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How Ampilio Creates Reports Loved by Clients and Their Own Team

Running a marketing agency is hard work, and we should know - Whatagraph was once a marketing agency too. Nowadays, agencies make up a huge part of our customer base. One of them is Ampilio - now using Whatagraph to create engaging multi-channel reports without in-depth knowledge and complex functions of third-party tools. 

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool
Mile Zivkovic

Apr 21 2023 5 min read

How Ampilio Creates Reports Loved by Clients and Their Own Team

Ampilio is based in Sweden, with clients scattered around Europe and the United States. Like many other agencies, Ampilio faced a tough challenge - bringing their clients’ marketing data together in a visual way and at the same time, making it effortless for their team to create and share reports.

A new reporting platform after 9 years

Ampilio has been in business for 10 years in total and for most of that time, they used Looker Studio (or Google Data Studio, as it was known at the time). About 1.5 years ago, they switched to Whatagraph. There were several reasons for leaving Looker Studio behind:

  • It was clunky and difficult to use
  • Connectors kept breaking
  • The data in the reports was inaccurate
  • They had to manually visualize the reports since there are not many templates available in Looker out of the box

With Whatagraph, their team can create amazing reports for their clients without in-depth knowledge of Looker Studio. They don’t need to learn the complex functions of the tool or how to connect it with third-party tools, just to be able to add Meta Ads data, for example.

Google Analytics KPIs for Ampilio

Moreover, Whatagraph helps them connect all of their data in one place and share it with ease. Agencies like Ampilio appreciate the ability to pull data from any source (of over 40) with native integrations and no connectors. Visualizing the data is a breeze thanks to many elements you can choose from in the builder: graphs, tables, bar charts, pie charts, and other types of widgets.

Easy access to all data sources in one place

When we asked Ampilio what made them choose Whatagraph over the competition, the answer was clear - they could connect their clients’ accounts easily.

In the past, Ampilio struggled with tools that required third-party connectors to get data from sources such as Facebook or Instagram. And with a small team and a large number of clients, they wanted to simplify their workflow with an intuitive tool.
Google Analytics insights for Ampilio

Since paid ads on different social media platforms make for a large part of their client work, having easy access to this data was crucial. These are just some of the many features that Ampilio loves and uses. Others include:

  • Custom API
  • Source management (connecting sources and assigning them to folders and reports)
  • The ease of managing and adding new sources without leaving the report or dashboard building interface in the app

Giving clients the data they need, when they need it

It’s not just the Ampilio staff that love Whatagraph. Clients are excited about Ampilio’s reports because they have all the right data at their fingertips. One feature they particularly like is the ability to receive live links with report data.

Google Analytics metrics for Ampilio

This means that clients can get information about their campaigns any time they want. Moreover, they can choose the date range themselves directly in the report, without having to reach out to someone from Ampilio.

Perhaps most importantly, it shows this agency is highly transparent in the way they work, as clients can check in on their results at any time.

Get love from your team and your clients

Sign up for your free trial of Whatagraph and see why it’s a favorite in both sides of the agency world. Give it a spin for seven days and we’ll see you on the better side of reporting.

Published on Apr 20 2023

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool


Mile Zivkovic

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