Keep a close eye on the results of your marketing campaigns with our performance report. A single cross-channel report with the most important KPIs from all your marketing platforms.

Quarterly report card

Quarterly report

Automatically aggregate your quarterly marketing data in one easy-to-read report. Connect all your sources and analyze the success of your marketing strategy from one quarter to the next.

Monthly report card

Monthly report

Send out engaging cross-channel marketing reports to your clients every month. Gather the most important KPIs for every marketing platform and measure the progress towards your clients' goals.

Executive report card

Executive report

Highlight the results of your marketing strategies and keep the management in the loop with your efforts. Integrate the top-level KPIs from all your marketing platforms into one executive report.

Google Analytics SEO report card icon

Google Analytics report

A performance report you can build in minutes. With all essential KPIs in one place, you will be able to see your website performance instantly.

Analytics report card

Daily report

Why wait the whole month to see the results of your marketing efforts? Bring the most up-to-date metrics from all your marketing tools to one location with our daily report.

Klaviyo icon

Klaviyo Dashboard

Use our Klaviyo dashboard template for a quick overview of the valuable email marketing KPIs, revenue attribution, and customer journey insights.

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