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Automatically generate visual & easy to read Google Search Ads 360 reports that will be loved by your clients or colleagues.

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Track your most important Google Search Ads 360 metrics

  • Evaluate Google Search Ads 360 performance across different Campaigns, Ad Groups, Keywords and Ads.
  • Easily compare the performance with previous periods.
  • Add comments for the reader to understand what happened and what actions were taken.
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Easily monitor keyword performance data and spot opportunities for optimization

  • Compare keywords in terms of clicks and conversions they bring.
  • Monitor changes over time for custom date range analytics.
  • Spot the keywords that are eating up your budget.
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"Last week, all of the reports went out perfectly while I was actually sitting on a beach. It was awesome."

Kiwi Callahan

Creative Manager



Review best (and worst) performing ads on the go

  • Assess the performance of ad copy for your Search ads.
  • Easily track the winning ads for instant campaign optimization.
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Easily share Google Search Ads 360 data and keep everyone in the loop

  • Set up automated Google Search Ads 360 reports for daily, weekly or monthly performance - or as frequently as you need.
  • Combine the report with Google Ads, Bing Ads or even Google Analytics for the full search performance and conversion overview.
  • Download PDFs or instantly share reports from your home screen.
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