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Try this free YouTube dashboard template to host essential KPIs in one place and conduct an in-depth analysis of your video content performance.

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Use a pre-built template to create a dashboard in minutes

Build a performance report in minutes without having to collect the data manually. Automatically pull your performance data and turn it into a nice-looking visual presentation.

Stay on top of your YouTube content performance

Contain essential YouTube performance KPIs in a single location: this pre-built dashboard template contains total views, subscribers, average view duration, and other essential metrics.

See where your content performs best

Have a closer look at where people are watching your videos from. Get complete demographic analysis and see what countries are generating most of the video engagement.

Analyze video performance

Find out what type of content performs best with your audience and see their perception. View video engagement metrics such as the number of views, likes, dislikes of each video individually.

Supercharge your performance monitoring

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