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Consider using this free SEO dashboard template to keep vital KPIs in one location and get an in-depth look into your website’s content analytics.

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Use a pre-built template to create a dashboard, fast

Create a performance report quickly without the need for manual data entry. Our ready-to-go template has essential SEO metrics, including the keyword position, popular search queries, sessions, bounce rate, and other metrics.

Compare your results against outstanding objectives

Use the goal widget feature to track progress on your KPIs. Set the desired goal, select a time period for its realization, and track progress as you move towards goal completion.

View your organic search funnel

Visualize conversion data at each step of your search funnel. View the percentage of people that became leads after interacting with your website content.

Analyze current page and keyword performance

See just how well your keywords and landing pages are performing individually. Compare SERP positions, sessions growth, bounce rate, and other metrics against each other.

Supercharge your performance monitoring

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