Dashboard Examples for Agencies

Visualize all your data with a marketing dashboard builder. No more spreadsheets. Whatagraph's drag and drop dashboard builder will help you visualize complex data in minutes. Connect each data source with just a few clicks and prepare to build professional dashboards.

    Marketing performance dashboard
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    40+ dashboards to choose from

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    Amazon Ads

    Running an eCommerce business and deciding to run Amazon ads on the pay-per-click model? Then you need a tool to track their performance! Whatagraph’s Amazon advertising report template will monitor your advertising cost of sales (ACOS) and allow you to optimize them according to the results. Generate more sales by utilizing this Amazon Ads dashboard tool.
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    PPC Dashboard

    Modern PPC dashboard for marketing agencies. Track your clients’ performance metrics, build white-label dashboards, and automate them within a single platform - Whatagraph. Access real-time data and aggregate your PPC campaign results into one interactive dashboard.
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    Google Ads

    Use our intuitive Google Ads dashboard to analyze your clients’ ad performance at the campaign or keyword level. Whatagraph’s Google Ads dashboard allows you to give clients quick real-time data access to key Google Ads metrics and KPIs.
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    Facebook Ads

    One dashboard to track all your Facebook advertising campaigns. Connect your client’s channels and get an overview of your ad campaigns, their results and live metrics. Optimize, analyze and automate your Facebook ads dashboard with Whatagraph. Monitor click-activity, budget and engagement with an easy-to-use dashboard.
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    Mailchimp Dashboard

    Try out this free Mailchimp dashboard template to contain critical KPIs in a single place and stay on top of your email marketing performance.
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    Shopify Dashboard

    Shopify helps people turn their idea into an e-commerce reality. However, maintaining your online store can pose challenges - there's just so much data to track! We have a Shopify dashboard to help you manage vital e-commerce metrics and analyze performance, in one place and in real-time.
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    Facebook Pages

    Use this free Facebook Pages report template to get an instant analysis of your page performance.
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    Social Media

    Get your client’s social media performance presented in one dashboard in just a few clicks.
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    SEO Dashboard

    Present your client’s KPIs in real-time and highlight the current status of your SEO initiatives. Try Whatagraph and see how easy it is to track data from different data sources. Organic CTR, organic traffic, branded and non-branded search terms and changes in keyword rankings - these are just some of the metrics you can report on. Choose the KPIs that are important to your clients' businesses and present them with data that they can understand, learn from, and use to help guide your keyword research and digital marketing efforts.
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    Google Analytics

    Get real-time data and your clients’ most important metrics & KPIs displayed on one Google Analytics dashboard. In less than 5 minutes get an overview of your client's most recent data with Whatagraph. Easily highlight customer behaviour trends using pie charts, line graphs and tables. Impress your clients with professional and easy to understand Google dashboards.
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    Tik Tok Ads

    Running TikTok paid ads and want to find out how they are performing and progressing?. Whatagraph’s reports and dashboards measure ad spend, analyze TikTok ad performance, and pull data about your target audience. Use our data analytics solutions to skyrocket conversions and optimize ad groups for your clients.
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    Valuable e-commerce marketing metrics, revenue attribution, and customer journey insights. Get the latest updates on the email marketing KPIs that matter most for your online store - in real-time.
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    Youtube Dashboard

    The video that created the most buzz. The number of followers and likes you got today. The average percentage of views a video received in the last month. The number of subscribers you lost so far. You can see all of this and more in Whatagraph’s YouTube dashboard. Give your clients an easy overview of their entire channel with a single dashboard.
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    Linkedin Ads

    Here is a free-to-use report template for LinkedIn Ads performance tracking in a single interface.
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    Linkedin Analytics

    Try this free LinkedIn Analytics dashboard template to organize essential KPIs in a single place and get a detailed analysis of your LinkedIn profile performance.
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    Live, up-to-date, real-time, and accurate Instagram dashboard for all marketing agencies and in-house marketers. Present all real-time Instagram metrics and KPIs in a single Instagram professional dashboard. Keep your clients in the loop with an automated interactive live dashboard. Connect all your client’s social media channels and get a dashboard for your complete social media strategy.
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    Semrush Dashboard

    Keep a close eye on your keyword position tracking by connecting your Semrush account to this dashboard template. Bolster your content strategy with in-depth SEO and PPC metrics.
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    Call Center Dashboard

    Stay on top of your call center performance and efficiency with our Call Tracking Reports. Much like a call center dashboard, these reports allow you to view and assess KPIs in a single location. Transform large clusters of data into actionable insights with Whatagraph.
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    Performance Dashboard

    Developing targeted strategies and trying to maximize ROI for your clients? No matter your marketing activities and goals, you’ll need a performance dashboard to gain an understanding of your campaigns. Grab our template and improve your promotional efforts for your clients. Dive deep into vital metrics, KPIs, and data analytics and gauge how effective your clients’ initiatives are.
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    Project Dashboard

    Whatagraph project dashboard will highlight important KPIs along with progress made by you and your team. Integrate your favorite sales and marketing tools with Whatagraph and track project status and development in one place.
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    Dashboard Builder

    Track and gauge digital marketing strategies and sales performance with the help of Whatagraph's dashboard builder. Stop with the cumbersome spreadsheets. Visualize analytics of over 30 different marketing and sales channels in a single location and in real-time.
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    Online Dashboard

    Present analytics in a visual way, with just a few clicks. Track and report essential digital marketing and sales KPIs based on your choice channel - email marketing, social media, SEO, and SEM. Whatagraph is a dashboard tool that can visualize data quickly and effectively.
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    Real time Dashboard

    Create a real-time overview of your digital marketing campaign performance with Whatagraph real time dashboard reports. All of the latest metrics and actionable KPIs retrieved from most popular digital marketing platforms in one convenient location.
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    SaaS Dashboard

    Our SaaS dashboard is a solution for SaaS founders. It consolidates and visualizes the most important SaaS metrics like MRR, churn, CAC, LTV and everything else you need to keep your eyes on. Our all-inclusive platform will connect and pull data from any of your marketing, PPC, CRM, or web analytics platforms. Track your key metrics to find out how your SaaS product is performing and how you’re growing your customer base.
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    Custom Dashboard

    We understand that every role in any industry has varying data points to monitor, deriving from different data sources. That’s why we’ve built the best custom dashboard report platform for you regardless of your role, industry, or what data sources you use. Whatagraph custom reports will give you an excellent overview of where your business currently stands and provide you with actionable insights to help you move forward.
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    White-label Dashboard

    Building a personalized dashboard for your agency doesn’t have to require hours of work editing a dashboard for each client. With our white label dashboard, it only takes a few minutes to add a personal touch to everything you create. Send customized dashboards in Whatagraph without any branding or mention of our product. Instead, the client only sees your agency's brand.
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    CMO Dashboard

    Digital marketing transcends multiple platforms. Whether it's social media, paid ads or SEO - as a CMO you need to know whether your digital marketing efforts are paying off and generating a positive ROMI. Whatagraph reports - much like a CMO dashboard - will help you visualise data and view vital marketing KPIs.
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    Business Dashboard

    Make informed decisions quickly with the Whatagraph business dashboard. Aggregate data from multiple marketing channels and show it to your clients in real-time. Track your clients’ most important business goals with our widgets and show ongoing campaign progress.
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    Startup Dashboard

    A comprehensive startup dashboard can have a dramatic impact on the performance of your venture. Facilitate accurate data tracking and bolster collaboration within your organization with the help of the Whatagraph startup dashboard.
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    White-label Social Media Dashboard

    Organize and collect data from all of your social media platforms in one location. Use Whatagraph white label social media dashboard to monitor performance and social media engagement. All of the data will be aggregated in a single place to make progress tracking and performance assessment easy!
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    Google Analytics PPC Dashboard

    Make sure vital PPC metrics are all in your line-of-sight for easy progress assessment and evaluation. Use a Google Analytics PPC dashboard to track every one of your key metrics for your pay-per-click campaigns in one place. Whether it's CTR, ROI, or landing page data.
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    Agency Dashboard

    Stop creating agency reports manually. The agency dashboard in Whatagraph pulls data directly from your clients’ accounts to give them an accurate real-time representation of your work. Your marketing agency can save 40+ hours per week by using Whatagraph instead of manual reports.
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    Customer Dashboard

    Whatagraph customer dashboard allows you to aggregate and visualize customer data from a variety of digital channels. Get a better understanding of your customer base, and gain insights into your customers' expectations so you can improve your e-commerce store and bolster sales.
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    Google My Business Dashboard

    With the help of our Google My Business dashboard, you'll be able to quickly aggregate all GMB insights for your listing - discovery searches, local search results, photo and map views, and much more - into one simple dashboard. It's easy to use and share with others!
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    CEO Dashboard

    Whether your team is using social media, paid ads, or SEO - as a CEO you need to know if your marketing efforts are paying off and generating a positive ROMI. Whatagraph CEO dashboard will help you better understand business metrics and track vital KPIs in one place and in real-time.
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    Sales Performance Dashboard

    Bolster your business' processes with the help of the Whatagraph sales performance dashboard. Minimize - and even eliminate - the roadblocks that impede your growth. Sales performance metrics that you can ACT on will always be within reach when using a Whatagraph sales performance dashboard.
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    White-label SEO Dashboard

    Create a bespoke SEO White label dashboard - fast. View keyword rankings, top-performing pages, CTR, and other metrics to showcase your SEO efforts' success. Whatagraph has various template and widget options to help you start building a custom SEO dashboard in minutes.
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    Monitoring Dashboard

    Do you manage your client's accounts and need to present their current data? Try Whatagraph and find out how easy it is to gather performance metrics from multiple accounts. It takes only a few minutes to aggregate the most up-to-date information. Accurately report on campaign progress to clients, without spending too much time on reports.
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    Freelance Dashboard

    As a freelancer, every second count and should be spent wisely. Whatagraph allows you to save time when creating a marketing dashboard for your clients that showcases results. Aggregate all of your marketing data in one place and build your dashboard in minutes.
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    Small Business Dashboard

    A small business dashboard can have a drastic - positive - impact on the performance of your venture. Dashboards are there to facilitate accurate data tracking and effective collaboration within an organization. Keep everyone on the same page with access to the most important performance metrics by using Whatagraph reports.
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    Dashboard Creator

    Looking for a data analytics solution to create any type of dashboard? Look no further. Whatagraph gives you tools to build a comprehensive marketing dashboard in less than 5 minutes. Try it yourself and see how easy it is to drag and drop widgets, connect multiple sources and automatically pull data from all of your accounts.
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    Simple Dashboard

    Stay on top of your digital marketing strategies and performance with our simple dashboard reports. Track your marketing results by measuring interactions, engagement metrics, and more across multiple platforms. This makes cross-channel campaign assessment fast and easy!
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    Metrics Dashboard

    Use a real-time Whatagraph metrics dashboard to show your clients’ performance across different platforms. Gather your most important KPIs in one place and analyze your overall performance. Show metrics such as conversion rate, campaign performance, revenues, and more. Our metrics dashboard automatically pulls data from 40+ sources so you can always have relevant and up-to-date information.
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    Advertising Dashboard

    Whatagraph’s advertising dashboard is built for digital marketing agencies and in-house marketing teams. Easily connect and aggregate data from multiple advertising sources with Whatagraph. See all of your advertising performance in a single place, complete with ad spend and the ROAS generated.
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    Digital Marketing Dashboard

    Can’t find a proper tool to accurately pull and beautifully present boring data? Here is your solution. Our digital marketing dashboards are developed to automatically pull data from various channels. They are also designed in a way that is engaging to look at while the data presented is understandable even to a non-tech-savvy client. Monitor marketing performance and Increase your client’s campaign performance and conversions with up-to-date, free-of-error data.
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    Financial Dashboard

    Whether you work in finance or are in charge of financial assets within your organization, you probably review large amounts of data daily. Keeping track of revenue, income, working capital, assets, and more can feel overwhelming. However, Whatagraph can make these tasks much more comfortable with a financial dashboard template.
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    Email Marketing Dashboard

    Create intuitive and easy-to-understand live email dashboards in Whatagraph. Access all of your email KPIs in real-time in one place. Our cross-channel dashboard lets you analyze your email campaign performance and compare it to other platforms like social media or PPC. Create customizable email dashboards to match your client’s brand. Whatagraph is the number one choice of marketing analytics experts who want to keep a close eye on their email marketing KPIs.
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    It’s good to be loved! Our clients are not shy about expressing it.

    I made a switch from GDS and Sheets for reporting to Whatagraph, and I am saving literal hours each week on performance report creation. Our small firm actually managed to onboard 2 new clients as a result of all the time we saved on managing data and reporting. The customer service is also really helpful and easy to reach.

    Mindaugas S., Marketing Consultant Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

    Capterra verified review by

    Mindaugas S., Marketing Consultant

    Having active customer support to help fix any issues was a big contributor, but we also really liked the ability to save templates and connect sources to multiple charts/widgets at once without having to edit them individually. And having the grid layout is much easier to stay consistent with than the free form setup that Data Studio has.

    Nico T., Media Planner Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

    Capterra verified review by

    Nico T., Media Planner

    The system has standard templates that are easy and fast to use. Also you can build your own report with lightning speed. It is very easy to use, has a lot of integration, and let get started very fast.

    Rasmus Bernt K., External Senior Management Consultant Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

    Capterra verified review by

    Rasmus Bernt K., External Senior Management Consultant

    We love Whatagraph - we would definitely recommend and our account manager is great! I love how easy this tool is to use, everyone on the team finds it much more user-friendly than other dashboards. Integration was easy, we sent some example reports to the team who duplicated these for us. We literally had to log in and send it to our clients!

    Stephanie S., Digital Director Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

    Capterra verified review by

    Stephanie S., Digital Director

    We are showing our clients the work that we're doing for them and this is incredibly important for our clients ROI. They want to see results and having a tool like Whatagraph that can show data from virtually every source we use is hugely important.

    John S., SEO Strategist Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

    Capterra verified review by

    John S., SEO Strategist

    The tool is easy to use; you do not need to have development resources. Even my junior project managers are capable of making campaign reports in minutes. There are a lot of pre-made templates you can use as well as many pre-made widgets.

    Erman E., Marketing Specialist Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

    Capterra verified review by

    Erman E., Marketing Specialist

    Really easy to connect data sources within the tool. The library of report templates has been helpful. The customer support team has been responsive to all of our needs. Our team enjoys the simplicity of setting up the reports and how the data is presented.

    Brent N., Director of Operations Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

    Capterra verified review by

    Brent N., Director of Operations

    Easy to create really beautiful graphs and reports which can help other team members to understand the most important takeaways. I especially like the automated report function, so I don't have to check on the same thing repeatedly.

    Orsolya S., Online Marketing Manager Capterra logo for Whatagraph review

    Capterra verified review by

    Orsolya S., Online Marketing Manager