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Multi-channel marketing
Dashboard Template

Use this free dashboard template to showcase the performance of all your marketing channels.

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Use our pre-built Multi-channel analytics dashboard template.

Consolidate the data from all your accounts into a single dashboard. Analyze your marketing performance by accurately measuring KPIs and goal completions in real-time.

Stay up-to-date with acquisition overview

Make strategic and informed marketing decisions by recognizing top-performing channels. Direct your marketing efforts to the most successful channel and bring in more business.

Keep close track of your website

Review your website metrics regularly. Track your most visited pages, their bounce rates, conversion percentages, and more vital metrics. Learn about your audience: interests, session lengths, how they find your website and user demographics.

Review traffic by channel

Track each marketing channel, and have all the vital information in a single interface. Analyze your paid and organic channel results, social media targets, and more essential metrics.

Supercharge your performance monitoring

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