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How Media Maven Keeps 70+ Clients Happy With Automated Reporting

Coming from Israel, Media Maven is a marketing agency that has been in business for 8 years now. Before discovering Whatagraph, they “suffered” with a combination of other tools, as their CEO, Yuval Mani, said to us. For about two past years, they’ve been using Whatagraph to work with their marketing data and reporting.

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool
Mile Zivkovic

Apr 21 2023 5 min read

Media Maven Case Study

They now have 30 employees and manage over 70 clients from all around the world. Keeping those clients happy can be challenging with the wide range of services they offer (SEM, PPC, web development). Here is how they do it.

Instant reports for clients, when they want them

Liaising with clients is a major part of any agency’s workload. It can be pleasant but for the most part, it requires a lot of work. Media Maven needs to send quite a few reports on a weekly basis and sending out emails and getting on calls for 70 clients is no small task.

Whatagraph helped solve the problem with automated dashboards. Instead of waiting for an email, each client receives a live link to a Whatagraph report. They can click on the link at any point in time and get live campaign results. This not only keeps clients happy but reduces the workload on the agency as well.

You’ve probably had a situation when a client comes and asks for campaign results out of nowhere. The account manager needs to drop everything they’re working on at the moment and involve other team members. The data needs to be checked multiple times as there is a high risk of errors with manual reporting.

Whatagraph solves this problem with live reports. The more clients you have, the more of a lifesaver this option is.

Live report in Whatagraph

Replacing a complicated reporting workflow with an intuitive reporting platform

Do you know the feeling of trying to connect different sources to a marketing report, only for everything to break hours later? Well, Media Maven doesn’t - not anymore.

Before trusting Whatagraph with their reporting, they used a combination of Looker Studio and Supermetrics. Instead of a single tool, they had to use two: one for connecting the data sources and another for visualization.

While using two different tools is not that difficult, the fact that the connections between them keep breaking is far from ideal. Instead of working on clients’ campaigns, agency staff had to work on reports that kept breaking.

There are three steps in place:

  • A marketing tool or platform (e.g. Facebook Ads)
  • The visualization tool (Looker Studio that they used before)
  • The connector that works between the marketing platform and the visualization tool

Nowadays, they aggregate and visualize data in one place, Whatagraph. This allows Media Maven to streamline their reporting and save hours for their employees every day.

Example of marketing report in Whatagraph created by Media Maven agency

Keep your clients happy - no matter how many of them there are

If you want to be like Media Maven and connect, visualize and share your data in a way that keeps your clients happy and your team excited, sign up for your free trial today.

Published on Apr 20 2023

Whatagraph marketing reporting tool


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