SEMrush Analytics Reporting Tool

Automatically generate visual & engaging SEMrush SEO and search analytics reports that will engage your clients and team.

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Key performance metrics to show how your SEO and search are performing

A brilliant visualisation of data that is appreciated by clients and teams alike

A template created for daily, weekly and monthly SEMrush analytics reporting

Track your most important SEMrush analytics metrics

  • Easily track and compare Organic keywords countries and Paid keywords countries.
  • Use visual report templates to delight your team and clients.
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Easily compare your SEMrush analytics to any period of time

  • See your Organic and Paid position distribution
  • Track your Main paid competitors and Main organic competitors to any period of time.
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Spot opportunities to improve your SEMrush SEO and search performance

  • Review your Top anchors by Domains and Backlinks.
  • See your Top backlinks.
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Easily share SEMrush analytics data and keep everyone in the loop

  • Set up automated SEMrush reports for daily, weekly or monthly performance - or as frequently as you need.
  • Download PDFs or instantly share reports from your homescreen.
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Tools to make your reporting easy

Multiple user access and different user roles
Downloadable report PDFs and instant sharing
Customisable multi-source reports
Client list management
Custom report templates for different use cases
Custom colour themes, logo upload and emails
Editable text and metrics - add your insights and comments
Flexible drag-and-drop report builder
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Our stories

It was the first time that the entire team got interested in statistics from Google Analytics and Facebook. This is a powerful communication tool to send to anyone in the company and get instant constructive feedback.
Nancy Brito, VP MarketingM
UOY, International mens' brand
We asked out clients what they thought of the reports and they loved them!. They could understand the infographic style reporting with explanations better than graphs from Google analytics.
Justin Herring, Head of Digital Marketing
YEAH! Local
As a full service digital agency we use Whatagraph to send weekly and monthly reports to our clients. It's quick and easy to pull data from the platform if a client or internal staff members want an update.
Skye Harrington, Digital Strategist
Bossman Media
Last week, all of the reports went out perfectly while I was actually sitting on a beach. It was awesome.

Kiwi Callahan

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