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Google AdWords Reporting Tool

Stop wasting valuable time compiling Google Ads reports manually. Whatagraph Google AdWords reporting tool will simplify the process for you. Measure PPC data based on things like keyword performance, CPC, user location, and more. Browse the list of pre-made Whatagraph templates and start building custom reports in mere seconds.


Over 15,000 agencies and brands worldwide get their marketing performance analyzed with Whatagraph!


Track all important performance metrics with easy-to-read AdWords analytics reports

Set and track goals and long-term ad performance with our Google Ads Reporting Tool

Connect your Google Ads account to Whatagraph once and never worry about tracking your Adwords performance data again. Consolidate data about clicks, impressions, average position, top ad landing pages, and more - while setting goals to ensure you maximize your and your client's budget. Along with Google Ads, you can seamlessly integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Gather up-to-date KPI's automatically

Our Google Ads report software automatically pulls up-to-date ad campaign data, audience types, CPC, and conversion rate insights. With plenty of pre-made widgets to choose from and report templates at your disposal, creating Google AdWords performance reports has never been easier.

Google Ads reports with great customisation options

Upload your company logo, use custom color schemes, and stunning visuals. Whether you prefer to create custom Google Ads reports using our drag-and-drop builder or use our pre-built templates, your options for customization are limitless. Choose the metrics that your clients need to be aware of and present them in an actionable AdWords report. See it for yourself by using our Google Ads Report Template

Try all features to make the best decision ever!

Bring All Your Marketing Reporting Tools Under One Roof

Connect & pull data from any of the 40+ popular integrations using our analytics reporting tool. Start appreciating the convenience of marketing analytics reporting by easily accessing real-time data for needed accounts.

Cross-channel Marketing Reporting for All KPIs

Cross-channel reporting & tracking KPIs across different marketing reporting tools has never been so simple. Combine data & metrics from all of your accounts to analyze all your marketing efforts with our marketing analytics tool.

Fully Automate Marketing Reporting

Send automated digital marketing reports to your client or team members' inboxes to always keep them on the same page. Choose the needed time period and frequency of sending, and you'll never miss another deadline again.

White Label Reporting

Enjoy white-label reports and their customization features. Implement custom reports into daily life & start altering colors, domains, or logos to match any brand.

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How do I get my Google Adwords report?
Creating a Google Adwords report on Whatagraph is easy. And you even have 2 options.

  1. Use pre-made templates;

  2. Use blank page.

To begin, add Google Adwords as a data source. It may be necessary to verify it, but this will take no more than two minutes.

The next step is to decide what kind of report or dashboard you want to create and what to include. 

You'd use different metrics and widgets to learn about PPC or the effectiveness of each keyword you bid on. 

In other words, think about the goals you want to achieve with Google and use KPIs as a guide when creating a report.

Then, drag and drop widgets to customize them. Make your report more visually appealing and understandable by using tables, charts, and graphs. As needed, change the fonts and colors. Finally, remember to automate this report. Any time period can be covered with any frequency. Receive reports in your inbox on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Does Google have reporting tools?
Yes, Google has two popular data analytics reporting tools:

  • Google Data Studio is a free data visualization tool used to create reports. Some of its features include pre-made templates, cross-channel reporting, and interactive reports.  

  • Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that tracks and reports on the traffic to websites. It has features such as the ability to track goals, customize reports, and create custom dimensions.
Which is the best reporting tool on the market?
Whatagraph is a leading marketing analytics tool designed specifically for agencies, allowing them to quickly create eye-catching reports for their clients. These reports are simple to understand and provide clear insights across all marketing channels.

Why Whatagraph? 

It offers a simple way to track daily performance across all clients and channels in a single platform.

Only Whatagraph provides a platform designed specifically for marketing agencies to automate client monitoring and reporting tasks.

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