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White Label Reports for Agencies

Feb 17, 2020 3 min read

White labeling means using another company’s product with your own logo and branding. It helps you build a brand that your clients can recognize, love, and trust. White label reporting is when you apply this to a reporting tool. It brings a lot of brand reinforcement as your clients will regularly look at your reports.

Some clients may want to see their own branding on your reports, and others a combination of agency and client branding.

White-label reports are ideal for companies that want to provide clean, professional, and quality data reports. They allow you to white label an existing solution and present it to your client as your own. In this way, you’ll prevent wasting time on creating new end goals for your client.

How to Brand White Label Reports

To ensure your brand image is adequately presented, make sure the white label reporting system includes the following features.


Make sure your agency’s logo is included toward the top of your reports, in the upper right or left corner. You can use an existing wordmark as oppose to the logo. You can also add your slogan or tagline if it doesn’t reduce the readability of the report.

Your client may also want to include their own logo to add a touch of personalization to the reports. This can help you know exactly which report you are reading when looking through plenty of reports.

The best place to put your client’s logo on the report is the cover page. When it comes to the dashboard, you can put it in the top left corner.

2.Cover Pages

They should include the title of the report, the period the report covers, and the delivery date. Cover pages should have your logo or wordmarks and your brand colors. If your client wants, the design can be a combination of their brand and yours. This means both logos and colors from both brands.

white label reports

3.Headers and Footers

Use the header and footer to add some branding on every page of your report. You can include general contact information such as your agency’s physical address, general mail address, main phone and fax number, and website address. That’s why your white label solution should allow you to custom headers and footers.

You can put many other things in the header or footer, such as your wordmark or logo, but don’t overload them with too many elements.

4.Brand Colors

Your reports should include colors that represent your brand. For example, you can use a certain color for the main headings, subheadings, page background, chart elements, chart background, chart and table headers, and table background and rows.

5.Email Domain

Most agencies send reports through email as PDF, via dashboard login links, or as links to an online report. Therefore, your automated solution should allow you to send reports from an agency-branded account.

Your email domain helps clients know the email address that delivers their reports, as some may have email filters that could store your emails to their spam box.

6.Dashboard Domain

If your clients can view their reports or dashboard online with a unique code, you should brand this as well. The perfect white label dashboard solution allows you to use your own domain to host the white-label reports to all of your clients.

In this way, the client can log in by visiting a subdomain of your agency -

If you use software or a browser-based program for white labeling reporting, you should choose a tool that allows you to customize each and every aspect of the report, including the online reports, PDFs, and dashboards created for clients.

white label reports

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