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Try out this free Adroll dashboard template to contain critical KPIs in one place and get an in-depth, visual analysis of your ad performance.

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Build a performance dashboard in minutes

Use this pre-made Adroll dashboard template and get a comprehensive overview of your paid marketing progress. Quickly and automatically gather performance metrics and turn it all into a visual presentation.

Measure ad KPI performance

Gather essential metrics in a single location, including cost, impression, and CPC. Analyze the development of how particular metrics changed over time. Gauge the effectiveness of budget allocation and its impact on lead generation.

Compare reach and website traffic against each other

View the total reach of your ads; find out what portion of your targeted audience ended up visiting your website and converting.

View campaign performance individuall

Acquire individual ad campaign results and analyze whether each campaign is paying off. View and compare the cost, impressions, and clicks of a campaign. See what needs to be improved and adjusted for future campaign development.

Supercharge your performance monitoring

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