Become a Whatagraph Partner

Earn a recurring commission of 20% as long as the client stays with us. Show others the possibilities of being a data scientist.


What’s Whatagraph’s Partner Program?

Our Partner Program is a way for us to work with businesses who wish to recommend, refer, or simply resell our products to their clients, vendors, or friends. For every person you refer to a Whatagraph plan - you will earn some commission.

Who can become a Whatapartner?

Whatagraph Partners are typically marketing influencers and large advertising & media agencies with extensive reporting operations looking to both streamline this reporting process, improve consistency & accuracy, as well as earn a referral commission and discount for signing up clients to any plan. But we also work closely with reviewers, reporting experts, blogs, and more.


Why become a Whatapartner?

This is a great way to work closely with our teams and ensure the best implementation support, earn a discount on your customers’ plan, as well as earning 20% referral commission for any clients you sign up. And now that Whatagraph work on annual contracts, you would receive all of that commission up front after your user signs up, and completes their onboarding.


Earn extra money

Earn up to 20% referral commission for every new client you refer to Whatagraph.


Get lots of content

Work with our affiliate team to request content like links, banners, landing pages, etc.


Offer real value

You will be able to show your clients impactful, meaningful reports through a purpose-built platform which you recommended. What better way to add value to your clients?

There’s a lot of useful information about the program on our
Product & Benefits Handbook.

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