How to Build an Ultimate Client Dashboard - Lessons Learned from 1,000+ Agencies

We all know that reporting is a huge time suck for marketing agencies. But did you also know that 42% of clients are unhappy with the reports they get from their agencies?
Nevertheless, agencies still do it because it helps prove ROI, reduces client churn, and provides the perfect time to upsell.
Watch this webinar and learn how to build client reports that provide value to the client and save time for your team.

The webinar, we cover:
✓ The process of understanding the requirements: KPIs, context, and supporting metrics;
✓ Visualizing your report for impact;
✓ Providing insights, recommendations for action, and business impact;
✓ Recommendations on how to scale the process;
✓ Extra tips on how to make your reports stand out.

All this is based on the lessons we learned from more than 1,000 marketing agencies and clients.